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    Custom Clans Submission



    Name: Self explanatory. 
    Founder: Self explanatory. 
    History of the Clan:  This section will include a background story on how your specific clan was conceived, where the clan came from and how. It should be detailed enough so that anyone who looks at your clan would be able to tell something very specific about it.
    Special Abilities: This is, by far, the most important section of your entire profile and should be where you spend the most time. In this section you will describe your clans abilities and the mechanics behind the abilities. As far as approval goes, this section will be under the most scrutiny. 
    Location: It can be a village, a meeting place, a headquarters or something of the like. It does not have to have a hard section on the forum. 
    Purpose: Discuss why your organization exists and what they want to accomplish. 
    Special Info: Discuss a ranking system [if applicable] and other conditions of members or the organization itself. 
    Requirements: How does one become a member? What do they have to do? Can you be kicked out and, if so, how?


    -To submit a Custom Clan you must be a Sage and complete the special mission set by Rei; Then you need to gather at least 3 members who are ready to join you to start off.

    -Vision KGs will not be allowed; we have enough of them already, so if you want a custom KG you need to base it on existing elements and just push them a little further.

    -Keep it as realistic as possible. If you want your clan to be able to fly around like superman, better forget about it before you even submit. If you're having trouble finding something that would make your clan plausible, attempt using an advanced element. An advanced element is a valid basis for most if not all abilities.

    -No Revival of Dead Clans

    -No combining of any known KG (like Sharingan + Byakugan etc)

    -The maximum population of a Village-Clan is restricted to 25 members.

    - If your custom Clan gets approved, then you have to create a group with the name of your village-clan. Once you get 10 members you can create a forum and there you will be responsible for the ranks, training, battles, wars given, in and of your clan. The group must be moderated and you will be in charge of keeping your students/fellow villagers away from trouble.
    I will be periodically checking to see if you have set up your Clan's rules and you enforce them properly.

    That's all; Hope you like it, you can start submitting.

    ~Based off on anbu Itachi's idea


    By submitting in this thread, u are bound to obey to all rules; also, Rei keeps all rights to decline the submitted custom clans, pointing out no reason, and no improvement suggestions. However, the submitter can always fill out a complaint and PM it to me, then we will handle it in private.
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Quote Originally Posted by Pesche View Post
    yes mistress whateva u said would be done ;p
    Thx for the infraction btw
    Good, you're welcome, although we didn't gave you one though

    - Thread cleaned up -

    Keep it to submissions from now on:
    - Discussions can be done here:

    Thank you.

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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Name: Kiyoshi Clan

    Founder: Roku Kiyoshi

    History of the Clan: The Kiyoshi Clan, founded by Roku Kiyoshi, is a clan of great skill in the use of ninjutsu. Roku, having studied chakra philosophy and living on Sage Island since he was young, is great at chakra control and understands the mechanics of chakra control fully. Due to an experiment by BishamonSama that went awry, he is able to manipulate water at his will, and he stays in tune with Nature in order to enhance his abilities. One day, Roku figured out the mechanics behind chakra manipulation and created a form of chakra known as “energy manipulation”. He went on to create the Kiyoshi Clan for those who wished to learn the true philosophy of chakra. It is highly organized.

    Special Abilities: (This is not like the Hyuuga Bloodline >_> Hyuuga Bloodline deals with striking chakra points. Kiyoshi ability deals with powerful strikes and giving attacks a more explosive and pulsive effect as well as using energy) The secret to the Kiyoshi Clan’s abilities lies in utilizing chakra at its purest and most natural (and semi-tangible) form. This ranges from shooting pulses of energy to using chakra to expand the range of weapons to surging one’s chakra into another’s body through contact. Members of the Kiyoshi Clan focus much of their effort in acquiring the ability to focus in on and sense Energy so that they can gather the Energy from the environment and utilize it. As such, the members that are more adept at feeling Energy can locate the specific Energy sources of living entities (trees, animals, and most human beings) and non-living objects alike since all things of the world, in Kiyoshi Philosophy, give off some sort of energy of their own, be it spiritual, physical, or natural (physical energy is extremely difficult to sense because of its lack of metaphysical properties). The Kiyoshi Clan’s fighting style is a mix of Tai Chi (to control calm movement of energy, best utilized by Kiyoshi Masters), Hung Ga (to control stable and powerful movement of energy), and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu (for close combat). The Kiyoshi Clan’s energy is based to be sent out in pulses. When in combat, they can utilize the energy, which causes their hands and/or feet to glow whatever color coincides with their personality and ability [green, blue, red, white, ect. (Distinct colors only occur in Kiyoshi Generals and higher)] and when they direct an attack, right before contact an invisible/visible “pulse” of chakra is sent out of their fists/feet to make an explosive effect when a clan member delivers a punch or kick that can send the opponent back many feet. Movement also plays a big role in the use of pure chakra/energy. The larger/bigger the motion during movement made to utilize energy, the more energy will be produced. Masters of the Kiyoshi art are signified by a significant glow in their eyes when utilizing the energy, and they can use it much more effectively than normal members. The ability is called Konki Myaku (Energy Pulse). (The reason why those with Kekei Genkai cannot utilize the ability is because their chakra is different from regular chakra and their bloodline effects their chakra in a way that it is configured to work a certain way, thus their chakra can never be “pure”. People with Tailed Beasts can learn to purify their chakra, but it would be nearly impossible due to their bijuu’s influence on their chakra.)

