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Good, moving on:
(Fūton: Shinkūken) - Wind Release: Shock Blade
Rank: B
Type: Offensive
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra cost: 20
Damage points: 40
Description: The user swings their blade and a gust of wind is released in the arc that it was swung in. The technique is strong enough to stop projectiles that are thrown at the user.

Alright bring out your sword and channel wind chakra unto it. Then as you swing the sword in an arc release the chakra and mold it as a gust of wind.

"creates clone" - Clone throws three kunai at you, now defend
*As i see the clone throwing the kunais, i immediately focus and build up the chakra in my body, now with me having trained in wind so long, this would be automatic and take less then a second cuz at this point it´s all muscle-memory and reflex, i don´t have to think about it. I infuse my wind chakra into my sword and release it as i swing the blade in a downward arc, deflecting the kunais thrown at me.*

How would you defend against this technique: I would use this technique to avoid getting distracted by weapons thrown at me and not have to move as i just focus wind chakra and release it with a swing.
When/how would you use this technique: I would use this technique as said above and i would also use this on a taijutsu user, distracting them momentarily and giving me an opportunity to strike.