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    [ARCHIVE] Custom Fighting Styles Submission

    ~Custom Fighting Styles~

    Every now and then it comes a time when you feel like creating your own special doctrine of combat, your own special fighting style. They are aditional fighting styles that may be Taijutsu Styles, Kenjutsu Styles or any other weapon styles. They can be vary variable and basically include any type of additional fighting style that fits either within the Hand to Hand Combat or the Weapons Combat.

    ~How to Submit a Custom Fighting Style~

    Many members seem to have difficulty with creating an understandable, approvable, and original custom fighting style, so here is a short but in depth analysis on what your fighting style should consist of.

    Step One: Choose a name with a Japanese translation

    Use this Online Translator to help you. Be sure to name the style correctly. Don't use Japanese in Kanji form; use standard Romanji instead.

    Step Two: Choose the type of your custom style:

    This section, while many people blow past it, needs to be accurate because if you want to include a certain ability in your custom fighting style, the type of your style needs to be consistent with whatever that ability may be. For example, if you create a GenTaijutsu style, then your CFS cannot include elemental manipulation unless you include Ninjutsu in the type of style. Stay consistent.

    Step Three: Background

    This is where you create a short background of your fighting style. Not only do you need to explain the reason that the style was created, but you also need to include anything essential to showing that this style is possible. Do not write a short story here, however. Explain the essentials: who created the style and how, when, and why did they create it. This isn't your biography’s history; we don’t need to hear every detail of the epic battle in which the style was made.

    Step Four: Description and Inner Workings of the Style

    Obviously, this is the most important and focused part of any good submission. First, allow me to say this, if you do not mention an ability in this section then it does not exist in your style. Second, if you mention an ability in your background but don’t mention it in here, your style will be declined for inconsistencies between the description and history. Speaking of history, this is not where you include additional history of your style. There’s a section for history, and a section for abilities; this is the latter. Everything about how your style works and the abilities included in it should be included right here.

    Step Five: Example Techniques

    Most of you know by now that this is now a mandatory part of submissions. How many techniques you give as an example is up to you, but a minimum of one is necessary and the checker of your submission reserves the right to ask you to make more examples if he or she does not find your current example(s) adequate.

    Step Six: Additional Effects and Restrictions

    What you put here is all relative to what is included in the custom fighting style. Meaning that the additional effects that you have need to make sense with the fighting style. If you were submitting a style involving slow and powerful strikes, it hardly makes sense for one of your additional effects to involve increased speed. In addition this is also not where you jam pack a bunch of speed or strength boosting abilities to make your character more powerful. As a general rule, two passive effects are a good amount. That said, you cannot make these effects too great. A custom fighting style is not the place to give your character Lee’s speed or the Raikage’s strength. Finally, if you want to have extensive additional effects, then you’d better have extensive additional restrictions as well.

    Step Seven: Wait for Approval

    Key word: wait. Unless you have a clear question in which you simply did not understand something that you checker said or you are explicitly asked to contact a moderator, do not message a moderator about an unapproved, unchecked, or pending technique. You are not allowed to message a moderator requesting them to discuss with you how to get your custom approved.

    *Things that do not qualify a Custom Fighting Style*

    Below are some very common submissions that we have seen that we have constantly told people do not qualify as Custom Fighting Styles. Read this section closely, because if your fighting style violates any of the three categories, you will be referenced back to one of these rules:

    • Anything that can be done free-form is not a Custom Fighting Style. In other words, most real life styles of fighting are already encompassed by normal taijutsu. Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, boxing; these can all be done with normal taijutsu because they only involve certain movements.
    • Contrary to popular belief, simply focusing elemental or basic chakra into a weapon does not qualify as a CFS. This can already be done by normal ninja both in the manga/anime and using simple custom techniques, so a CFS is unnecessary here.
    • Modes are not CFSes. A Custom Fighting Style is meant to change how you fight, not allow you to enter a mode or state that temporarily increases your taijutsu/ninjutsu prowess or allows you to temporarily move at blinding speeds. There’s a clear difference in something that changes your fighting style and something that enhances your fighting style. A CFS is meant primarily to do the first of the two.

    ~Template for Custom Styles~

    PHP Code:
    B]Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style:[/B]
    B]Example Techniques:[/B]
    B]Additional effects and Restrictions:[/B

    ~Formatting Restrictions~

    -No submission that uses font or formatting alterations such as underline, bold, allignement, color, size, spoilers, etc will be checked. The only exception is that you are allowed to Bold or underline the title of your style when you submitt and you can use spoilers for videos or images you need to post for references.

    -An exception to the above rule is the requirement to bold the alterations on re-submissions. Its required that every altered or add part is bolded. If you simply take out something, write beneath the jutsu stating "I took out the part where...".

    -When submitting multiple CFS, please do so in separate posts.


    -When resubmitting a custom style that was previously declined, you need to quote the original submission and bold the parts you changed in your new submission.

    -When a custom style is declined you'll need to wait 15 days to resubmit.

    ~Declined, Do Not Resubmit~

    -When your style was declined with a "Do Not Resubmit" note, you can't resubmit that style without the permission of the Staff member who checked that style.

    ~Limit on Submissions, Teachings and Specialties~

    -You need to be at least S-Class Ninja Rank and a member of the forum for 6 months to submit your Custom Fighting Styles.

    -You can only submit 2 Custom Fighting Styles of your own.

    -Each style can be taught to 6 people (according to the custom rules that each custom can be taught to 6 people each).

    -To teach someone the S-Rank moves of your custom fighting style you need to have a valid Sensei status (as stated in the customs rules).

    -Although a bio may use more than one Custom Fighting Style, each bio can only specialize in one fighting style. In other words, the minor boosts that a Fighting Style gives to your bio only apply if its specialized in it, which means only from one Custom Fighting Style.

    ~Custom Fighting Styles Techniques/Moves~

    -These are to be submitted in the Custom Jutsu Submission Thread and should follow the normal templates for a custom technique and all the rules of that thread.

    -Each Custom Fighting Style can have 10 techniques, which can be submitted by anyone who learned the style if they have permission from the original owner of the style. Despite being submitted by different people, these techniques need to be taught to all that learned the style if approved and will still count towards the global 10 limit for the overall CFS. Only the owner of the style can give such permission and its not something that can be changed once given.

    ~Custom Jutsu Users~

    -The posting of your approved Custom Fighting Style on your Custom Jutsu Thread is mandatory, along side with link to the post of approval.

    -Custom Fighting Styles don't count towards your 35 own Custom Techniques limit and each style can only be taught to 6 people (exception made for all the styles pre approved before this thread)


    -"Markers", or empty posts (with no actual custom style being submitted) created for the sole purpose of being edited later on, are strictly forbidden and shall be considered as nothing more than spam.

    -Any post that does not contain a custom style submission is considered spam and thereby falls under the violation of the global rules of Narutobase.

    ~Ripping and Copying~

    -You cannot copy or bluntly base your submissions in another members submission without his or hers permission. This is strictly forbidden and is a grave offense.

    -If you find a submission that you feel is too much like yours or that is clearly and bluntly a copy of any of yours, please contact one of the RP mods with the link to your style and the one that supposedly copies yours.


    -No one is allowed to edit his/her post after a moderator has already edited it. Resubmit if you feel that your style needs to be altered in some way.

    ~The Red Rule~

    -The red rule exists and you should check it if you don't know what it is. Bugging any RP mod regarding styles that were declined and to which you weren't required to contact the given mod, is a breaking of said rule. The techniques are declined for a reason which is most of the times explained even if we are not required to do so. This is never respected but I urge you to start taking this seriously.


    -NB's moderators have every right to deny any style we wish without true explanation, because some styles submitted do not reach a certain criteria that we feel are needed for the submission to be accepted. Please do not complain, please do not argue, just take it as it is and please move on by creating something else. Most styles however will state a reason why it was not accepted.

