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    Olympus Chariot Race

    Welcome to the Olympian Chariot Races. Contestants, gather your chariots. There can only be a total of 15 contestants so sign up quickly. The race will begin when I give the signal.


    -First one to cross the finish line wins (at Reply #200) Basically, you are just trying to get to post #200 and the race is over.

    -You can do anything to slow your opponent. If they are attacked without being able to avoid it, they cannot post for 10 more posts. This means, anytime during the race, you may do something to attack another race in order to slow them down. The racer who is attacked must not post and stick to the rules.

    -No unnessacery violence, maiming, or stabbing. Play as clean as you can.

    -The winner will recieve a medal to put in their sigs, or a NarutoBase official contest medal. (I'm trying to get Versuvio to do it)

    I will confirm the Contestants very soon, so stay tuned. Racers, prepare youself. Have Fun :D

    Godly attacks- opponent of selection cannot post for the next 10 posts

    Normal- opponent of selection cannot post for the next 5 posts

    If someone posts on the 200th post that has been attacked or did not sign up, the finish line will be 201st post and so on...
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