Please be sure to read the Battle Arena Rules before making a submission.

±±Custom Techniques±±

-Each person has his/hers own fighting style or preferences and much like in Narutoverse, you sometimes feel the need for a certain ability or technique that better complements your fighting style or preferences. The solution? Custom Techniques. In Naruto Base's Role Play you have the ability to submit custom techniques here. To be able to properly submit those you need to follow these rules. Also, don't forget to check the previous Custom Jutsu Submission thread, ±±Here±±

±± How to submit a Custom Technique? ±±

1. Step One: Pick the Name and Japanese Translation. Use this Online Translator to help you. Be sure to name the techniques correctly by stating the skill/element/area to which the technique belongs. Don't use Japanese in Kanji form; use standard Romanji instead.

Use the following list if needed:

Doton - Earth Release/Earth Style
Raiton - Lightning Release/Lightning Style
Suiton - Water Release/Water Style
Fuuton - Wind Release/Wind Style
Katon - Fire Release/Fire Style

Ninjutsu/Ninpou - Ninja Arts/Ninja Style
Genjutsu - Illusionary Arts
Goken - Strong Fist [Cannon Taijutsu Sytle]*
Kenjutsu - Sword Arts
Fuuinjutsu - Sealing Arts
Kinjutsu - Forbidden Arts
Jukenpo/Jyuken - Gentle Fist
Mokuton - Wood Release
Suna/Subaku - Sand Release
Satetsu - Iron Sand Release
Yoton - Lava Release
Ranton- Storm Release
Jinton - Dust Release
Meiton - Dark Release
Jokiton - Steam Release
Koton - Steel Release
Bakuton - Blast Release/Explosion Release
Shakuton - Scorch release
Jiton - Magnetic Release [Also used for Gold Sand and Iron Sand]
Hayaton - Swift Release
Hyouton - Ice Release
Futton - Boil Release
Kessho/Shoton - Crystal Release
Mushiton - Bug Release/Bug Style/Bug Arts
Shabondama/Shondama - Bubble Release
Kage - Shadow Arts
Senpo - Sage Arts/Sage techniques
Ameton - Rain Release
Kugutsu - Puppet Techniques/Puppet Arts
Bijutsu - Bjiu Techniques/Biju Arts

§§ Others may exist or be added later §§

*You may chose to name your technique simply with its name, not using the Goken/Strong Fist naming.

2. Step Two: Chose the type of your Custom Technique.


3. Step Three: Rank The Jutsu According to Power and Effects.


4. Step Four: Put a Range in your Jutsu.

Short Range
Mid Range
Long Range

5. Step Five: Fill in the correct Chakra and Damage points for the rank of the technique

E Rank: 05 Chakra / 10 Damage
D Rank: 10 Chakra / 20 Damage
C Rank: 15 Chakra / 30 Damage
B Rank: 20 Chakra / 40 Damage
A Rank: 30 Chakra / 60 Damage
S Rank: 40 Chakra / 80 Damage
Forbidden: 50 Chakra / 90 Damage

Note: In certain types of techniques, some of the fields (either Damage or Chakra) may not be required to fill, like with the damage of a defensive technique . If that is the case simply put N/A (Non-Aplicable).

6. Step Six: Describe the Jutsu.

Make a brief description of your jutsu and its effects. Don't forget to make it clear and understandable by using proper grammar. Keep it simple and clean. Also, you are required to make a logical explanation of how you achieve the effect of the jutsu. For example, if you have a technique that states "can detect enemy's location" you are required to explain how that is achieved.

7. Step Seven: Resctritions.

Add any restrictions that are deemed necessary for the rank of the technique and its correct use. Usage limit, duration limit, etc. Don't forget to make it logical and simply don't add restrictions in an attempt to make your technique more approvable. Restrictions won't change the fact that your technique may be OverPowered. In terms of logic, it pertains to the correct comprehension of the RP and its skills. For example, a high rank Lava technique would affect your use of Lava and to a minor extent, Fire and Earth but it wouldn't affect your use of Water.

8. Step Eight: Post and Wait for Approval!

±± Template for Custom Techniques ±±

PHP Code:
Note: between the first bolded code, simply insert the name of the technique.

±±Formatting Restrictions±±

-No submission that uses font or formatting alterations such as underline, bold, allignement, color, size, spoilers, etc will be checked. The only exception is that you are allowed to Bold or underline the title of each technique you submitt and you can use spoilers for videos or images you need to post for references.

-An exception to the above rule is the requirement to bold the alterations on re-submissions. Its required that every altered or add part is bolded. If you simply take out something, write beneath the jutsu stating "I took out the part where...".

-In addition, please use proper English whenever describing your Custom Jutsu. Take note that if the context of your CJ is incomprehensible, then it will be automatically declined.


-When resubmitting a custom that was previously declined, you need to quote the original submission and bold the parts you changed in your new submission.

±± Rank and Training Restrictions ±±

-You can submit techniques regardless of your ninja rank but you must obey the following table:

Genin              ->   up to E and D rank jutsu of the selected element

Chunin            ->   up to D and C rank jutsu of the known element (s)

Special Jounin   ->  up to C and B rank jutsu of the known elements

Jounin              ->   up to B and A rank jutsu of the known elements

S-Class Ninja   ->   up to A and S rank jutsu of the known elements

Sannin              ->  up to S and Forbidden rank jutsu of the known elements

Kage       ->   no limitations in rank regarding jutsu of the known elements

Sage       ->   no limitations in rank regarding jutsu of the known elements
-You are not allowed to submit customs without proper training for the area and rank you are posting.