    -This thread follows the same basic rules of the Custom Jutsu Submission Thread.

    Special thanks to Mina for the header!
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Resubmitting with new template. Previously approved ±±here±±

    Genkotsu Namakemono | Lazy Fist
    Type: Gentaijutsu
    Panda's aversion to physical effort and activity (mostly fueled by their dizzy-like movement and mostly drunken and playful behavior) lead them to become below average taijutsu fighters, relying more on their strong affinity to Genjutsu and Fire and Earth Ninjutsu. However, Panda Warriors soon saw that Taijutsu was the core ability to master by every fighter.
    So, by taking advantage of their inherent affinity with Genjutsu and unique form of movement they developed a new type of Taijutsu unique to them: Lazy Fist.

    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style:
    This special type of Taijutsu relies on shallow, dull, soft and rapid movements to hit specific places in the opponents body, using their chakra and the impact to disturb the enemy's chakra flow. The disturbance of the chakra flow makes the enemy experience illusions, effectively putting the enemy under Genjutsus. This gives birth to a new technique all together: Gentaijutsu. The damage of a Lazy Fist move is a mixture of both physical damage (from impact) and the strain produced in the enemy's body by the Genjutsu placed upon impact. The impact serves as a medium to trigger the disturbance in the chakra flow through the chakra charged in that move.
    Lazy Fist moves are generally fast but a bit flamboyant, relying on soft rapid touches that inflict below average physical damage (if they did high physical damage, they would auto-release the enemy from the Genjutsu) but, by charging chakra into them, they disturb the enemy's chakra flow. The speed of the moves is slightly higher than that of normal taijutsu and the fighting stances are very soft and fluid instead of firm and strong. Agility and not strength is the core of Lazy Fist but, unlike most agility type taijutsu, the Lazy Fist user moves in a rather apparently uncoordinated manner, almost appearing drunk or dizzy.

    Lazy Fist stances (bigger drawing on the left is the basic stance). Credits of the drawing go to Deviantart's ~weremagnus

    Additional effects and Restrictions:
    -Masters of Lazy Fist have increased Agility, Reflexes and Movement Speed when compared to a normal Strong Fist Master
    -Lazy Fist users have generally great chakra control.
    -Lazy Fist moves envolve less physical strength that Strong Fist, thus why a Lazy Fist master without additional training in other forms, will always have less physical strength than a normal Strong Fist Master.

    P a t e n t C e r t i f i c a t e

    Scorps, our loyal moderator, gave on the date February the 24th of 2012 a request for a Patent on Custom Fighting Style (Lazy Fist). I, Nexus of the Custom Fighting Style Bureau, by the power invested in me by NarutoBase, after reading the submission, have decided that the submitted style satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving him rightfully earned patent on this style by the following;

    Genkotsu Namakemono
    Powered by Nexus
    Copyright 2012, Scorps,

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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Sogeki Geijutsu 狙撃兵 分身の術 - Sniper Arts

    Type: Kyūjutsu
    Background: Sniper Arts also known as Kyūjutsu/Kyudo, is the traditional Japanese martial art of wielding a bow. Although the samurai of the Land of Iron are perhaps best known for their swordsmanship with a katana (kenjutsu), kyūjutsu was actually considered a more vital skill for a significant portion of Ninja World War history. Later on, the traditional martial art got introduced with ninjutsu and chakra usage. That's when bow wielding ninjas started combining archery with their ninjutsu creating very useful and powerful techniques. Sogeki Geijutsu is practiced in many different ninja academies, some of which descend from military shooting and others that descend from ceremonial or contemplative practice. Therefore, the emphasis is different. Some emphasize aesthetics and others efficiency. Contemplative academies teach the form as a meditation in action. In certain academies, to shoot correctly will result inevitably in hitting the desired target. For this a phrase seisha hicchū, "true shooting, certain hitting", is used. According to the Nippon Kyudo Federation (World Government of Archery) the supreme goal of kyudo is the state of shin-zen-bi, roughly "truth-goodness-beauty", which can be approximated as: when archers shoot correctly (i.e. truthfully) with virtuous spirit and attitude toward all persons and all things which relate to kyudo (i.e. with goodness), beautiful shooting is realized naturally. A master sniper will gain increased tracking speeds to help them keep up with faster targets. This was achieved by being so used to tracking moving targets throughout the years.

    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style: The whole style mainly revolves around the infusion of chakra into arrows, create arrows out of a certain elemental/pure affinity or the usage of Ninjutsu and Kyūjutsu to create combinations.

    Additional effects and Restrictions:

    - A Master Sniper will gain increased tracking speeds to help them keep up with faster targets.
    - The arrows used in Sniper Arts travel at the speed of a regular arrow unless enhanced by certain techniques.

    P a t e n t C e r t i f i c a t e

    Mathias, our loyal member, gave on the date February the 24th of 2012 a request for a Patent on Custom Fighting Style (Sniper Arts). I, Scorps of the Custom Fighting Style Bureau, by the power invested in me by Nexus, after reading the submission, have decided that the submitted style satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving him rightfully earned patent on this style by the following;

    Sogeki Geijutsu
    Powered by Scorps
    Copyright 2012, Mathias,


    Houtai Gigei 巻芸 Bandage Arts:

    Type: Houtaiutsu
    Background:Bandage Arts is a special type of fighting style in which the user utilizes mummy-like bandages wrapped around his/her body for defensive or offensive techniques. The process is done by focusing chakra into and around the bandages to freely manipulate them or enhance them with certain elemental affinities like earth style to enhance its defensive properties or wind style to increase its cutting power. This style was inspired by the bandage manipulation seen used by Hiruku and also by Lee himself when he binds his opponents when performing the hidden lotus however on more developed scale.

    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style: Extreme chakra control to enhance/manipulate/cut/bind with the bandages.

    Additional effects and Restrictions:

    - Masters of Houtai Gigei have great multitasking capabilities due to their daily taijutsu and manipulation of bandages combinations along with a great amount of agility to perform fluid and effortless movements.
    - Must have a Biography with bandages wrapped around their body.
    - Mastered regular Ninjutsu
    - This style can only be taught by a Houtai Gigei Master

    P a t e n t C e r t i f i c a t e

    Mathias, our loyal member, gave on the date February the 24th of 2012 a request for a Patent on Custom Fighting Style (Bandage Arts). I, Scorps of the Custom Fighting Style Bureau, by the power invested in me by Nexus, after reading the submission, have decided that the submitted style satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving him rightfully earned patent on this style by the following;

    Houtai Gigei
    Powered by Scorps
    Copyright 2012, Mathias,

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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    (Hiryū geijutsu)Fire Dragon Arts
    Background:The fire dragon arts where made by the a member of the Uchiha clan known as Ian Uchiha.Its is the mix of Tai-Jutsu with the Katon Element turn the fists and legs of the user on fire.The Users of this style are able to manipulate the flames and and send small fireballs with use head seals.This style was made to be the Uchiha clan version of the Hyuga clan Gentle Fist.But the the Uchiha developed a more deadly type of style being able to mix there Taijustu and Katon Relese.
    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style:The inner works of the style is sending katon chakra to the legs and fists of the user so he can manipulate the flames and add more power.The user is basically using normal Taijutsu but also mixing in there Katon chakra to add more fierce force to the blow.Here is a diagram for a better look:
    Additional effects and Restrictions: *
    -Can only be used on a Uchiha bio
    -Must have started Katon training*
    -Can only be taught by XxFallenUchihaxX
    -Only Katon Jutsus can be used while using this style
    -Can absorb B rank and down Katon Jutsus
    -Can be stopped by B rank and higher Jutsus

