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    Re: NarutoBase Official Sensei

    Username: Pineapple
    My working email address:
    Have I taken the test before? No
    My average online time: Around 1-2 hours
    My timezone: GMT -5 (Toronto)
    Elements that I am specialized in: Water, Wind.
    I want to become a Sensei because: Sensei's always have just something special about them. Its something that just makes you special. I believe that after being a senpai for about a year and a half now. I am proficient in English, as it is my native tongue. I have trained more then 15 students, and am willing to do much more. I felt that NB was always there for me, and so, I'd like to give back, and help others. I have also finished all the elemental training, as well as finished Gen,Tai, and Ninjutsu.

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