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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    (Jutsu of Za Kencho Kobura) Art of the Striking Cobra
    Type: Nintai
    Background: Art of the Striking Cobra was created by Hoshiyomi after his fight with orochimaru, after being barraged by thousands of snakes he found himself unable to win and thus lost. After witnessing the striking speed and accuracy of the snakes that orochimaru used this lead Hoshiyomi to create a fighting style with accuracy and speed that it could resemble the strikign power of a cobra, and thus the technique was Named: Art of the Striking Cobra.

    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style: The first half of this style, Striking Cobra focuses on the movement of ones body and the accuracy and prescion of a Striking snake. This technique revolves around the control of ones chakra and infusing it with punches and kicks of taijutsu. The user of this Fighting ability will use great bursts of chakra to momentarily speed up their punches and Kicks to make them travel 3-4x faster then a normal punch, this is only momentarily and can only be done in small bursts. The user chakra a great ammount of chakra into a body part before striking, by rapidly expanding the chakra in that body part the muscels become highly aggitated flex at a much greater speed, when this happens the muscles speed up and thus increase the launching speed of the original attack. By momentarily increasing the speed of a punch of kick the user can catch their opponent off guard as theyd not expect the attack the rapidly speed up as fast as it does. These punches and kicks explode with speed and power once the user has channeled chakra into their body part. The second half focus' on the presicion and accuracy of all attacks, like a cobra the user is able to hit their target with pinpoint accuracy, this requires many years of training to gain the muscle control to aim punches and kicks to prescise body parts to maximise the damage induced. This gives the user an upperhand in hand to hand combat by being able to shift their bodies very swiftly and ulter their attack pattern mid fight by using the chakra to move their body parts for them in the midst of a strike. One other ability of the Cobra art grants the user the ability to momentarily see everything in slow motion, by channeling a large ammount of chakra into their brain and eyes the user can essentially slow down everything they see, this is only a momentarily ability and cannot be used in succession.
    Example Techniques:

    (Kencho Kobura Jutsu: Tsuin Dageki) Striking Cobra Art: Twin Strike
    Type: Offensive
    Rank: B rank
    Range: Short
    Chakra: 20
    Damage: 40
    Description:Getting close to an opponent the user will channel a great deal of chakra into both of his arms to increase the striking speed of the punch,after deflecting an attack from the opponent it leaves them wide open, then by taking their oppotunity they will swiftly strike both palms into the user throat crushing their wind pipe and leaving them unable to breathe

    (Kencho Kobura Jutsu: Suro Dageki
    Type: Supplementary
    Rank: A rank
    Range: Short range
    Chakra: 30
    Damage: N/A
    Description: The user will start by channeling a great ammount of chakra into their brain and eyes to speed up the flow of chakra flowing through both, by doing this the user can essentially see everything in slow motion. This ability works best when fighting in close combat as the user can then see all punchs kicks and strikes in a slow motion and gives them more time to react
    Only lasts the turn it is activated
    Cannot be used in succession
    Everything still happens in real time but the user see's everything in slow motion

    (Kencho Kobura Jutsu: Ichi Chi Dageki) Striking Cobra Arts: One Thousand Strikes
    Type: Offensive
    Rank: S rank
    Range: short range
    Chakra: 40
    Damage: 80
    Description: The user will begin by charging a great ammount of chakra into both of their arms. Once this is done the user will get into close range of the opponent, by then rapidly expanding chakra in their arms the user will begin to barrage the opponent with lightning fast strikes hitting the opponent between the lower stomach and neck area. During this barrage the user will continue to strike the opponent multiple times all over their body leave little room to defend. From the speed of the strikes it makes it very hard for the opponent to read the pattern of the attacks making it even harder to defend against. Dojutsu users can still read the pattern and see all the attacks used by the user. The speed and power begin these attacks can easily break through bone and leave severe internal damage upon impact
    Can only be used twice per battle
    Once started this technique cannot be stopped until the punches have all been delivered
    After using this the user will be unable to perform taijutsu punches for the next turn from the stress it puts on the upper body

    Additional effects and Restrictions:
    Benefits of this style:
    Increased punching and kicking speeds
    Ability to see taijutsu abilites in slow motion
    Ability to hit vital points and compression pints to increase the damage of strikes
    Users of this style have enhanced reaction speed and can counter more effectily then normal ninja

    Non of the abilities can be used in the same move except for Slow strike
    If the user Continues to use these ability for more then three turns his movements will become slower and he will be unable to continue channeling chakra into his body parts as his body will suffer from great pain
    Some attacks can only be used once otherwise the users body will suffer
    Must be ranked Sannin to learn these abilites
    Can only be Taught by Delta

    ‡ Declined ‡
    Abilities are overpowered, and description needs to be improved
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