Pooling Match-ups and Confirmations

  1. Floydical
    Hey again everyone! This thread is where you will confirm your status as a debater in addition to finding out your pooling matches for the tournament! I was going to make one thread per pool, but I realized I might as well combine them into one. Here I will post all the match-ups for every competitor for the pooling stage. Note, these are only the match-ups, ie which debaters are taking each-other on, but not the specific combatants you will be debating for. Again, that will be saved until your individual debate thread. In this thread specifically, confirm your status by posting your name and the pool group you belong to, confine all current discussions to the Pool Groups thread.

    Now lets get to business:

    Pool 1 Match-ups:

    1. Piratefish vs. Kirikoe

    2. Piratefhish vs. Kidgamer65 DONE

    3. Microsword 57 vs. Kirikoe DONE

    4. Kidgamer65 vs. Negative Knight

    5. Microsword 57 vs. Negative Knight

    Pool 2 Match-ups:

    1. Champ vs. 10023213

    2. Prince Charles vs. Varrah DONE

    3. Danzo vs. Prince Charles

    4. Varrah vs. 10023213

    5. Champ vs. Danzo DONE

    Pool 3 Match-ups:

    1. LolaxXx vs. TheGreatUchiha DONE

    2. ~Puppet Master~ vs. Profontaine

    3. ~Puppet Master~ vs. TobisPawn DONE

    4. Profontaine vs. Anub DONE

    5. LolaxXx vs. TobisPawn

    6. TheGreatUchiha vs. Anub

    Pool 4 Match-ups:

    1. Tazzila88 vs. Rikerslade

    2. MilwaukeegHost vs. Rikerslade DONE

    3. DeadManWonderLand vs. Tazzila88 DONE

    4. Solo vs. DeadManWonderLand

    5. MilwaukeegHost vs. Solo

    Everyone please make sure that you are participating in two unique matches within your group and post errors if you see them, just in case I made a mistake.

    Note: If someone does not confirm their status in time for their debate, they will either be disqualified or we will attempt to find a replacement. Pool 1, please expect to see your match-ups to be created as early as this evening to the next few days. Debate threads will remain up for about a week depending on the activity of the debaters.
  2. Spiderman
    I'm ready to dish out verbal ass-whoopings.

    DrProof and Sonnelion, watch out .
  3. ~Puppet Master~
    ~Puppet Master~
    ~Puppet Master~ Pool 3

    I am looking forward to Negative Knight vs DrProof!
  4. Varrah
  5. Prince Charles
    Prince Charles
  6. Rayder
    Looks like I'm against Prince and Champ. :y
  7. DrProof
    Mm.. Alright, I don't know this Microsoft guy, but Negative Knight good luck dad.
  8. ~Uzumaki~
    Could some of you PLEASE make our jobs easier by helping to remind debaters of their matches? I remember the screening tourney ran quite smoothly cuz KOA took it upon himself to post constant reminders on debaters profiles about their matches. I hope I can count on some of you to be just as awesome. Please and thank you.
  9. Anub
    Anub active and ready for Pool 3.
  10. 10023213

    pool 2
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