Introduce Yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. -Frost Knight-
    -Frost Knight-
    Introduce Yourself and talk about what u like in SAO and your FAV character
  2. Aura
    Kirito is cool, and I like the Admin girl, she was cute
  3. Franko
    ★ Franko
    Kirito and Heathcliff
  4. -Frost Knight-
    -Frost Knight-
    me its Kirito and Asuna
  5. Dr.Dave
  6. Ouacus
  7. Nanazai
    Im the Asuna of base
    My Favorites are:Asuna(duh),Klein,Yui,Lizabeth and Kirito.I just love the concept of making virtual reality into the gleams of reality it self.It shows no matter where you are there will always be:Emotion,Friendship,Courtship and others.Sword Art Online is by far my favorite anime period.
  8. -S-
    I'm -S-, and I finished SAO a week ago, now I'm hooked on that shit.

    Kirito ftw.
  9. bl4ckJack
    Hey .. Nice to meet ya ppl :D
    I watched upto Epi 11 .. and its pretty awsome by far :y
    lookin Forward to have more fun :D

    @ -S- dude ... how u finished it ... I mean its a Ongoing show ri8 ... or is finished already o.O .. dont tell me only those few episodes are there !
  10. -Frost Knight-
    -Frost Knight-
    no there'e gonna be 30 eps
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