Ok i just found this today and i found it quite hilarious

I don't mind fanboys of any fanbase if they are so funny , hahaha!

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Ok, we know how kurama had always been inside Naruto and there arent any bathrooms inside Naruto. So does this mean this liquid is kurama's piss?

lol even kurama sh*ts on naruto.

All hail lord Sasuke!!
I have also seen some posts a while back (i think it was in 2012/2013 , idk >.< )
Itachi vs minato debates...
A minato fan said, minato can easily counter amaterasu, he can just remove his clothes off .
and i am like loooool.
I am thinking in my mind, Well yeah this might work once or twice but he would get nude in no time if he follow this strategy
It would be better to prove how he can just dodge it or so ...
but yeah that one cracked me

And oh yeah, this one also :

Dat itachi!

Please don't keep funny stuff to yourself and post it here.
Also, please don't mention any names here , we just want to laugh out loud