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    Re: ~ Nekura Clan - Reapplication ~

    Name: Zero Kelvin
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    Link to a battle of yours: Me, displaying the ability to dodge

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    Re: ~ Nekura Clan - Reapplication ~

    Okay! This has taken a very long time to do, very sorry for that. Now the council has went through the applications, all of them submitted since the last time anyone was accepted and passed judgement on each person, taking a few things into account. Regardless of all that, the applicants that were accepted are:

    • Cookie
    • Coyote
    • Toshiro
    • -Yusuke-
    • Zero Kelvin

    The Nekura Clan Council holds the right to deny any member they see fit without stating a reason. The decision to accept members was decided jointly between the Council and the Clan Head. Applications closed until further notice.
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