Round 1 Pool 3 Part 2: Profontaine vs. PuppetMaster

  1. Prefontaine
    Thank you, Floydical for the judging and great input. I'm not here to argue your decision, but I do want to wonder, hasn't it been made clear that a summoning contract is with the species that you summon, not individual summons, i.e. Jiraiya and Naruto with toad summons? They signed a contract with the toads so that, depending on their amount of chakra they put into the summon, they can someone anyone they want? It's not really a question of individuals, or else their would have to be a different blood contract for each and every summon, Gambunta, Ma, Pa, etc.
  2. Floydical
    Here's a link to the rules:

    I know its buried in the tournament section at this point, but it is an essential set of rules that we are all accustomed too. Summonings, along with other techs unless otherwise clarified, can only be used that have been shown ON PANEL. So Oro cannot summon Manda II because he has never been shown summoning it. Kind of like how Naruto has never summoned Hiro or Ken on panel, only Bunta. Only Ma had been shown summoning Hiro or Ken, other than Jiraiya. Manda I is within Oro's repertoire because he did so in part 1, though it was with Kabuto's help. But again, he was never shown on panel summoning Manda II, so its not part of his arsenal.
  3. ~Puppet Master~
    ~Puppet Master~
    The reason I thought Orochimaru couldn't summon Manda II was because Kabuto created it, after his death.
    Which gives us reason to believe that Orochimaru doesn't even know of Manda II's existence.
  4. Owarij
    Similar to what Floydical stated, both had great arguments , and Orochimaru's Kanashibari no Jutsu is a very underrated technique in his disposal that many seem to not remember.. it was nice to see it used in a debate.

    As for the manda 2 issue you guys had, I'd have to side with Puppet Master there, simply because manda 2 was Kabuto's sole creation, and Oro doesn't have a summoning contract with it , regardless of it being a snake summoning... As for the argument that he can't summon it because he has no knowledge of it, I believe that incorrect, due to him taking all of Kabuto's memories , he would have gained knowledge of the enhanced snake..

    I believe puppet master did a really good job with his arguments especially utilizing Gaara's abilty to enter an aerial state in the desert area.. that alone made it very hard coutner as Orochimaru really only has a few on panel jutsu , considering his arms were sealed for the majority of the manga..

    Puppet master takes this one for me
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