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    Zoros best/ strongest techniques

    im going to break them down in the swordstyles he uses if i miss any feel free to point them out ok here goes

    Ittoroyou: one sword style

    • Great dragon shock (used against monet in punk hazard)
    • Shi shi son son (or death lion song) in english used against kuma and mr.1 i believe
    • I forget the name of this one but the one he used against the zombie that set the wound on fire

    (I think thats all we have seen for one sword style again correct me if im wrong

    Nittoroyou : Two sword style

    • The move he used against kaku where he became gorrilla like in the arms if you know the name let me know
    • Castle gate : used to slice the train in the way of luffy and the others on the way too save robin

    Not to sure how many more two sword styles we have seen fill me in if i missed sum

    Sanntoroyou : 3 sword style my fav style besides asura attacks (which ill be covering next )

    1. Oni giri :zoros go to he used against mihawk and fodder before
    2. Purgatory Onigiri : much more powerful version used after time skip on fishman island swordsman on es (got murked)
    3. Three thousand worlds: used against mihawk,oars and he used the haki version to finish pica wen he was clad in haki
    4. 3billion worlds(not positive on name): used to slicee picas huge country size golem like butter
    5. Black dragon rope twister: "The winds just like blades" slaughtered fishman on fishman island
    6. Ryusei(i think):Used in Z movie blue dragon aura appears and its over
    7. 1080 pound cannon :used in dressrosa to slice picas golem

    Asuraa 9 sword style

    Asura silver mist: Used to finish kaku
    Asura demon aura piercing drill : Used in strong world movie

    Pick a fav for each style and then a top 3 attacks all together

    Most powerful from each style:

    1 sword style:great dragon shock/move from thriller bark
    2 sword style: Castle gate
    3 sword style: 3billion worlds
    Asura: demon piercing drill

    Overall most powerful
    1.3billion worlds
    2.1080 pound cannon/Asura demon piercing drill
    3.Black dragon rope twister

    Whats your list let me know if i missed any and if you guys know the names feel free to comment them

    Edit i forgot zoro also used a flying slash at hody called raven dace that hody block with his crew member and zoro used shishi son son on hody underwater both of these moves are under the one sword style category
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    Re: Zoros best/ strongest techniques

    You can find description of all his moves here.

    Overall based on strength

    Great thousand worlds
    1080 pound
    Nigori zaki used with ni gorilla

    Asura related techniques will probably be the strongest when revealed. Though under different circumstances, a specific technique, seemingly weaker than another, can do the work more swiftly or beter than the other.
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    Re: Zoros best/ strongest techniques

    My favs are;
    Itoryu, Shi Shi son son
    Nitoryu iai, Rashomon
    Santoryu, Don't really have any favs in this one.
    I'm yet to come to terms with Ashura.

    He used "flying dragon blaze" against Ryuma.

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    Re: Zoros best/ strongest techniques

    Ittoryu: flying dragon blaze & lion song
    Nittoryu: two gorilla slash
    Santoryu: sword wolf floating, he first used it against hatchan in the arlong arc

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