    Location: The Kiyoshi Clan does not reside in one permanent place. It is spread out across the world, comprised of 7 settlements that are numbered 1-7. Each settlement is headed by a Kiyoshi Clan Master, but there is one meeting place that all Kiyoshi Members meet on special occasions, and also a meeting place for the Kiyoshi Masters or Sages. They are not particularly aligned with any one village, for the way of chakra belongs to no one village. Members of the clan may be part of a Shinobi village however.

    Purpose: The Kiyoshi Clan exists to better understand the nature and philosophy of chakra and chakra control. To do so, one must be in tune with nature.

    Special Info: Not all members of the Kiyoshi Clan possess the special ability known as the Konki Myaku. It is only once a person understands chakra’s nature and how to utilize it in the purest form can they learn and begin to master the Energy Pulse ability. One must be at least Jonin Rank to begin the training needed to acquire the skill to use energy. The ranking system is as follows…

    Associate- The lowest rank. These people are simply associated with the Kiyoshi Clan.

    Clan Member- These people are officially part of the Kiyoshi Clan and have access to the standard clan member utilities and other things.

    Student of Philosophy: Students have just begun their training in the philosophy of chakra.

    Kiyoshi Novice: Novices have basic knowledge of the chakra and energy that the Kiyoshi Clan warriors use.

    Humble Apprentice: Apprentices are the students of a Kiyoshi Master or Philosopher. Apprentices of a philosopher seek to explore the greater knowledge of pure chakra while Apprentices of a Master study the philosophy (though less than those studying under a philosopher), but also study the battle style as well. Depending on their amount of training, they may be weaker or stronger than an average Kiyoshi Warrior. Apprentices are very few and can be exempt from the Kiyoshi military style rankings.

    Kiyoshi Warrior: Warriors have good knowledge of Kiyoshi fighting style and also chakra philosophy. They are the most active group when it comes to battle.

    Kiyoshi General: They are the strongest Kiyoshi Warriors and lead a squadron of Kiyoshi Warriors.

    Philosopher: Wise and peaceful, they study Chakra Philosophy and are very well respected by the members of the Kiyoshi Clan. They sometimes have a complete and full understanding of the Kiyoshi Clan’s abilities and are able to fight on par with a Kiyoshi General, but they choose not to due to their peaceful nature.

    Kiyoshi Master: There are 4 Kiyoshi Masters in total and they are said to be the strongest in the clan. Their skill in battle greatly exceeds that of a Kiyoshi General in that they can defeat one with relative ease while using only basic techniques. They are the leaders of 4 settlements total and lead each settlement with great wisdom (with the help of Philosophers).

    Kiyoshi Sage: They are the wisest and most powerful members of the Kiyoshi Clan. Only 3 exist, and their power is said to be on par with, or perhaps greater than the Kiyoshi Masters. They have absolute knowledge of chakra philosophy, pure chakra, and the Energy Pulse. The Sages are very peaceful.

    Requirements: Anyone can become a member of the Kiyoshi Clan if deemed worthy or if they request and the leader(s) see fit to add them to the clan. They can be kicked out if they abuse their abilities, commit treason, or kill a fellow Kiyoshi who has done nothing to provoke an attack. They cannot have a Kekei Genkai.