    ±± Declined ±± This is a Nintaijutsu. As for the restrictions and additional effects you are confusing this with a technique. This is a fighting style. Read my submission and mathias to get an idea of what or how to do it.
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Genkoutsu Kamakiri | The Mantis Fist

    Type: Taijutsu
    Background:The Mantis Fist is a taijustu style that invovles the user striking the enemy with one or more of their fingers in rapid succesion in specific places alternating between hands for each strike . While striking the enemy, the user focus's a large amount of Raiton or Katon chakra on the tops of their fingers and when they strike the enemy, they allow the chakra to penetrate into the enemies body, however even though it is a very pinpoint strike done with the finger tips, its effects are devestating as when the user makes contact with the opponent, they insert their chakra into the opponents body, the chakra ripples outwards and in the direction of the original strike, much like when a pebble is dropped into a shallow pond and the water around it is disturbed and ripples outwards. The effects of the Mantis Fist can be increased further by striking certain spots on the body, such as pressure points or nerve endings.
    When this is done with raiton chakra, the chakra will ripple outwards on impact, which may affect motor and sensory neurons with its static charges, this can cause various effects.
    By using fire chakra the user can heat water present in bodies or the atmosphere causing the water to evapourate, this can be very effective as the body is made up of large sums of water and many organs rely on water present in the body

    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style:
    -Paralysation in the surronding area.
    -Loss of feeling and pain in that area. The users raiton chakra's static charges are used to counter the static charges of the opponents sensory neurons, making the opponent have a loss of feeling and pain in that area, this proves disadvantageous, as damage can be done to the opponents body via a strongfist follow up without the opponent ever being aware of the effects caused(Broken ribs pierced lungs ect.)
    -Heating and evapouration of water sources.

    Additional effects and Restrictions: The Mantis Fist has one last ability, because of the way that the chakra is released and inserted, the non physical chakra part of the Mantis Fist does not require contact with the opponents body to work. Infact once the ripple effect is released, it can travel through mediums such as earth water and air for up to 5 inches the ripples becoming wider and affecting a larger area but becoming less potent as it reaches further from the source, much like a wave that passess through a small gap into a large area. The area covered having a diameter of 6 inches per 1 inch distance form the source.
    This style of fighting is called mantis fist,since it mostly involves striking your opponent with the tip of your finger(s) in rapid succesion,and since mantis have scythe like fingers instead of hands and move in rapid ridigid jerky like motions i thought the name was befitting.
    The Mantis fist contains stances that are strange and unusual,and usualy unprecidented to the enemy,making a mantis fist users movements hard to read.
    -Due to the Mantis Fist involving mimicking the actual movements of a Mantis, a Mantis Fist User moves unlike any mammal with extreme precision and speed, and unlike that of a average human a mantis fist users reactions are not fueled by fear or instinct leading them to overeact and make unecesary movements but the mantis style involves the slightest movements so as to avoid things and thus avoid unnecessary reflexes making Mantis Fist users extremely effecient at dodging, and giving them room for a swift counterattack.

    Note:Anyone other than -Scaze- must be taught to use the mantis fist justu's
    ~Precise chakra control is needed to benifit from the full offense of the mantis fist.
    ~Requires the user to have mastered Taijustu/strong fist and started Raiton and Fire training
    ~Anyone other than -Scaze- must be Taught the Mantis Fist
    ~Because of the rigid jerky like motions, and the roundabout manner that Mantis Fist users use, the Mantis Fist and its techniques cannot be predicted by 2T Sharingan and lower, with some of the more draining Mantis fist jutsu being unpredictable even by 3T.(Will be noted underneath Mantis Fist Jutsu)
    ~Mantis Fist users are also exceptionally Agile.

    ±± Declined ±± First thing the back ground isn't the background but rather how the style works. So you need to come up with a background and pass all of that into the description of the abilities of the style. The sharingan part is overpowered. That would mean no one could defend or react against a move of that style. Take that out. Also the part about reflexes and speed needs to be translated into short topics that every Mantis Fist will be able to have
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    キックボクシング Kikkubokushingu| Kick boxing

    Type: Taijutsu
    Background:Kickboxing (in Japanese キックボクシング kikkubokushingu) refers to a group of martial arts and stand-up combat sports based on kicking and punching, historically developed from karate, Muay Thai and western boxing. Kickboxing is often practiced for self-defense, general fitness, or as a contact sport
    Description*on*the*Abilities*and*Inner*Workings*of *the*Style: Kick boxing is the style of the heavy fist where the user of this style delivers powerful and precise fist
    Punches,jabs,hooks, and many more

    to his opponent this is related to the upper body strength (arms) hence the name boxing and the other part of this style is the kicking related part that focus mostly on the users lower body (feet) strength and most attacks of the lower body are related to kicking and variations hence the name kick. To sum up both there is where the name Kick boxing originates from.

    - A master kick boxer's taijutsu strength and speed increase drastically (+35 to speed and + 30 to strength)
    -This should be placed on the users biography to be effective
    -kick boxing style users have great Chakra control and reserves of chakra.
    -Needs to be trained by a master (me till now) so can use this style of fighting.

    ±± Declined ±± First you need to develop this a bit more. The part about speed and strength is to take out completely. The references to these should be in relation to a normal Strong Fist master and never in terms of levels or taking the speed chart as a reference. Also, why would a brute style like this give you great chakra and chakra reserves?
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū (飛天御剣流 Flying Heaven Honorable Sword Style)
    Background:Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū (飛天御剣流 Flying Heaven Honorable Sword Style) is an ancient kenjutsu style from the Sengoku Jidai developed to allow a single samurai to defeat numerous foes single-handedly. Practitioners of this style use a combination of near-superhuman speed and agility (known as Shinsoku, or godspeed), battōjutsu and an acquired, observation-based pseudo-clairvoyance in order to avoid the attacks of their opponents by the least possible margin and with the least possible effort in order to place themselves in the perfect position to strike in the very instant the opponent's strike misses and stresses two-step attacks in order to ensure that any and all who oppose it are thoroughly slain.

    Due to its tremendous power and speed, Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū has recently been nicknamed "The Black Ship of the Land" in that it would secure absolute victory for whichever side wielded it in a conflict.

    Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū is known by very few people in history due to the fact that it has only passed on from master to apprentice for fourteen generations, with each apprentice taking the life and special mantle of his master as well as the name Hiko Seijūrō. Additionally, the immense force and energy required to perform many of the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū's moves take a cumulative toll on the body of the user. With sufficient physical strength training and limited combat, the effects can be staunched, but will inevitably render the user incapable of wielding the style's tremendous power.
    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style:The user of this style uses there inner chakra and channels it to there feet and hands enabling them to travel at faster than Normal shinobi can.It also requires deep amount of concentration in order to use the abilities of the style*
    Additional effects and Restrictions: *
    -Can only be taught by XxFallenUchiha
    -Based on the speed charts the higher the user the rank the harder to hit the user due to there enhanced Agility
    -User must be in possession of a katana.
    -The masters of this style can manipulate the wind and use there chakra to jump to higher heights

    ±± Declined ±± Bolded part needs much explanation. The description of the abilities and inner workings is basically the description of something any ninja can do. Also, the part about wind needs to be explained. No references to the speed chart.

    ~ This style is already taken
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    (Seiyuuki Gigei)-Monkey Arts
    Type: Seitaijutsu
    Background: Monkey's aversion to physical effort and activity (mostly fueled by their passive aggressiveness, their highly flexible movement and mostly their playful behavior) leads them to become quite skilled seitaijutsu fighters, relying a lot on their affinity to taijutsu and Earth Ninjutsu. So, by taking advantage of their inherent affinity with Taijutsu and unique form of movement, they developed a new type of Taijutsu unique to them: Monkey Arts.

