Dortmund VS City --- 1-1

This was one hell of a game, even tho the scoreline isn't showing it, but Dortmund pretty much dominated the game with shots, but City had possession and also their share of shots. Dortmund capitalize on a mistake from Rodwell and City got tie back with a PK, which was questionable nevertheless, but given. Dortmund hit the post about 2-3 times, and they had at least another good 2-3 chances and also 3-4 one on ones with Hart. He (Hart) came up big a lot of times.

In all it was a good game, Dortmund was the better side, but City fought back to give them the three points.

Madrid VS Ajax --- 4-1

Well Madrid dominated this game from right, left and centre, with CR scoring a hat trick, thats what 6 goals from him in two games. Next up for them is the Clasico, without Puyol and perhaps Pique, Madrid have the upper hand.

AC Milan VS Zenit --- 3-2

Milan had a two goal lead, before Zenit made a come back, but an OG from Zenit seen them losing to Milan.

Arsenal VS Olympiacos --- 3-1

This Arsenal side is really growing, still they need a lot of work, but can prove to be threat to anyone.

FC Porto VS PSG --- 1-0

Porto dominated this game, even tho the score line isn't showing. PSG was quite terrible in this game.

Other games:

Kiev VS Zagreb --- 2-0
Malaga VS Anderlecht --- 3-0
FC Schalke 04 VS Montpellier --- 2-2