    C u s t o m C l a n C e r t i f i c a t e

    I, Rei of NB's battle Arena, by the power invested in me by Versuvio, Nexus and ZonDer, give you the following:

    RokuNR, our loyal member, gave on the date 26-August-2009 a submission for a Custom Clan;

    after reading the submission and assuring that RokuNR has the needed posts and has completed the assigned Sage Mission, I decided that the submitted Custom Clan satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving RokuNR his rightfully earned certificate on this Custom Clan by the following;

    Kiyoshi Clan
    Powered by Rei
    Copyright ©2009, RokuNR,
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Name: Mandolorian.

    Founder: UzumakiJake (ImmortalJake)

    Co-Founder: Alimujtaba786

    History of the Clan: This Clan Is based off a clan in the star-wars universe they are all about the pride of Battle, If there is a fight they want in it. To kill is to be great, too loose is to be condemned. If you have an ally you keep your deals and never betray a brother in arms. Good evil we know no boundaries just the glory of battle

    We wear armour that looks like this.

    youngling-bounty hunter

    bounty hunter rank


    Special Abilities: Our Armour gives us Improved strength and speed and is one of our greatest assets. These help us in the hunt and so do battle amplifiers, stimulants to increase each abillity. Strength, Speed, Power. The last abillity is the sensors in the visors of our helmets that allow us to detect what is around. And finally our weapons, are above those of normal shinobi, for our blades vibrate for extra damage. And the Jet packs on our backs (which we recieve in Bounty hunter rank) is voice command.

    Location: My Profile, That way everything stays descrete. If we get larger we will make a group but for now we remain in the shaddows.

    Purpose: We plan to fight and rise to glory one kill at a time.

    Special Info:

    Mandalore: Leader

    Mandalore's Succesor: Only The Strongest Warrior That has at least bounty hunter Rank.

    Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Be a warrior and pass 2 tests given by your mandalore or succesor. You can now take up missions for your mandalore that involve risking your life.

    Mandalorian Warrior: Enough Prestige and a month of being at least semi active (200 Prestige points)(learn to make other stimulants)

    Mandalorian Scout: You gain this after youve gained enough prestige(50 prestige points)(learn to make speed stimulants)

    Mandalorian: You gain this after Being in the group for a week and being activly participated(learn how to make strength stimulants)

    mandalorian youngling: Every Member Starts Out as this. (get mandalorian armour)

    1. Must be 100 % devoted to this clan. If you have a village you can be 100% devoted to that concidering its not a clan.

    2. Check in at least once a day.

    3. Must Not Share clan secrets or face the wrath of the madalorian executioner.

    Join one of the mandalorian clans.

    1. Clan Beviin - Mandalore => Alimujtaba786
    2. Clan Bralor
    3. Clan Fett
    4. Clan Ordo - Mandalore => UzumakiJake
    5. Clan Skirata

    Entrance Rules:
    1. Must Quit Any other clans (Villages are fine ONLY clans)
    2. Prove your Worth (ASK for details)
    3. willing to accept NB backround check
    4. Pass A test

    Staying In the Village

    1. Must Follow Rules
    2. Must Be thirsty for blood.
    3. Progress in the village or you will not obtain all of the abillities of a mandalorian.

    Mandalorian Code
    Education and armor,

    Self-defense, our tribe,

    Our language, our leader—

    All help us survive.

    C u s t o m C l a n C e r t i f i c a t e

    I, Rei of NB's battle Arena, by the power invested in me by Versuvio, Nexus and ZonDer, give you the following:

    alimujtaba786, our loyal member, gave on the date 24-September-2009 a submission for a Custom Clan;

    after reading the submission and assuring that alimujtaba786 has the needed posts and has completed the assigned Sage Mission, I decided that the submitted Custom Clan satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving alimujtaba786 his rightfully earned certificate on this Custom Clan by the following;

    Mandolorian Clan
    Powered by Rei
    Copyright ©2009, alimujtaba786,
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Name: Otoshiden Clan

    Founder: Nero and Zenryoku

    History of Clan: Two brothers Nero and Zenryoku, both who were experts at the art of sound element and taijutsu founded The Otoshiden Clan. They were born in the Hidden Sound Village and trained to become the best of sound and taijutsu. Nero who was known for his Mastery of sound and Zenryoku for his mastery of Taijutsu during some rigorous training decided that they wanted to try a new approach using sound and taijutsu and to even out the lack of ability each had from the two elements of taijutsu and sound, so they decided on mixing the two and created a new style of Ninjutsu, Sound Taijutsu. Which then lead them to leave the Hidden sound Village with some their students and came across a secret mountain called Mount Kyouri (mountain of ones mind) with a large valley hidden inside which would come to be the home of the Otoshiden Clan and thus where they perfected their skill.

