Listen i neeed to let that out

Some fanboy liked the same character as me thats fine but when he talked with me he just overhyped it so much every post was about the so called Beauty of the character he always says all the time that he loves that characer

The Problem is that i start to never speak of the fav chaacter again and also the series because that fan was going so far to overhype the series the Problem is unfortunately im a Person that cannot ignore everything i get a hate towards him and the character

So i now understand why Haters exist i am an example Haters are not haters from the start they get created by The extreme Fanboys Weeabos and everyone who goes too far

This Special manga i dont wanna mention because ist popular because of the fanbase i dont wanna see one chapter of it ist like when im start a chapter i must almost puke

My question do i have an illness? I someone similar to me? I dont understand anything anymore i dont even know how the extreme fans could Twist me to another new Person

Sorry this sounds strange but thats all im Feeling right now