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    Beyond the anime/manga?

    Since One Piece is a general product, in terms of anime and manga, it would have many adaptations off of it, such as toys, games and so on. Do you go beyond the anime/manga in this sense? Do you partake in collecting the figures of all the One Piece characters, or play the video games regularly?

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    Re: Beyond the anime/manga?

    Nope. What I do read are Fan Fics. I actually only read NB FF and One Piece FF. The first because I know the members and like them, the second because I just love to read about One Piece. Oda said it himself that he created a world so vast and amazing that he is able to write about any situation, if he wants to write a school drama, he can just make an island for it, a western, and island, a space alien story, another island. And because of that, I love to see how people put the characters on different setting. Another thing is that I want more romance in One Piece, and Oda never gives us that .

    Besides that, I search for Oda's interviews, SBS's short stories, etc. I don't play the video games nor collect the figures.

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    Re: Beyond the anime/manga?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lili-Chwan View Post
    (...)and island, a space alien story, another island.(...)

    Now that would be something. . .


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