    Special Abilities: The Otoshiden Clan does not have a Kekkai Genkai because the ability is not passed through their blood but rather a hiden skill, which is passed through the clans generations. They have trained their mind body and soul to harmonise them selves and as such have shown to be a very calm clan capable of strong focus and appliance of strategy within battle. They have trained their body to help execute tremendous speed in their taijutsu that allows them to equal the speed of the 3rd gate making them extremely fast and agile fighters. They have trained their mind to be able to react accordingly to their fast speeds making them capable of reacting to counter attacks and not making them completely vulnerable in directing their attacks and defending. They have also been trained in the ability of using sound to help amplify their ability to sense their target through sound alone, such as breathing aswell as the heartbeat and even the slightest of movement and this helps them to fight in the toughest of situations and against the toughest of opponents making it a good counter to fighting the famous Uchiha clans eye illusion techniques. Their main specialty that has incorporated the use of sound and taijutsu is by the use of sound amplifiers located on their wrists and legs to help generate sound waves and energy based sound attacks from focusing their chakra into them and using taijutsu movements to send the waves of sound energy, thus making their taijutsu a very deadly close quarters battle style making the clan well known for applying such skill. The sound taijutsu abilities can range from creation of small sound shocks to affect balance and senses to sheer bone breaking force that can cause even the hardiest of bones to become fragile from the tremendous concentration of power in the sound shockwaves.

    Location: The hidden Village of the Otoshiden is found in the borders of the Sound country and the land of Fire in a secluded mountain called Mount Kyouri, with the path only known to the clansmen. The members of the clan do not hold any one alliance to any village and as such do not partake in any disputes but rather will prevent the advancement of any who try to seek the villages location.

    Purpose: Their purpose of being is to better understand the ways of taijutsu and sound element to become the best in them, and to test their skills against some of the best clans such as Uchiha, Kaguya and the energy specialists Roku and his Kiyoshi clan.

    Special info:
    Ranking System:

    Otoshiden clans Founders: Nero and Zenryoku

    Otoshiden Successor: The Successors are those who have trained fully in the ways of the Otoshiden clans Sound Taijutsu and are then capable of Learning the Forbidden level technique, or otherwise known as the Secret technique of the clan, the final technique to show the mastery of the ways of the Clan.

    Otoshiden Elite: The Elite are those that have trained in the ways of the Otoshiden Clans techniques up to the S rank level and have sufficient knowledge of all but the final technique within the clan.

    Otoshiden Specialist: The Specialists are those that have trained in the ways of the Otoshiden Clans Techniques up to the A rank level and have a moderate understanding of the ways and techniques of the clan.

    Otoshiden Apprentice: The Apprentices are those that of the Otoshiden Clans general understanding and knowledge of their techniques and further appliances of different training methods used to help a Otoshiden shinobi in battle. These techniques are up to the B level.

    Otoshiden Novie: The Novices are those that have started to train in the understanding and the knowledge of the clans specialty and the basics of the techniques passed down into the clan they shall. These techniques are of C level.

    Proceeding to each rank, a member of the rank they are at must first learn the full training required in each level and must have their sensei tell them they have learned everything and take a test to show their understanding and knowledge of what they have been taught withi in the Clan Level.

    Requirements: Anyone can become a member of the Otoshiden Clan if deemed worthy or if they request and the Leader(s) see fit to add them to the clan. They can be Kicked out if found to be abusing their abilities, commit treason, kill a fellow Otoshiden member that havent done anything that may provoke an attack. They cannot have a Kekkei Genkai in their Otoshiden Biography.
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Name: Bartholomew Clan

    Founder: Kuma Bartholomew* (co-founder mugiwara*)

    History of the Clan: The Bartholomew clan was founded by Kuma Bartholomew; a Shinobi that rose to the ranks of the legends despite his “defect”; Kuma Bartholomew was born with paws on his hands. In his youth, Kuma was mocked by everyone – his friends and family were no exception – because of his paws. One day, the culmination of the harassment was too much and Kuma had a breakdown – he deserted his family and ran away.

    On his own, he studied the ways of the Shinobi and became a great Ninjutsu master; contrary to what he had believed, his paws actually enhanced his natural prowess with Ninjutsu. Aware of the power his paws bestowed up him, he trained to raise his power to the peak.

    He also discovered that his paws had powers of their own, powerful abilities that he trained relentlessly to master….

