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    Re: General Football Debates!

    This is what Piqué really said, "Since arriving, he has always been the same. He was allowed everything. I do not think the press has to be like this. And I say this not only for Real Madrid, but Barcelona also.

    "Barca does not do everything well. On the covers of El Mundo Deportivo and Sport it seems we do everything right. They start doing criticising when things wrong. I speak from both sides. For Madrid and Barcelona."

    Pep did. He told Dinho stay and he'll help him get his form Dinho wanted to go play for Brasil at the tournament, but that wouldn't give enough time for Pep to train with him. Eventually he left and either way it didn't seem he find his form at Milan, so it would've been a waste either way. Its because he isn't from La Masia? Fabregas is from there, but Pep didn't want to sign him from Arsenal it was the fans/board etc that demanded him.

    Not really. Madrid were/are linked with a lot of players, Aguero/Silva/Cole/Gerrard/Bale/Tevez/Maicon/etc didn't mean Valdano wanted them.

    No he didn't. Mou complained when the refs got call wrong in his favour, but when the ref give them offside goals or PK from dives he says nothing about it. If he said/complained saying they shouldn't have gotten that, than it'd be understandable, but truth is what teams don't suffer from refs mistakes?

    Madrid are closing gap, but its because both teams are more cautious. Barcelona thrashed Madrid, so Madrid won't attack all out. Madrid beat Barcelona off counters, so they try not to move everyone up forward.

    I'm not mad. You asked what I thought about Chelsea form last season after i said Bayern form wasn't better than Madrid. I told you their form was sh!t. Are you saying Chelsea were the best team last season? They were 5th/6th in EPL.

    Nope. Madrid were more consistence and capitalize, Barcelona suffered. Loss come from errors. Madrid were better.

    I back my opinion up. You spoke of no one forgetting 2009 CL, and I told you how no one is forgetting a lot of many controversial calls made in football. Mad? Not really. Italians have been around controversial calls as well? Haven't they? You seem to put blame on Barcelona a lot. My response to you wasn't just based off what you said up top, but you've said these things a few times in this thread, which I ignored at the time.


    It shows that a foul was committed outside the box. Fabio was off balance when going in and he tripped. You can argue it wasn't a dive, but the PK shouldn't have been given.

    Why are you mad now? I didn't say Barcelona, don't dive or benefitted from calls I gave you an overview on things proving they aren't the only team who have benefitted, which you continuously imply too.

    How about we examine this, if Italy didn't get that PK, they may have not been in the finals, right? italy were down to 10 men and ET anything could've happen as well as PK SO. If Malouda didn't dive the whole Zidane incident wouldn't have happen either.

    Barcelona VS Chelsea.

    1) The ref sent off Eric Abidal, which was probably the wrong decision. In case the conspiracy theorists didn’t notice, Abidal plays for Barcelona. So Barca, not Chelsea, had to play the last 30 minutes with ten men. Yeah, Uefa really wanted Chelsea to lose.

    2) The ref, Norway’s Tom Henning Ovrebo, was poor but nowhere near as poor as most people say. Chelsea had four penalty claims last night, but only one of them was indisputably a pen – the Pique handball, which was blatant. Even then, it was the linesman’s job to spot that, as Ovrebo was unsighted. The other three were 50/50 decisions.

    3) Barcelona could have had a couple of penalties at the Camp Nou. How quickly people forget that. Oh, and Michael Ballack should have been sent off in Barcelona.

    Both teams suffered from calls, but people want to pay attention just to how it only benefits Barcelona. Even Guus Chelsea managers in 08/09 season, played down conspiracies and admitted to bad refereeing on both accounts.
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