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    Global Remarks:

    • The rules have been divided into several categories, however those are artificial. Often an ability or character can belong into several categories. For instance there are no Uchiha Clan rules even though it's a clan, those fall under the Sharingan rules. So when you're searching for a specific character or ability and you can't find it under its name, it doesn't mean it isn't there.
    • Sometimes it's possible to find info about abilities or characters in different threads. For instance you can find information about Roshi in the Lava Release rules and in the Jinchuuriki rules.
    • You can't find rules for all the abilities and characters that have been mentioned in the manga. In most cases this means that that character doesn't need to have any specific rules and thus can be made if you have 50 posts like Konohamaru. However there are always people who think that just because a strong ability hasn't been restricted, they can just make it and we will have no choice but to approve it. That kind of thinking is extremely naive. In such a case it means or we are making restrictions for it or we will make them now.
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