    Bartholomew’s children and their descendants formed the clan of Bartholomew. The Bartholomew clan was one of the major rivals of the Senju clan, though their allegiance was with the Land of Water more often than now. During the formation of the Five Great Villages, the Bartholomew faced the decision of aligning themselves with Kirigakure or not, though they eventually decided to remain independent, but in a suburb of the Land of Water. A large majority of the Bartholomew clan are members of members of Kirigakure, but they still remain with the clan first and foremost. Today, the Clan is one of the most powerful and well-respected in the Shinobi world.

    A few common traits among Bartholomew clan members is that they are very honorable and full of self-confidence. They are well known for fighting till their dying breath and never surrendering an inch of ground during battle.

    Special Abilities: One of the special powers of the Bartholomew Clan’s paws is the ability to push anything – even the air around them – at extreme speeds. Bartholomew clan members fight in a style that is very reminiscent of sumo wrestling, crouching in a low, wide stance and even using the signature stomp. One of their primary forms of attack is palm thrusts, which they use to launch powerful air bullets at the enemy, which look like small paws and do lots of damage to the opponent, even leaving the imprint of a paw on them. The thrust is even strong enough to make holes in boulders, obviously leaving behind the signature paw print. In regard to their sumo roots, Bartholomew members spend much of their time with their feet planted, refusing to surrender any ground to their opposition.

    The paws's powers also allow them to move at the same speed as the objects they push, by using it to push himself, appearing instantaneously at a desired location regardless of distance, all the while he moves with no more than a slow walk. Or by repelling the friction around him and running without friction. However, this technique requires lots of chakra and chakra control hence it can only be used up to mid range and cannot be sustained for long range movement.

    The Bartholomew members are a destructive engine, with some shown to have enough power to turn entire islands to dust.

    Members of the clan also have the ability to extract the pain and exhaustion from a person’s body by placing their paws of the person’s chest, though this technique can be used on the members of the clan themselves, by repelling the pain and exhaustion within their body, meaning that his abilities can be used to heal people and cure them. Once this is done, it forms a gargantuan red bubble that can then be launched at the opponent. This is one of the most powerful abilities of the Bartholomew clan. This technique however can only be used on oneself or ones kinsmen and not on anyone else. Furthermore only complete masters of the KG can use this technique.

    Location: The Bartholomew clan live on the outskirts of Kirigakure, and live in a single giant unit, much like the Uchiha clan did.

    Purpose: They exist solely to serve themselves, though they have been known to assist Kirigakure in their many Wars.

    Special Info: In the Bartholomew clan there are no ranks, however, in order to unlock the abilities of their signature paws the clan members must have tutelage from the leaders and teachers of the clan. Interestingly, not everyone in the clan has the ability to extract and repel pain and exhaustion – this is a power that only a rare few have, and those rare few often become “Bartholomew Legends.”

    furthermore, not everybody gets the all the jutsu,

    level one- unlocking the paws abilities
    level two- more advanced jutsu
    level 3- the ability to repel anything
    Bartholomew legend- ability to repel exhaustion and pain

    Requirements: One must be a member of Kirigakure to be a member of the Bartholomew clan, though they can leave Kirigakure and retain their clan membership, though he will be banished from the clan and will receive no further training in the ways of the Bartholomew, as well as having their Bartholomew bio hunted down by other Bartholomew clan members. (this doesn't apply to the ninja world it means in their history they must have been a part of kiri
    same as rain techniques)

    Obviously, the Bartholomew powers are a KG, so no canon-bios are allowed.

    One can also be banished from the clan by killing another member of the clan in an act of cold blood.

    *Bio to be made when/if clan is approved.
    *not sure if mugi will be joining the clan however he helped me create it

    current members
    me, kaze.., drizzy

    picture of the paws

    C u s t o m C l a n C e r t i f i c a t e

    I, Rei of NB's battle Arena, by the power invested in me by Versuvio, Nexus and Zise, give you the following:

    ~Hasashi~, our loyal member, gave on the date 6-September-2010 a submission for a Custom Clan;

    after reading the submission and assuring that ~Hasashi~ has the needed posts and has completed the assigned Sage Mission, I decided that the submitted Custom Clan satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving ~Hasashi~ his rightfully earned certificate on this Custom Clan by the following;

    Bartholomew Clan
    Powered by Rei
    Copyright ©2010, ~Hasashi~ ,
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Name: Nekura Ichizoku [ Nekura Clan ]

