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    Re: General Football Debates!

    Quote Originally Posted by Totsuka No Tsurugi View Post
    biased ? that's only if you're barca fans, up there you see me defending Rijkaard and Deco and the other guy try to underrate them,
    i state Xavi is a Bullshitter and its right, i see no reason why why you called me biased while am only stating the truth you see the guy up there try to bring Mourinho and Italy in order to divert conversation, that's what you called butthurt sign, and also Uefalona ain't gonna give ya a medal of honor for defending them but wait maybe they will considering there are a lot barca glory hunters out there.
    Slow down young gun, slow down.

    I already said this

    Quote Originally Posted by ReLax - View Post
    I never said Xavi isn't a BS talker, but if your going to flame him than look at what his rival (hence why I bought in Mou) say. Escorp and I already discussed this that Xavi recently has been coming out a lot and its been hitting his image
    At the end Xavi stated an "opinion" if his opinion is bullshit, so is the rest of the world. Your whole argument is an opinion, what makes you less of a bullshitter again?

    You accuse me of diverting? I bought up Italian because unlike Barcelona they've been caught, which solidifies there cheating accusations compared to that of Barcelona accusation. Than you accuse me of "butthurt fan", your calling Barcelona cheaters becuase your teams got slapped around by them, so Barcelona have been accused of cheating because of "butthurt fans". Your whole argument is coming from a "butthurt" point of view by saying they cheated to satisfy yourself and your defeat.

    Glory hunters? Yes, every club has its shares of glory hunter, as I recall Madrid got plenty of them in Zidane era, as well as now a lot came due to CR7 and Mou. Oh and not to mention there 9 European championships. In which 75% or more of Madrid never witnessed, but yet make it see like they were present there
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