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    Justice demands Retribution!

    Something I just want to vent out randomly.. (mushy stuff, please ignore it)

    Greetings, everyone!

    Most of you know me(or don't, which I won't blame you or) for most of the time being a joker on this site(particularly with badly Photoshop'ed images and a series of threads known as "Daily Ninja-TV" that's used for comedic purposes in an attempt to make some people laugh).

    Though admittedly most of the time my attempts at making other people laugh is used as a medium to get over a ... well to be honest a very depressing stage of my life as of recently.
    Half a year back during the cold winter of early December I lost someone who was very precious to me, that person in particular being my only girlfriend who cheated on me for her ex and we broke contact since then(it was mostly me that broke it forcefully).

    This is honestly something that I never quite recovered from due to the trauma of feeling absolutely betrayed, to this day she was still the only woman in my life that I fell hard for and the only one that actually made me felt like ... well worth something(outside of my other works and activities that I won't mention for personal and obvious reasons).

    My relatives living in a nearby town helped me greatly with the ordeal but still there are random nights where I get those certain "ticks" where you feel really lousy and lonely without having that particular "partner" that makes your life feel better. It's a horrible feeling sleeping by yourself at night knowing there isn't a particular girl next to you, and knowing that there's something missing in your life.

    I don't know why I am writing this down, I just felt like I needed to get this shared at least somewhere out there since it's been bugging me for a great deal now.
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    Re: Something I just want to vent out randomly.. (mushy stuff, please ignore it)

    Forget her man, if she cheated on you, she didn't deserve you in the first place. Keep your head high, and forget that skank.

    We don't love these ***s.

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