    Description on the abilities and inner workings of the style:
    The special form og Taijutsu relies on their strong, flexible and rapid movements to hit the opponent, using their flexibility and chakra to strike the opponent specific parts on their body, to disturb their chakra flow and also disturb the five senses of a person, effectivily putting the enemy under a Seitaijutsu. The Seitaijutsu damage, is a mixture of both physical strikes, and the chakra produced in the enemy's body by the chakra placed in the opponent upon impact. The impact serves as a powerful combat style also sending in chakra to disturb specific parts of an opponents body, such as taking away an opponents eye sight.
    Monkey Art moves are generally flexible and fast but a bit flamboyant, relying on soft rapid strikes that inflict physical damage (if they did high physical damage, to specific points, they would auto-release the opponents senses, giving them their ability of sight back) the speed of the moves is slighty faster than that of normal taijutsu and the stances are very strong and firm instead of soft and fluid. The agility and flexibility is the core of the Monkey Art but, unlike other types of taijutsu, the Monkey Art user moves in a highly unpredictable manner, because of their flexibility.

    Monkey Fist basic stance, there are several other highly developed stances for specific situations

    Additional effects and Restrictions:
    -Mastery of Monkey Art have increased Agility, Reflexes and Flexibility when compared to a highly skilled Fist Master
    -Monkey Art users have great chakra control
    -Monkey Art moves envolve less strength that of a Strong Fist, thus why the Monkey Art master without additional training in other forms, will always have less physical strength than a Strong Fist Master
    -Must be taught by JiraiyaEroSennin to master this form
    -The Monkey Arts put a great strain on the body, because of the way they move and they release their own chakra into an opponent
    -After a short while of using this form, even a master of this form will begin to slow down because of the massive amount of chakra loss and strain on the body.
    -One of the deadliest moves of the Monkey Arts masters is their ability to increase their speed by an immense amount for a short period of time

    ±± Declined ±± Don't copy other peoples styles again please. You copied my style and edited a few (little) words. Next time i'll ban you from this thread.
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Ryuuchou Kawazoi Ryuujoukohaku -Flowing River of Fierce Fighting
    Type: Taijutsu
    Background: Developed by the Hozuki clan to combat the taijutsu clans of konohagakure, this style of fighting allows inhuman methods of fighting by combining the hydrification technique with taijutsu training, allowing the users to quickly turn parts of their body to water allowing them to dodge or attack in unique ways. It has been said masters of the Ryuuchou Kawazoi Ryuujoukohaku have battled for weeks without either of them landing a blow or showing signs of fatigue.
    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style: The user combines the hydrification technique and taijutsu to enhance their blows's by focusing moisture into the main muscles for the attacks, turn joints and muscles into water to allow for unique ways of dodging (turn your spine or knees or neck into water on the inside for bending far beyond a human body. It can also grant the user much more stamina by diluting the acid that builds up in muscles with more water, letting them fight at full tilt for days.
    Additional effects and Restrictions:
    -The user will be very slow to use other elements to fight because of the heavy focus on water and taijutsu.
    -Can't use kaito's tai that utilizes an element other then water the same turn a move from this style is used.
    -Requires training by Professor Sarutobi to use.
    -Can only be used by Hozuki Clansmen who have mastered Water Release and Taijutsu
    -Masters of this style will be able to use water release in general much quicker as it is a fundamental part of performing Flowing River of Fierce Fighting techniques.
    -Users can push their bodies to their limits constantly with help from the stamina increasing ability letting them train for days at a time, with this training regime the users can perform normal taijutsu and Kenjutsu with more speed and power.

    ±± Declined ±± From what we've see with the hydration technique, it boosts physical strength and not speed. The user increases their muscle size through the unique ability they have of changing their body to water, reshaping it and increasing it in size by inserting more water and water chakra within the muscles. However, your description of its workings is a bit off. The part about transforming the bones into water to gain flexibility and such isn't correct. Make this style have great strength and stamina as well and endurance to pain and physical blows above average with below average or average speed (all of these when compared with a normal Strong Fist Master).
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Kijuuki Kata | Crane Form
    Type: Kenjutsu
    Background: Developed by one of the new generation Samurais on his travels,while studying the use of extra swords and witnessing the shear power of three sword techniques he was able to create the four sword techniques which allow the user to attack the enemy at all enemy pressuring them into mistakes allowing them to give vital hits.Its based of a Cranes ability to stand on one leg while still maintain full mobility and balance.
    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style: Crane Form is a unique Kenjutsu stance in which the user utilizes 4 swords at the same time ; one in each hand, one in his mouth and finally one in the crevice between his leg and thigh.This causes the user to clench the sword,only standing on one foot giving him the look of a crane.This style has been compared to Killer B's Seven Swords Dance.While based off this style,Crane Form focus's much more on control and creating openings by attack the enemy on every level of height.To best utilize the styles potential, the user performs spins and jumps at high speed.The swords can be charged with Chakra to increase their cutting and attack power.The style is incredibly effective at taking down multiple enemy's at the same time.
    Description: The user enters 'Crane Form', a unique Kenjutsu stance in which the user utilizes 4 swords at the same time ; one in each hand, one in his mouth and finally one in the crevice between his leg and thigh.This causes the user to clench the sword,only standing on one foot giving him the look of a crane.This style has been compared to Killer B's Seven Swords Dance.While based off this style,Crane Form focus's much more on control and creating openings by attack the enemy on every level of height.To best utilize the styles potential, the user performs spins and jumps at high speed.The swords can be charged with Chakra to increase their cutting and attack power.
    Additional effects and Restrictions:
    - The user cannot use any other techniques apart from Kenjutsu based attacks
    -Can't use any element based attacks
    -Requires training by Drench to even use and mastery to be able to specialize
    -Can only be used by Samurais
    -Users push their muscle and acrobatic ability's to max when learning this, resulting in being able to be more flexible and move/react quicker overall.

    ±± Declined ±± This is simply a multi sword style. and multi sword styles exist already. Also, your restrictions are those of a technique in itself, not a style.
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Hachidori no Tsubasa no Ken | Hummingbird Wing Fist

    Type: Nintaijutsu (because of Raiton usage)


    This taijutsu style was developed after Selendrile studied the beat patterns of a Hummingbird's wings. The huge amount of beats per second of their wings inspired Selendrile to create a taijutsu style attempting to utilize the same speed. If a shinobi would be able to master this taijutsu style, he could become increasingly deadly in combat.

    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style:

    Hummingbird Wing Fist is utilized to inflict swift multiple strikes in one fluent striking motion. This taijutsu style uses a closed fist, or any position that increases the surface area of a hit to stimulate bruising and burns. Hummingbird Wing Fist is executed by performing a single main strike, with multiple vibrating hits that are placed at various points around the initial strike. When the practitioner strikes an enemy, the practitioner will rapidly vibrate their limb in order to inflict multiple strikes. However, due to the arduous training required to successfully execute the movements of Hummingbird Wing Fist, the vibrating strikes are not perceived to take any longer than a normal single strike.

    The practitioner of this fighting style is capable of stimulating their Type IIx muscle tissue, the fastest tissue in the human body with moderate surges of raition chakra. This type of tissue combined with raiton chakra allows the practitioner incredibly fast bursts of agility. When delivering contact blows with opponents, stimulating the muscle groups in such a way allows high amounts of friction to take place as the initial strike is made which causes varying degrees of burns and bruising. The practitioner activates these muscles with raiton chakra in order to execute not only fluent agility when executing close range combat, but to deliver undetectable strikes originating from the initial contact of the first blow.

