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    Crazy Asian Sarah Story

    today i decided to make a story post that recently happened to me (like yesterday)... so I was at a wedding for my aunt Chanell and i was chilling with the fam and cousins. I saw a pretty asian waitress and i wanted to get the number, so i hesitated for the first few times but then i finally asked her, "What's your name?" she replied "Sarah" then i said "I saw you and i think your really pretty and i was thinking if i could get your number?" she then hesitated
    but then said, "let me finish passing out the drinks and i get back to you". I then confronted my brothers and cousin about the situation and told them she was down and i was about to get the number. Some time passed and my brother told me that her and one of the other waitresses were talking about me (Khalil's friend Rikki) After that a lot of time passed until i decided to go get ice cream. no one was at the counter so were about to get it ourselves but them Sarah came and handled it for us. My brother said "what's gud with that number" (trying to help me out) she smiled and then asked me do i really want her number. I then replied yes and then we had a small chat. She asked me how old i was and i lied and said 18, she was 22. We joked around and she finally said idk about the number because theres cameras and if here boss catches her she could get fired ~ after some more time of having fun at the wedding she randomly walked up to me and asked are you really 18? i was puzzled and before i could even answer she walked about angry..after that she didn't speak to me the rest of the time...for a second she was really going to give me the number but i messed up when i lied to here..remember guys NEVER lie to girls, they take that sh*t to the heart, SMH - what do you guys think?

    if you want to watch a video while listening tell the story click the link --->
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