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    Re: C

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob Moore View Post

    Nice bio ^_^ I think your runner up to Crow and Miggy when it comes to making so many bios. Not that that's a bad thing.
    not even close, he only created like 7 bios and member called Miggy made only 1 bio which is Tobirama Senju

    i on the other hand made 37 bios from which only 18 were approved

    and ~Crow~ made "only" 30 bios from which 19 were approved, but most of them were only updates of Sasuke or Dante (Dante with different KG most of the time )
    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob Moore View Post
    I see what you mean
    And it's true, he doesn't. Just another underrated character, just like Iruka

    Nonetheless, great job ^^ Do him some justice lol
    Iruka is lame, C is AWESOME (sensor + medical ninja )

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    Re: C

    this is Alt's bio all right.. of course i am always jealous of yourr work

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