    Additional effects and Restrictions:

    -Only Selendrile, Nagato.. and those we allow may use this style.
    -Requires mastery of normal Taijutsu and Raiton due to the process of utilizing this style.
    -Burns and bruising varies according to the techniques.
    -Mastery of this style allows the user increased reflexes, brute strength, and muscle speed compared to normal taijutsu specialists.
    -The user's muscles fatigue quicker than normal because of this style, limiting the amount of Hummingbird Wing Fist techniques the practitioner can use back-to-back, as in the following turn.

    ±± Declined ±± The aditional effects and restrictions are way to generous. Also, you fail to explain what this vibration you make on your strikes is capable of doing. Also, remember these would actually damage you if used with speed of vibration that others can't perceive it. also, this needs to be defined in a way that makes it impossible to compare with A's Nintaijutsu...which presently isn't happening.
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Shuurai Tekken Do [Way of the Lightning Strike Fist]

    Type: Taijutsu
    Background: Believed in the Country of Lightning to be one of the oldest taijutsu styles still in practice, Shuurai Tekken Do was originally developed by the monks that helped to create the first incarnation of the Hidden Village of Cloud long before there were even inklings of such a drastic change. Honed over hundreds of years, this style has been given an essential definition that is rooted in the seeming paradox of the practice of the style itself: "What you cannot see can indeed hurt you."

    The paradoxical nature of the practice of this style is the fact that despite being called the 'Way of the Lightning Strike Fist,' practitioners of Shuurai Tekken Do are known for their meticulously, almost languidly slow pace during practice. A simple movement bringing a fist across the chest from left to right may take up to a full minute or more in practice, but therein lies the difficulty itself. During all movements, muscles are constantly tensed and released without exerting much outward motion, thus making the slowness of the style the way in which it tones the body. Many practitioners choose to hold large buckets filled to the very brim with water while practicing, hoping to attain a sort of rigid fluidity, a statement that highlights the paradox present in the style's practice.

    In combat, however, the practitioner demonstrates exactly what this type of practice does for his or her close combat ability. As the practitioner progresses, the laboriously slow practice tones the muscles in such a way that muscle reaction times are increased exponentially with every level of the style achieved. Thus, in a combat situation, the practitioner spends the fight attacking with extremely quick single hits and flurries and then backing off, rapidly responding to any counter-attacks made, and then repeating the process ad lib. When mastery of this style is attained, some users have been known to appear to stand still while their opponent is mysteriously ravaged and bloodied when coming near to them. Despite the general lack in strength exhibited even by masters of this style, it is still a wholly destructive art.

    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style:

    Shokidankai: Arashinomaenoshizukesa [Initial Stage: The Calm Before the Storm]
    In the first stage of learning Shuurai Tekken Do, the practitioner focuses in training on slow, fluid motion while flexing and releasing different areas of muscle. No aids are yet used to provide extra resistance to the training, only strict guidance from a good teacher with a judgemental hand. In battle, the practitioner focuses on blocking with sweeping motions and striking with fast single strikes, taking advantage of the forms learned in practice.

    Nidankai: An'unteimei [Second Stage: The Gathering Stormclouds]
    After a suitable duration of undertaking the first style to build on the basics, the teacher will add a tool to the practitioner's repetoire - small cups filled to the brim with a liquid. The goal of this addition is to work on the fluidity of the movements while still maintaining rigid muscle control. In battle, the practitioner's speed is noticably faster than the average nina, and while the sweeping blocks are now accompanied by extremely fast forearm and shin blocks, the single fast strike policy still stands for attacking.

    Sandankai: Yorunotobari [Third Stage: The Veil of Darkness]
    The third stage of learning Shuurai Tekken Do is a grueling one, as whole days are sometimes spent a single position, the two cups of the previous stage being accompanied now by cups positioned on the head, shoulders, tops of the hands and feet, and on the knees. The user spends long durations in a sitting position with arms level at the shoulders, but without a chair to sit on. Sometimes, if the teacher is feeling particularly cruel, the student may be asked to try walking in a small circle while the cups are all still in place. In battle, the practitioner begins to use striking flurries in addition to the quick single strikes, as well as learning to add counters behind the now extremely fast blocks.

    Yodankai: Haizename [Fourth Stage: The Torrential Rain]
    Once the practitioner has attained what the instructor deems to be proper levels of fluidity and solidity, the cups in hand are traded in for medium-sized buckets of water with rough rope handles, which are still filled to the brim with a liquid. The rest of the cups of the previous stage are removed. This adds the extra aspect of maintaining fluidity while improving on muscle control due to the resistance of the added fluid weight. In battle, the practitioner approaches speeds that will baffle the human eye and batter the human body, but due to intense training the user will be able to control every strike, counter, and dodge to a keen precision. Strong single strikes and the occasional flurry are still the mainstay of the practitioner's offense, though there is now a considerable increase in the power behind them.

    Saishuudankai: Tekken Tenrai no Raijin [Final Stage: The Divine Fist of Raijin]
    In the final stage of Shuurai Tekken Do, the teacher acknowledges the student's abilites by leaving the last training up to him, as the learning is now essentially complete. A complete emphasis on speed should be the focus of the training in the Final Stage; some training methods used in the past include weighted training underwater, deep squats carrying livestock on the shoulders while standing under a waterfall, and other such extremes. In combat, the practitioner is now the stuff of the legends surrounding this style, seeming to be able to attack without physically moving the body from a standstill. Striking and countering become so fluid and fast that some say the blocks are almost up before the opponent's strike begins and the counter is made before the strike is retracting.

    Additional effects and Restrictions:

    - User must be from Kumogakure or Have a Canon Kumo bio.
    - User must be trained by Kirabi
    - User has increased speed [+7 levels] and flexibility due to the intense training and as such has to sacrifice strength losing -10 to taijutsu.
    - User must have Mastery of Taijutsu and up to B-rank NB taijustu training.

    [note: finally! I get to submit this taijutsu.]

    ±± Declined ±± No references to the speed chart or to damage in any technique. Keep it reasonable and balanced.
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Ancient Embedded Hidden needleの組み込まれた隠し針 Kodai no kumikomareta kakushi hari

    Type: Nīdorukurafuto no jutsu

    Background: This technique was originated and first known to have been practiced in the early Greece more than a 3 Million years ago by the ancestral descendant of the Greek Gods. it was rumored and said to have been developed by the Greek God Zeus who developed the technique as a way to mark his ground and show his strength and dominance as the king of the heavens and ruler to the earthlings. The technique was said to be of such power that even Zeus feared its strength and the wrong it could be used if placed in the wrong hands he kept the technique under bay and never practiced and taught it to no one even his brothers, This was until he mated with a human and gave birth to a son which was known as the brave man in Greek mythology called Hercules he taught this technique to his son as final measure to keep him safe if he ever came to any serious harm or fear of harm but telling him not to ever teach no man the technique or even talk of it. Hercules intends to the wise words of his father and shows the techniques to no one not even his own flesh and blood and rarely used it and preferred to result tot other means to deal with his problems which resulted in him fighting. Hercules was just one man and soon word got out a technique which could take out several men is jutst one move and attracted people all over the globe especially individuals from places we come to know today I asia as china and Japan they came all to see the forbidden technique which was being used but to their disappointment they did not. It was all moody and deem for these travelers until a certain day where he was assigned on one of his tasks or so called labours this time it was to retrieve a monster livin in the swamps with the name of Lernaean Hydra which was a monster of great strength and demonic power Hercules was sent to destroy this creature with is nephew lolaus but the strength of the beast was to fierce for Hercules to over come so he performed the technique and upon one slay weakened the beast up where lolaus was able to hold a torch to each of the stumps to prevent the demon of coming back again upon sight of this technique after they had come back from their journey it was said lolaus was fascinated with it and on several instances asked Hercules to teach him .Not much was known from them but it was said that Hercules finally taught lolaus the technique with which to Hercules disappointment passed it on to few other before he died.

