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    IWC during the attuid era

    here are some iwc posts during attuid era

    raw sucks thread


    Raw was so damn boring. Is anybody else tired of HHH and the others
    coming at and talking the same boring shit every Monday night? Give me a
    break. And then Jericho comes out and says the same crap he has been
    saying for awhile.

    Writers of the WWF, I'VE GOT 3 Words for you.......
    Too much Jericho!!
    "If a snake used your bones as a rattle, would you want him to get excited?"

    Here is a post from June 13th, 1998.

    2. Which stars are left in the WWF that arent considered 2nd rate
    After you remove Stone Cold, Undertaker, Road Warriors, Mankind, and
    Dustin Rhodes, everybody left in my opinion is second rate.
    Come on The created all these little groups, like DX, the nation, Los
    Buritos, and those silly South Africans to hide the fact that they all
    Five years ago do you really think that the outlaws, or any of the
    guys in these other groups would be considered first rate atheletes
    Just to let you know I considered The Brooklyn Brawler, and Paul Roma
    2nd rate wrestlers and thats who all these guys are comparable to.

    Here a post about dx is dead

    3.The DX horse has been beaten to death and needs to be dropped. Without Billy
    Gunn, the NAO's are gone, Road Dogg has proven he is a one line wonder
    what the hell does two tears in a bucket mean? ), X-Pac vs. Kane has gotten
    old and DX can't win without interferance these days. And how long before
    Tori, who used to fight for the Women's belt and now is nothing more then
    background fluff, gets tired and challenges Steph for the title? Let this
    stable die!!!

    heres another post

    4.I think he and The Rock suffer from this. Austin is wearing down, and Rock
    is running out of rhymes or something. Triple H has just turned into a
    drunken, hate-filled, agenda-of-rage bastard.
    And Undertaker sucks.

    heres a post about test

    the guy (Test) obviously has talent"

    5.Stone Cold and The Undertaker will be out for a
    few more months. Assuming the Rock does eventually get the title within a
    few weeks even if Craptus Jack wins it at WM2K, it begs the question of who
    will be The Rock's main rival. Surely the HHH/Rock thing has been milked
    too much now. Kane is too much of a big red goofus with no personality.
    The Big Slow/Rock thing is a possibility but again, the Big Slow has too
    weak a character to fill the role. One idea I had is that maybe Test could
    turn major heel, the guy obviously has talent and deserves more than just
    the hardcore title.

    heres a post about hate for the rock
    6. anybody else pissed that Foley is teaming with the Rock. The Rock sucks.
    And it pisses me off how fans cheer so much for him when he does a Rock
    Bottom and a stupid ass elbow. But that's nothing compared to when he says
    one of his stupid lines. Foley barely gets applause, and now he seems to be
    heading into a feud with Al Snow, who I hope kicks the Rock's ass in the
    future. Foley deserves better, he should be the champ, not the the Big
    Show. He only has a few years left and is looking to retirement, give him
    the damn belt one more time, or give him the Euro belt or some other belt he
    hasn't held, make him a Triple Crown Champion

    Heres more rock hate

    (I know this is going to lure in all those crazy Rock-o-holics )
    If you noticed last night on Smackdown, the Rock was saying the same things over and over. He's annoying. Granted, he has come up with some good lines; but he needs some new ones. He's getting like Austin. Also, the Rock doesn't have in-ring ability. He has a few moves, and he's better than Austin in the ring, but he's nowhere near the talent of Chris Jericho. Jericho has the mic skills. He has tremendous in-ring ability. But not even Jericho could carry the Rock through a match.

    Heres a post about hate for stone cold

    7.His gimmick is old and boring"
    Stone Cold: He's so over-rated, his gimmick is old and boring, he's got no
    moves, the stunner doesn't look like a real move I could go on forever.
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    Re: IWC during the attuid era

    The IWC is made up of a bunch of cry babies that are never happy.

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    Re: IWC during the attuid era

    I assure you, the annoying babies of that community are still alive. Just horrible people. They are on par with the worst Naruto/OP fans.

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