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    [Ability] Storm Release



    Storm Release (嵐遁 Ranton) techniques combine lightning and water-based chakra to create bright beams of electricity that flow like water and can be guided towards the enemy. In the manga Darui is the only known user. In the movie Naruto Shippuuden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire, a missing-nin from Konohagakure named Hiruko had stolen this Kekkei Genkai from an unknown Kumogakure shinobi through the use of the Chimera Technique. His usage of this element differs from Darui's: instead of firing laser beams, Hiruko could create and manipulate dark lightning clouds which could also absorb chakra to become larger and more powerful.


    • The user needs to be at least of S-class rank - 2400 posts - to make a Storm Release bio.
    • The user needs to have mastered both water and lightning elements.
    • The only manga character that can use Storm Release is Darui, who is also the only person together with the 3rd raikage who knows Black Lightning.
    • Custom Storm Release bio's have to originate from Kumogakure.

    Examples of Ranton Jutsu's:

    (Ranton: Reizā Sākasu) - Storm Release: Laser Circus

    Rank: A
    Type: Attack
    Range: Short – Long
    Chakra cost: 30
    Damage points: 60
    Description: The user creates several bright beams of electricity that shoots at his enemy. A halo of bright energy spreads from the users hands as they use this technique.

    (Ranton: Raiunkōha) - Storm Release: Thunder Cloud Inner Wave

    Rank: A
    Type: Offensive/ Defensive
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 30
    Damage points: 60
    Description: After performing the required hand seals the user uses Storm Release to generate a thick ring of thunderclouds and electricity around him, creating an offensive and defensive ward. He can then uses these clouds to fire powerful blasts of lightning at his enemies, and as an electrified perimeter; effectively preventing his enemies from getting close. But a wind elemental technique can blow the clouds away.
    Note: Cloud of rings lasts 2 turns
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