Introduce Yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. -S-
    Well of course, I meant I finished watching all the episodes that have aired so far.
  2. Synister.
    Im Yellow Flash of Konoha but you can call me YFK and im going to start watching SOA soon but from what ive seen i know im going to love it :D
  3. Normal fanboy
    Normal fanboy
    i hope SAO don't be on of those super short anime with only like 40 eps D:
  4. -Frost Knight-
    -Frost Knight-
    Sorry man but it will only have 30eps
  5. Netsui
    I'm Netsui, and my favorite characters are Kirito and Asuna. ^^

    As for the episodes, better than it only reaching 15 or 20 episodes, like some anime do.
  6. UchihaxSenju
    I'm UchihaxSenju, started watching SAO on the 4th ep. and i cant wait for how Alfheim online will go
    BTW theres only 25 eps in SAO that they're planning to air
  7. xSeraphim
    Hi im new nice to meet you all :D
    My fave char is Kirito ofcourse )
    I like everything in SAO hope they make a game as cool as that except for the life threat :P
    Cant wait for next ep ....
  8. -Frost Knight-
    -Frost Knight-
    welcome xSeraphim
  9. kiritonakama
    Knakama. the character is in my name
  10. Yeongwonhi
    My name is is Yeong and I liked Klein!
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