    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style
    This technique is one of great strength and power and if wielded and used in a proper manner is one of the deadliest weapons in existence. The user prior to performing the technique carry several thin sharp needles finely carved And places into his veins on his hands he then uses his raw chakra and fuses it into the needles which make them grow to any desired length strength or thickness or numbers this is due to the needles being placed in the user body and chakra being implanted to it as if it was a body par and thus grows on it own the user also makes use of his wind chakra which he infuses around the already grown and neutered needles to further sharpen and strengthen the grown needles up to the point as If it were steel. The user can also use this technique as a shield against taijutsu attack which deals with strong physical impact by bracing his arms together and using the needles as shield. The technique can also protect the user against lightning attacks of any sort due to the technique usage of wind .The needles can be placed in one hands or two this is up to the opponent and his preference though two arms increases the strength of the technique and also the damages on the user .This technique is able to create repel like impact when used on a target as the user as not only does it cut the target but die to the wind it pushes him back tremendously, this technique one of little powerful a several abilities Is that it allows the user of the technique to know the opponents whereabouts if he has being cut or impacted on by the technique since the usage of this technique revolves around the opponent veins and his blood system it is safe to say that when the opponent is being impacted on or cut by the technique little of the user blood and chakra and used in th attack and this affecting him too. Finally the last of the of this technique ability and the and the most powerful .the technique is done by a precise and strong and concentrated blow to the head of the opponent to his brain which affects his cerebral cortex the region of the brain which controls memory ,awareness ,thought and consciousness a direct from this technique can cause a sudden temporary but fast alteration in of the these functions this means it could render his opponent lacking memory loss and without knowledge his technique or him not knowing his surrounding area due to no awareness or even passing out due to no or little concentrations and good consciousness.This needles can be pulled out and retracted at will upon choice of the user but is mostly left in arms later taken out after battle course this technique has the capabilities depending on the user (Genin_Sage) to which amount of damage the technique does At full use or even at the mere hands of a practiced user with skill this jutsu is more than enough to overpower basic taijutsu attacks and even normal katana with basically minimal effort.This techniques combines with sharigan kekkei genkai makes this technique advance into another level where the opponents is able to dodge and intercept taijutsu and lightning attack with little efforts.This technique also provides the user with a great threshold against pain and a focused mind due to his ability to use the technique properly even though under pain this makes him more less to fall victim to ninjutsu attacks based on killing intentions and fears.This also seems to be a good defense against breaking genjutsu as the user can take use of the pain of the already imbedded needles and upon sudden movements can feel pain that can break low ranking genjutsu.

    Additional effects and Restrictions

    Requires a sharingan to perform a concentrated blow which affects the cerebral cortex and affects the opponent human senses .

    Must have mastered wind and started training in Ninjutsu up to d rank(Min)

    Must need thunderbolt permission to use

    Can not use 3 jutsu for next 2 rounds due to pain from implanted blade needles.

    The technique which affects the senses due to a direct focused blow from the opponent can only be countered by a 3 tomoe sharignan.

    The technique last for 4 Rounds

    ±± Declined ±± You are confusing a custom hand to hand/weapon fighting style with a technique/move.
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Resubmitting as requested. Previous approval here.

    Tessenjutsu - Art of the War Fan
    Type: Other
    Background: Tessenjutsu (literally meaning “War Fan Technique”) pertains to techniques that entail the use of war fans, whether the user is a shinobi or samurai. This martial art was created by McKnockout after his visit to the Land of Iron (he was undertaking Kenjutsu training there at the time), where he observed the way of life of the samurai. He found that the samurai were often disarmed, such as when performing domestic chores, at leisure or meeting with superiors. If visiting another’s home, for example, a warrior was generally required to leave one or both swords with an attendant. Armed with a Tessen, though, the samurai was never completely unarmed. He could easily defend himself in an emergency with what appeared to be a common, everyday object.

    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style: It was from these observations, from which McKnockout took this basic concept of self defence and modified and adapted it to become a formidable art. Much like kenjutsu, tessenjutsu can be used in combination with taijutsu, ninjutsu and/or chakra flow in order to achieve more devastating techniques – that is, tessenjutsu is more than just using a war fan to strike an opponent but rather an array of hybrid combatant skills which utilises the concepts from various disciplines i.e. combining it with taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu and fuinjutsu. What makes tessenjutsu different to kenjutsu however, is its element of surprise and speed due to the usage of such seemingly small, harmless objects. Despite its name, tessenjutsu is not restricted to the use of tessen but rather any type of fan.

    Tessenjutsu can be used to fend against basic, “physical” threats such as incoming arrows, shuriken or kunais; and users can become skilled enough that they are able to even defend themselves against an opponent using a sword. However, the value of tessenjutsu lies in its integration with ninjutsu such as those pertaining to wind techniques. Much like Temari, user’s of tessenjutsu use their fan as a medium to channel a specific chakra nature into, from which allows them to create elemental techniques from. However, tessenjutsu is not restricted to just the wind element (although that is the most common types of techniques used) - skilled users can perform other element-based techniques as well. Tessenjutsu users are able to use generic projectile-blast-like elemental jutsus (i.e. from NB's jutsulist) by using their fan as a medium to release the technique; if this is the case, then the said technique requires 1 less handseal to perform.

    Additional effects and Restrictions:
    - Must have a War Fan to use.
    - Must be at least Kage rank to use.
    - Must have master basic 5 elemental ninjutsu.
    - Tessenjutsu users generally have greater chakra control.
    - Tessenjutsu requires users to be agile and quick but most importantly be fluid and smooth in their movements without hesitation. Thus masters of tessenjutsu have increased agility, reaction time and general speed.

    Extra Information:
    Types of war fans:
    A war fan is a fan designed for use in warfare. Several types of war fans were used by the samurai class of feudal Japan. These include:
    • The Tessen (Iron fan) was considered a symbol of authority in Japan as well as a common self defence weapon when otherwise unarmed or in extraordinary situations. Tessen were usually basically folding fans with outer spokes made of heavy plates of iron which were designed to look like normal, harmless folding fans or solid clubs shaped to look like a closed fan. Samurai could take these to places where swords or other overt weapons were not allowed. Temari also uses this kind of war fan.
    • The Gunbai were large solid open fans that could be solid iron, metal with wooden core, or solid wood, which were carried by high-ranking officers. They were used to ward off arrows, as a sunshade, and to signal to troops. Madara uses this kind of war fan.
    The fans are often unique to their wielder and bore many possible combinations. For example, some wielders preferred feathers that hid finger-sized razor blades which would rake upon striking. Others held variations of poisons or were used to conceal other weapons such as throwing blades which could be released in a spread upon snapping the fan open. Folklore even suggest that some weilders of war fans even had small compartments in the vanes of the fan which held small explosive pellets that upon striking a surface would create a bright and dazzling flash of light akin to that of an explosive/flash tag.