    Founder: Anshoku Nekura

    History of the Clan:
    As is often the case, it is ironic that one of the Ninja World's greatest antagonists were created due to a weakness in the Ninja World's God at the time of his triumph.
    During the event of the Rikudo Sennin's sealing of the Juubi, the land in which the battle had been waged had been scarred permanently from the foul chakra of the Juubi. The land where the battle had taken place was also the place where the Juubi's most potent techniques were released, in an attempt to eradicate a God.
    Once the Juubi had been sealed, after its body had been flung into space, the Rikudo Sennin, weakened by his battle, made a mistake. He paused. He rested.
    The malevolent chakra remaining within the land began its dissipation, unnoticed by the thronging masses that cheered for their God. Like a living thing, it seeked for a master - no, in this case, it looked for a partner, a symbiote, with whom it could maintain it's rampage of destruction. It's sightless gaze falling on a bitter man named Anshoku, it forced itself into it's body, burning the symbol for "Demon" onto his palm.
    The chakra, in its attempt to then merge back into the Juubi, disappeared, or rather traversed, to the "moon", and spent its time on the dark side of the moon, waiting to be called back to Earth through the opening of a dimensional portal by the Nekura, so it could continue its blind destruction across the world.

    Special Abilities:

    The abilities of the Nekura center on the summoning and control of this foul chakra of the Juubi's, that the clan calls "Keigoku".
    The chakra is warped from the moon by a clansman opening the dimesional portal, through which the chakra enters the battlefield. This is much like a Summoning jutsu, which brings objects from a different place through dimensions. The portals can be opened anywhere on the battlefield. However, note that they cannot be used for transporting the user, opponent etc. over dimensions. Only Keigoku can transport itself through the portals. The portals are silent and do not actually count as a jutsu, however the release of a Keigoku technique from them is a jutsu; furthermore, it's not as if the portals possess any use outside of transporting Keigoku anyway.

    The power of the Keigoku, however, is not to directly affect physical objects. The Keigoku is so corrupted, that it causes searing pain to an opponent's mind if they have been touched with the energy. Much like how prolonged exposure to a fire can cause extreme burns, prolonged exposure to high-rank Keigoku techniques can cause a complete shattering of the mind and possibly a vegetative state. This also lets the Keigoku pass through physical substances without minds, such as earth, water or trees to reach a target behind it, since it loses none of its powers on the non-sentient object. Should the Keigoku touch a Summoning, it will turn them against its master.
    Skilled users of Keigoku have been rumored to shift its focus from merely shattering minds to bending them or manipulating them with even direct eye contact initiating a transfer of Keigoku between people. However, this can only be done by extremely high-level Nekura and requires special training from the Clan Head.

    Similarly, skilled Nekura above a certain rank possess one of the most useful powers. The Drain. Once one of their Keigoku attacks have connected with the opponent, istead of letting their Keigoku dissipate, the Nekura bring the Keigoku back to them and pour the stolen strength from the opponent's mind into theirs. This firms up their mind, and even if they have injuries makes their mind pretend it isn't there and force the body to function as it normall would. Since this isn't really a cure, after the battle the Nekura will feel their injuries again plus an extra 25 damage points due to the strain of forcing their body. As many damage points as the opponent is hit with, that many damage points the user may force their mind to believe it isn't affecting their body.

    Another side-effect of wielding the Keigoku is that any Bijuu, whether incompletely or fully transformed, believe the Nekura to be one of "them" since the Nekura wield the same chakra that the Bijuu were made of - just not in the same amounts. The Bijuu therefore refuse to attack the Nekura. Each Nekura is given a cloak strong enough to keep out normal weapons strikes.

    An unwanted ability is that of the Nekura's bodies, after or during a battle, being so filled with Keigoku that they reject any foreign chakra from entering their body, and stop it instantly. This means that medical ninjutsu have to force harder to overcome the natural resistance, making Nekura extremely hard to heal, roughly three times that of a normal patient.

    The Nekura is based in the summit of a dark mountain at the outskirts of the Demon Country called Minas Morgul. The clan possesses a walled fortress with a drawbridge and moat there, which is impenetrable to non-clansman unless they are under special protection by the Clan Head. The clan is not expected to be permanenelty residing here, however when a meeting of the clan is called, they are expected to appear, or else.

