Episode 25 Discussion

  1. Netsui
    How did you feel about the final episode? Do you think they could have made another season/arc?
  2. -Carnage-
    it was great
    ....im a little confused...idk about what though...
  3. Tybone
    ★ Tybone
    There is ALOT more material for new seasons as it is based of a Light Novel which still has atleast 2 more seasons worth of material in it.
  4. emiri
    The ending was too short I think.
  5. LonelyAssassin
    Can't wait for the next season
  6. Frikid
    is there a next season O.o?
  7. kiritonakama
    SAO should continue. Chronologically the anime should continue with episode 1 of Gun Gale Online.
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