    ±± Declined ±± If i approve this, it will make submitting any Wind Jutsu that uses a Fan impossible. Its too broad as it stands.
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Dynamo of the Titan Mase (hatsudenki no kanadzuchi Kami)
    In Amegakure, one of Hanzo's greatest bodygaurds was the infamous "Dynamo of the Titan Mase." He developed a fighting skill based on the use of the meteor hammer (a ball and chain type weapon with a long chain) Most oponents never made it to Hanzo because the Dynamo would defeat them with ease. The original Dynamo retired because of his old age and began living in the slums of Amegakure. At the end of his life he passed his art on to the orphan Kokutsu. After the first Dynamo's death, Kokutsu named himself the second Dynamo and began using the titan mase as his primary weapon.
    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style:
    Despite common beliefs, using a meteor hammer is incredibly difficult and requires patience and an understanding of physics. The style uses high speed motions to make the ball have incredible impact energy from momentum. The user controls the weapon by spinning the weapon at high speeds and uses centripidal force to make the weapon do their work for them. The user can also make unique attacks by constricting or manuvering the chain to make the ball move around their body, around limbs and offer more control over the weapon. The chain itself can also be used as a weapon to grapple enemies by tying them up with the chain or using the momentum of the ball to strike oponents with the chain, sweep out limbs, or attacking shuriken and kunai to make a deadly guillitine type weapon (which requires preperation beforehand)
    * Their are multiple types of ball and chain:
    -The single head: difficult and intricate to use. has one ball conected to a handle by a long chain

    -Double head: Less dificult to use but not as fast or manuverable. Two balls connected by a medium leangth chain (shorter then a single head)

    -Single head with bladed chain: the most difficult to use because the user must be weary not to hurt themself. Least manuverable with a long chain. One ball conected to a shuriken chain.
    (one must specify which they are using before the battle begins)

    *The style also involves the use of chakra to manipulate the chain and to increase or decrease wieght in the ball
    -Chakra mass alteration: (chakra:20 damage:40) User can pour chakra into the ball to increase the weight of the ball, adding more damage
    -Chakra chain manipulation: allows the user to flow chakra into the chain and manipulate the chain's movement

    Additional effects and Restrictions:

    Additional effects:
    -Momentum flight: User can use the momentum of the ball and increase jump leangth/hight
    -Learning this style increases the user's overall streangth and reaction time. To use it, one must have the streangth to control the ball mid-flight and the reaction time to manipulate the chain without hurting themselves

    -If the oponent can grab the chain ( a non-bladed chain) they can pull the weapon out of the users hand

    - If the ball hits the ground then the user must pull in the ball which requires one move

    -Only Zenkutsu (Kokutsu bio) can teach

    -Must have at least one ball and chain weapon in your bio

    -Only bios originating in Amegakure can learn

    ±± Declined ±± Resubmit when you get to S-Class Ninja Rank
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Ars Planetarum
    Type: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu
    Background: This style was developed by rogue ninja living on the run due to being hunted by their respective villages. The rogue ninja would disguise themselves as fortune-telling travelers. When hiding, they discarded their weaponry and utilized their disguises to fight. They would use the orbs that they made fortunes from in order to fight. The orbs were usually crafted of an intensely hard material that was near impossible to break nor crack. This is due to the high density of the material used to craft the orb. The style is based around a speedy attack that can be utilized from any angle as well as hidden that the rogue ninja could use. It was eventually also passed down to Samurai that the Shinobi believed to be worthy of this style.

    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style: This style utilizes the manipulation of an intensely dense foreseeing orb by manipulating it into the air with your chakra and manipulating it to attack your enemies. Due to the use of chakra in the usage of this technique, that chakra can be utilized and use to form objects of chakra, such as a shield or blades to sprout out of the orb. Due to the chakra being of non-elemental nature, it can only block jutsu of equivalent size and power. The orb is capable of hitting with such strength by using mass manipulation, seen to be used multiple times in the manga and anime, and make it "lighter" until just a moment before impact where the mass of the orb is then increased and then hit with a large amount of momentum. This style of mass manipulation requires a high amount of chakra control. If the user has stressed their use of this style an developed it to high extents, the user gains an ability to use the orb to add an elemental nature to the orb and add a quality to the chakra use to create objects. Along with adding elemental weaknesses and strengths to the chakra, the change in chakra nature can also be used to add effects to the orb. Adding an element to the chakra in the orb counts as one of the jutsu per turn.

    Elemental Effects on Orb:
    -Wind: The orb is capable of stopping electrical currents that take the shape of a bolt of lightning by driving the ball through the electrical current and dispersing the lightning away. This is done by manipulating the air around the orb and causing it to increase the by pushing the air back, pushing the lightning away from the ball. Up to B-Rank.
    -Fire: The orb is heated up to a high extent and can release the heat as a small flaming burst and stop wind jutsu by dispersing the flames. Up to B-Rank. (The small burst of flame reaches about a meter away from the orb and can cause minor burns to an opponent, not enough to kill)
    -Lightning: The orb is electrified with a high amount of electricity and gains the ability to pierce through the earth. Up to B-Rank. (Due to the ball being electrified, it can pass that electrical current through a water source as well as numb the opponent upon contact)
    -Water: The orb is seemingly soaked in water and with a burst of chakra, will release water that has been compressed and form it into a wall of water capable of blocking fire jutsu. Up to B-Rank. (The size of the wall is equivalent to a wall produced by the Destruction Torrent jutsu)
    -Earth: The ball becomes even more dense and gains the ability to soak up small water sources that are produced from the opponent's chakra. Up to B-Rank. (Note small is equivalent to about the size of enough water to fill a bucket, or fuel smaller water jutsu)

    Additional effects and Restrictions:

    -While you have changed the chakra nature of your orb, you cannot use elements of another nature simultaneously. (Unless you have mastery over Yin-Yang)
    -Each change in chakra nature counts towards the one jutsu per turn.
    -If the user isn't using the ball, they can have it float in mid-air wherever they will it by using their normal chakra. Since their chakra isn't natured at this point, they can use elemental jutsu while the ball is floating easily.
    -One can only carry up to one orb at a time however, you can summon one through a summoning scroll. The summoning requires two hand seals, Dragon -> Horse, and a small amount of blood from one's finger.
    -Using the orb in coordination with taijutsu doesn't count as a jutsu per turn.
    -The orb's range of movement is long-range. (Moves slightly faster then the rank of the user)
    -Usable by Samurai and Shinobi, elemental uses is only available to Samurai with the usage of Harmony.

    Image for better understanding:

    Video for better understanding:

    ±± Declined ±± Amazing idea. Now, i want you to limit this to one Orb per user (meaning even if you make clones, they won't have this orb), you need to submit the orb as a CW. Mass manipulation is restricted to Elemental Earth Infusion. Max Range should be Mid. The constructs you can perform and build with this need some additional restrictions. Also, while you use this style only free form movement of the orb without chakra enhancements or abilities will be outside the move count. Every chakra infusion aspect of it will count towards the move count.
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Spellcaster's Wind Path (Mahotsukai Kaze no Keiro)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Background: This style of fighting was created by the Chaos Adepts, a coven of atheist wizard-shinobi, in order to use the maximum potential of their long range Chaos Magic and be able to move faster.
    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style: The user focuses on his/her normal chakra flow, spinning it around their spine. Then, they start projecting chacra from their feet, in a simmular way as the water step technique. By incrissing the chakra flow, they start levitating some cm from the ground. When they use this style, they can move by surfing around on the air. The maximum height one can levitate with this style is 30cm from any solid surface. Laws of gravity are still aplyed. With this style, the user moves with great speed, in paterns of "8" towards the enemy (the enemy is in the center of the 8 pattern).
    Additional effects and Restrictions: When one is in this mode, he moves at 1/4 of the speed of sound (About 70meters per second). Because of the great speed, the user has to swich distance rank 3 times per turn, and is obliged to pass from all three ranks each turn, in any order.
    -He moves in one of each, every turn, in any order: short range, mid range, long range.
    -Can only use one of each rank jutsu per turn (except if the target is himself).
    -Avoids all jutsu, after he passes the short rank (thus moving away).
    -While in mid rank, and if the user has passed the Long rank previously the same turn, every jutsu hits. If however the previous rank was the short rank, every jutsu misses.
    -The rank after the long rank will always get hit by opponet jutsu.
    -The last rank used the previous turn is the starting for the next turn.
    -Lasts 3 rounds. Costs 50 chakra to activate, and +10 every turn.
    -Can be used 2 times per battle.

    example: Mid-Short-Long

    At mid rank, the user is moving towards the opponet, so any attack can hit him. At short rank, he is practically on the attacker, so again, any attack can hit. After the short rank however, the user is moving away from the opponet, so every attack misses.