    The minds and spirits of the Nekura have been corrupted by the Keigoku. The dark thoughts of the Juubi have forced themselves into their minds, so much so that the sole purpose of the Nekura's existence is to avenge the Juubi's defeat. However, since the Rikudo Sennin is long dead, the Nekura now seek to bring down his dynasty of Uchiha and Senju, as well as finding a way to release the Juubi. - this is for storyline purposes only; we will not actually try to resurrect the Juubi -

    Special Info:

    The Nekura clan is not one that can be joined solely by birth. Should the Clan Head and Council find someone they believe worthy, they can activate the "Demon" mark on their palm and burn it onto the other person's hand also, thus allowing him the ways of the Nekura. This is also how the Clan Head picks his successor.

    • Clan Head - The leader of the Clan, and the ultimate authority with regard to any Clan decision. The leader is also the strongest at the Clan techniques, and the most skilled.

    • Clan Council - Two members aside from the Clan Head, who perform as the joint head in the Clan Head's absence, and are sought for adivce by the Head before he makes any decisions regarding the Clan. The two Councilmen are typically extremely wise and knowledgeable.

    • Black Knight - The most powerful warriors of the Nekura are drafted into the Black Knights. At any given time, there may be only four of these, and they are under the direct control of the Clan Head. Consider them his personal guard or task force.

    • Paladin - The second tier of powerful warriors, who are slightly less skilled than the Black Knights. They are the strikeforce during wars.

    • Scourge - The rank and file of basic warriors who know a few of the clan's skills and are not experienced at using them. They constitute the maximum number of people.

    • Seers - A non-fighting class, they are drafted in to research or spy as the case demands. They will fight during wars, however they are not typically very skilled at fighting per se.


    The list of powers levels for the clan are as follows.

    Seers - Weakest in jutsu. All clan jutsu submitted for checking will have the amount of damage that seers cause only written in them. For other ranks, it is as mentioned below. Keigoku of seers cannot go through any objects.

    Scourge - Do 25% more damage than seers, any effects from their jutsu are magnified 25%. Keigoku cannot pass through any objects.

    Paladin - Jutsu are 50% stronger than a seer's, effects similarly magnified. Keigoku can pass through only small bushes, rain, mist, or small rocks.

    Black Knight - Jutsu are 75% stronger than a seer's, effects similarly magnified. Keigoku can pass through most objects, but not many of them at one go. i.e., it can pass through a tree or two, but not through a whole grove of them.

    Clan Council - Jutsu are twice as strong as a seer's. effects similarly magnified. Keigoku can pass through any objects, unless they are exceptionally large, like a giant tree, a massive wave or a cliffside.

    Clan Head - Jutsu are 125% stronger than a seer's, effects similarly magnified. Keigoku can pass through any objects.



    • No people born with Kekkei Genkai.
    • Must be Sannin and above.
    • Definitely no Uchiha or Senju.
    • No canon Kage characters or Jinchuuriki.
    • People with non-KG special abilities, such as Nara/Akimichi etc. may be accepted, but the decision is entirely in the hands of the Clan Council and the Clan Head.

    C u s t o m C l a n C e r t i f i c a t e

    I, Rei of NB's battle Arena, by the power invested in me by Versuvio, Nexus and Zise, give you the following:

    Emperor, our loyal member, gave on the date 16-September-2010 a submission for a Custom Clan;

    after reading the submission and assuring that Emperor has the needed posts and has completed the assigned Sage Mission, I decided that the submitted Custom Clan satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving Emperor his rightfully earned certificate on this Custom Clan by the following;

    Nekura Clan
    Powered by Rei
    Copyright ©2010, Emperor ,
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Name: Gyojin Clan

    Founder: Izuna Uchiha

    History of the Clan: A long time ago, when the five great nations were yet to be born and the clan wars was at its peak, a small group of gifted shinobi lived in peace near the coast. They were incredibly talented with water jutsus, making it almost impossible for anyone to attack their village because of its strategic location near the sea. Each day was spent training and trying to understand the mysteries of the ocean. Without surprise, the Gyojin Clan had a very deep connection with every water creature that lived near their village. With time and careful studies, a crafty new art was develop to allow user to breath underwater. However, it was not without any consequences. With every genetic alteration, every new generation was slowly turning into a creature that can only be classified as a combination between a human and a sea creature.

    Then, when the wars couldn’t be avoided any further, the Gyojin Clan took their weapons and marched to combat. However, they were crushed, outnumbered by the recent alliance of the Uchiha Clan and the Senju Clan. In a desperate move to save what was left of their clan, those who could now survive both on land and underwater exile themselves into the abyss of the ocean. The elders, who weren’t fit to survive underwater, were left to die on the surface.

