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    New subject of the day: GOT

    Who is all caught up on Game of Thrones? How do you guys feel about season 5 so far? I feel like it's a bit too relaxed, but I'm sure it'll turn up soon. Also... POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERTS MAY BE DISCLOSED. ENTER THIS THREAD AT YOUR OWN RISK

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    Re: New subject of the day: GOT

    I am excited. Things are just getting started up.
    Based Stannis is marching for Winterfell.
    Brienne hinting she will kill Stannis. it will be interesting to see if he lives. In books he takes deepwood motte and camped 3 days away from winterfell I think.
    Jon became LC, he will soon have problems with wildlings and brothers not getting together and many are predicting Olly is totally gonno betray him lol
    Littlefinger marrying Sansa to Ramsey ****ing Bolton and tells to manipulate him, it is a huge **** up. He says he has nt heard of him a lot lmao
    Cersei arming the faith, which is going to hit back soon
    Bronn and Jamie doing Taken movie
    Barry and Grey worms fight ended in cliffhanger, seems they are going to replaced by Tyrion and Jorah
    I am disappointed in sand snakes the actors totally suck.

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    Re: New subject of the day: GOT

    I don't read the books but so far enjoying s5. Jon finally showing his potential as a great leader. I am feeling kinda sorry for cersei. But will go back to laughing at her expense when the religious fanatics turn against cersei

    Lol margaery is a royal ***** can't stand her. Danny as I anticipated is turning into a tyrant very slowly. I can't wait to see how she and tyrion fair. I'm rooting for stannis to take back his rightful title. Brienne might kill him though . Sansa is such a useless tool. I'm hoping she does something noteworthy and sees through littlefigers deceptions. I have seen up to episode 4, season 5.
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