    ±± Declined ±± Do not resubmit. The concept wouldn't work. It clashes with Narutoverse realism. Some aspects clash with existing techniques. You mixed this with a technique when it should be a style
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    (Katon Genjutsu Kenjutsu) Illusionary arts: Fire sword style
    Type: KenNinGenjutsu
    Background: Daz, living out on his own. Looking out for himself he loved using the sword along with his favorite ability genjutsu and the usage of the fire element. He would create deadly combinations by coating his sword in fire and heating the metal up to an incredible point where it would cause blisters to his hands and second degree burns if he didnt wear gloves when using the sword.
    On a sunny day he was traveling through the desert and was feeling extremely hot and could hardly take another step when he saw some water in front of him. He ran to it only to realize it was a mirage. Disappointed he moved on this happened to him twice more until he finally made it to Sunagakure once more. That night it hit him. Using heat in combination with incredible chakra control he could make his opponents envision incredibly realistic mirages. The next day he went out and began working on it with fellow Sunagakure ninjas. Discovering the greatness of this technique he began using it more often.
    After years of working on it he realized it was far from what he wanted it to be. Whenever he went close to his opponent with his sword at such a hot level his opponent would move away. Realizing this he created a greater version where he heated up the air around him and his opponent using fire chakra or with his sword by waving it around he created it to become so hot that his opponents would see mirages. Using this from the far made the mirages more easily distinguished and less realistic, however when short range with his sword they were impeccable.
    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style:
    The user of this manipulates the air around him by infusing a lot of his fire chakra within it to create an extremely hot and dry area giving off the effect of a mirage. The mirage itself is useless since it could be anything so the user, after having heated up the area cant fall into the mirage due to knowing it and it being his chakra. The user himself then begins manipulating the fire and heat to move to certain places so that it can take shape where he wills it to be. This makes his opponent envision what he wants at that location. The user if he wishes can form the illusion more accurately by either making the chakra itself form into a shape this makes the opponent see something more specific. Also the user may use this technique to make himself disappear in his opponents eyes and leaving them unable to actually tell where people are.
    The other way to do it is using kenjutsu. This is the more standard way and basic way of doing it is simply heating up your blade immensely to the point where it would easily burn your hands to second or third degree by just being in close proximity of it if you arent wearing gloves. Once done the user can wave his sword around or attack with it. The sword itself will give out the heat drying out his opponent and making them see mirages over time. After that has been done the user can move his chakra around and manipulate it to form into mirages.
    Finally once the user is able to do both he can use the most advanced for which is basically genjutsu itself however he uses the heat chakra and manipulates it to poor into his opponents cells heating up his enemy greatly. This will begin to make him sweat and envision random things then the user proceeds to channel it to his opponents cerebral nervous system to perform a full take over fulfilling the genjutsu and making his opponent envision what he wishes and sweat as well believe he is in a desert or extremely hot. What differentiates this from any genjutsu is that the mirages themselves can be used on anybody within proximity of the heated up area. Also the user becomes immune to any kind of genjutsu related to heat after going through constant and incredibly hard mirages.
    Additional effects and Restrictions:
    ~Must have a biography originated from Sunagakure
    ~Must have mastered Fire
    ~Must have mastered Genjutsu
    ~Must have training in Kenjutsu
    ~May only be taught by ZoroOP
    ~Once taught they may submit customs of their own for it
    ~If a stronger technique is used the user receives burns

    Feel free to edit Scorps ^_^

    ±± Declined ±± this is not a custom fightning style but rather a Kenjutsu technique.
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Beast Style (kemono fuukaku)

    Type: Santoijutsu

    In the ancient times, it was developed by cave men, who,s style was based more on earth techniques, designing the beast style granting them greater and easiest usage of earth Jutsu affinity. The Beast style improving the agility and speed of the user as well, and when used in combat seen as a beast more than like a human. There for getting the name of Beast style, this style of combat is based more on the damage than on the accuracy of the attacks. For the users are originally seen with wolf size nails and using them as small knifes to cut the opponent. Although the user when in Beast mode (Kemono Fuukaku) is vunerable to long range attacks, it also has good techniques wich help evade those.

    Comon Nail size.

    Iniciall Fighting Stance.

    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style:
    This type of combat relies on fastness and agility of the user,s movements to hit the opponents body, using their agility and sharp nails in combo attacks to supress the enemy in short combat and do multiple damage, and the good Earth affinity this style grants the user. This being the creation to Kemono fuukaku. The damage from the attacks this style inflicts upon the opponent isnt based on the accuracy nor the power of the attack, its based on the damage each attack does, with even a scratch from the user,s nails in beast style creates a huge scar on the opponent..also using the earth affinity to be able to enclose the enemy in short space to be able to attack more freely with the techniques this style grants. Also having similar techniques to those of Kiba inuzuka, such as the garouga..but with greater speed and with a better agility to evade objects.

    Additional effects and Restrictions:
    Note: Only Dead Bones B can use and teach The Santoijutsu Style.
    - Must have some training in Earth.
    - Must be atleast Jounin to start Santoijutsu training.
    - While using Santoijutsu the user is vunerable to long range attacks.
    - When in Santoijutsu mode the user,s speed & agility are doubled
    - Has a cent of smell of a wolf/dog.
    - Easiest control of Earth chakra.
    - Not requiering hand seals for A-rank and lower earth attacks.
    - Not being able to perform any Lightning techniques when in Beast mode.
    - Lightning techniques do double damage to the Santoijutsu user.

    Please edit/remove anything if needed. ^^

    ±± Declined ±± This clashes with the following: concept behind custom clans and customs clans abilities (the part about no hand seals), inuzuka techniques and yugito ni's nail techniques. You mixed in traits from all of these.
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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Tentou hekireki kaen youshiki Taijutsu: Heaven thunder blaze style Taijutsu


    Background: The heaven tiger style was first created to fight back and incoming Invasion from a Dark force in Ancient times but it was locked away. One day while on his adventures Sage of Darkness stumpled on an old temple he entered the temple and completed 3 challenges given to him. By doing so he recieved the scroll of this fighting style and trained in it up to now only Sage of Darkness is known to use this ability. In this taijutsu form the user manipulates the lightning and fire elements combining them with there taijutsu.

    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style
    : In this form of taijutsu the user will manipulate the lightning and fire elements within them to form a new type of Advanced elemental taijutsu. This taijutsu has a few perks thanks to the manipulating of the lightning element the user has the ability to move quicker and more accurate thus having much more mobilty then with normal taijutsu. The lightning release in the taijutsu also stuns the opponent for only just a second allowing more blows however if used to much the opponent will no longer feel its effect. The manipulating of the fire chakra causes burns on the impact. When the taijutsu form is being used each blow releases a serious of small sparks and flames in each hit (that is what causes the paralysis and burn).

    Additional effects and Restrictions:
    - The master of this Taijutsu form has more speed, accuracy and mobilty.
    - Can only be taught by Sage of Darkness.
    - Must have training in Fire and Lightning (atleast B rank) to use this form.
    - The user can't use any fire or lightning based attacks while using this taijutsu.
    - The user is also affected by the burn in this form.
    - Must be at least S-Class Ninja to use this form of taijutsu.

    Feel free to edit/remove anything.
    This Taijutsu form does Not include any elemental attacks only perks from the lightning which allows to move faster and causes paralyzes and fire which causes a slight burn cause Fire burns skin.

    ±± Declined ±± You can't mold two elemental chakras passively at the same time without a KG or a special clan ability.
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