User has training in Earth up to B-Rank (doesn't matter if its one technique or the whole B-Ranks) so he can only submit up to B-Rank earth techniques.
-This fact is regardless of user rank.


If user is Sage Rank but has training in Water only up to C-Rank he will only be able to submit up to C-Rank Water Techniques.
-Only exception are submitting D-Ranks of elemental ninjutsu. These can be submitted without training.

±±Declined, Do Not Resubmit±±

-When one of your techniques was declined with a "Do Not Resubmit" note, you can't resubmit that technique without the permission of the Staff member who checked that technique.

±±Animal Summons and Summoning Contracts±±

-When you reach Jounin rank you can make your own summoning contract with an animal. Use the search tool of the Custom Jutsu Thread both on this thread and in this to see if your contract was already submitted in the past. You can also check the Approved Summoning Contract List. And most importantly, don't forget to check the rules for Summoning Contracts posted here and here.

-To submit the contract please use this template:

PHP Code:
[B]Summoning Animal:[/B]
B]Scroll Owner:[/B]
B]Other Users who have signed contract: [/B]
B]Summoning Boss if existing:[/B]
B]Other Summoning Animals tied to contract:[/B]
B]Description and Background:[/B
-When submitting a summon you are required to post the link to the signing or owning of the contract.

±±Custom Fighting Styles±±

-All fighting styles are now to be submitted in the Custom Fighting Style Submission Thread and should follow the rules posted there.

-Techniques from custom fighting styles are still submitted in this thread but need a mandatory linking to the approved fighting style.

±±Weekly Submissions and Amount of Customs±±

-The custom jutsu thread works through weekly cycles of 7 days, marked by a post done by the staff, that contains the date of the beginning of the cycle and the date the cycle ends. In addition to that, the current cycle can always be checked here.

-You can submit 3 custom techniques per cycle. Remember that summoning contracts and weapons all count as techniques.

-You are allowed to have 35 Custom Techniques of your own. These don't include fighting styles, summoning contracts or custom elements and custom elements techniques.

-Each custom is property of only its submitter. If you add a note stating said custom can only be used by you, that custom can't be taught to anyone else. Your custom can't have co-creators.


±±Custom Jutsu Users±±

-Once you get your first custom technique approved you are required to make your own custom jutsu thread in the Custom Jutsu Users Sub-forum.

-You are required to post every jutsu you made and all jutsu that others allow you to use.

-Each and everyone of your custom techniques posted in your thread needs to be numbered(from #1 to #35).

-When posting your technique, you are required to post the link to the techniques approval, by copying the link to the individual post in which the technique was approved.

-You are forbidden to use any custom technique that isn't posted in your own custom jutsu thread.

-The custom jutsu thread is your responsibility and its your duty to keep it up to date, clean and complete.

-Each custom technique can only be taught to 6 people (this excludes special cases such as Custom Summoning Contracts or Custom Element Jutsu which follow their own guidelines).

-A custom exchange/training cannot be revoked by any of the parties; its permanent.


-"Markers", or empty posts (with no actual custom jutsu being submitted) created for the sole purpose of being edited later on, are strictly forbidden and shall be considered as nothing more than spam.

-Any post that does not contain a custom technique submission is considered spam and thereby falls under the violation of the global rules of Narutobase.

-Posting a technique that has requirements such as bios or tests and that are pending approval or verification is considered posting a marker. When you post a technique you are required to make sure you fulfill all the conditions needed to do so. That includes training, bios, permissions, etc. Posting them ahead of having the requirements to do so to get your submission checked faster is considered posting a marker and is punishable.

±±Ripping and Copying±±

-You cannot copy or bluntly base your submissions in another members submission without his or hers permission. This is strictly forbidden and is a severe offense.

-If you find a submission that you feel is too much like yours or that is clearly and bluntly a copy of any of yours, please contact one of the RP mods with the link to your technique and the one that supposedly copies yours.

-The RP Mods may require you to prove you have traded a given jutsu. Be sure you can provide such proof if required.


-No one is allowed to edit his/her post after a moderator has already edited it. Resubmit if you feel that your technique needs to be altered in some way.

±±Alternate Accounts±±

-You are hereby forbidden to submit techniques from your alternate accounts in the same cycle you submit techniques with your main account.

-You cannot exchange techniques between your accounts, allowing techniques from your main on your alternate account and vice-versa, bypassing the limit for custom techniques.

-Failure to abide these rules may lead to infraction and in some cases, to a temporary/permanent ban of your alternate or main accounts from the RolePlay.

±±The Red Rule±±

-The red rule exists and you should check it if you don't know what it is. Bugging any RP mod regarding CJs that were declined and to which you weren't required to contact the given mod, is breaking said rule. The techniques are declined for a reason which is most of the times explained even if we are not required to do so. This is never respected but I urge you to start taking this seriously.

±±The Blue Rule±±

-You aren't allowed to direct us into how to check your customs or tell us to make edits on the submissions to make them approvable. Also, providing expressions like "I talked to X senior sensei and he said its possible" or any variation of such expressions is forbidden. Adding explanations outside the technique's description (or, by that matter, any expression or sentence directed at us) is also forbidden. Anything you wish to explain you need to do so in the technique itself, using the correct template, as it needs to be perfectly understandable by anyone if its to be approved. The necessity to explain or justify things outside of it renders such premise invalid and thus makes the technique unapprovable.


-NB's moderators have every right to deny any move we wish without true explanation, because some techniques submitted do not reach a certain criteria that we feel should be accepted. Please do not complain, please do not argue, just take it as it is and please move on by creating something else. Most Jutsus however will state a reason why a technique or custom will not be accepted.


These rules are based on Izuna's changes to Rei's original rules. Special thanks to Mina for the header!