    For years, the Gyojin Clan remained hidden, rebuilding their village inside the perimeter of a vast barrier jutsu, creating the illusion of an underwater island.

    To this date, the Gyojin Clan is still hidden, and forgotten from history.

    Special Abilities: The Gyojin clan share some basic abilities related to their genetic traits, such as: their incredible physical abilities (about 2 times stronger and 1.5 times faster then a regular human), a naturally occurring mucoprotein (common to fish) that is both a protection against bacterial infections but also a natural insulator, the ability to breathe underwater, an uncommon resistance to D-rank and under water techniques, and finally incredible swimming speed.

    Then, as you rise amongst the clan’s rank, a clansman develops/is taught some new abilities: a strong affinity with water (being able to use B-rank and under without handseals as well as defining their resistance to water jutsus, being unaffected by C-rank and under), a new branch of taijutsu called Gyojin Karate (customs to be submitted), the ability to sense bodies of water and everything inside a water source, and ultimately high rank clansman are allowed to sign the contract with the mighty Sea Kings (custom to be submitted).

    Location: The group will be located in a social group I’ll create for the clan.

    Purpose: Our only goal is to destroy the other clans and wreak havoc on the RP section. Fight as much as we can, for as long as we can.

    Special Info: The ranking system will be simple:

    -Gyojin: Can use all the basic abilities of the clan.

    -Mizuchi: Learn how to use the Sonar ability.

    -Ryūjin: Learn to master his affinity with water up to C-rank.

    - Suijin: Masters his affinity with water up to B-rank and is introduced to the low level technique of the Gyojin Karate.

    -Mazu: Continues his training with Gyojin Karate without learning the secret techniques of the clan.

    -Poseidon: This is the highest rank one can achieve in the Gyojin Clan. At this point, the clansman in allowed to complete his training in the Gyojin Karate’s secret art, and to sign the Sea King’s contract.

    •You need to have an approved biography;
    •No KG;
    •No Bijuu;
    •No Cannon biography (other then Fuguki Suikazan and Kisame Hoshigaki);
    •You can’t be from another Clan;

    Anyone who fail to comply to these simple rules will be refused. I (Izuna Uchiha) reserve the right to refuse, and/or, kick out anyone from the group without any reason whatsoever.

    Members: Izuna Uchiha, Goro Kaguya, Scary Yamato, Lili-Chwan

    C u s t o m C l a n C e r t i f i c a t e

    I, Rei of NB's battle Arena, by the power invested in me by Versuvio, Nexus and Zise, give you the following:

    Izuna Uchiha, our loyal member, gave on the date 30-June-2011 a submission for a Custom Clan;

    after reading the submission and assuring that Izuna Uchiha has the needed posts and has completed the assigned Sage Mission, I decided that the submitted Custom Clan satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving Izuna Uchiha his rightfully earned certificate on this Custom Clan by the following;

    Gyojin Clan
    Powered by Rei
    Copyright ©2011, Izuna Uchiha ,
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Name: Amidamaru Clan

    Founder: Bishamon Sarutobi and Akira Kiyoshi

    History of the Clan: Before the founding of the Hidden Ninja Villages, there was simply a mess of different ninja clans. Before this mess of ninja clans, there was the Order of the Elemental Sages, an order founded by the Sage of the Six Paths and led by five legendary sages, each extremely skilled in a specific element. The Order of the Elemental Sages was the first organization of shinobi - it was how the Sage of the Sixth Paths first spread his teachings of the art of Jutsu to the world. Members of the Order led a monk-like lifestyle, constantly in-tune with not only nature but the flow of life and the universe in general, as they simultaneously honed their techniques and sought enlightenment. The Order produced not only the most powerful but the purest shinobi that the world has ever seen. When the Hidden Villages were created, however, the light of the Order faded from the earth. Now, hundreds of years later, Bishamon Sarutobi, the son of the last Earth Sage, and his former student, Akira Kiyoshi, have decided to resurrect the Order in the form of the Amidamaru Clan, a clan dedicated to the ideals of meditation, self-betterment, and the general improvement of the world for others.

    Special Abilities: Perhaps the most distinguishing abilities of the Amidamaru Clan - and of the Order of the Elemental Sages - is their use of Celestial Energy. Despite the formal destruction of the Order of the Elemental Sages, a few members of the Order continued the Order's lifestyle and went on to found ninja temples around the world. Over the years, their lifestyles and training regimens began to differ from those of the Order, and so, while they were still able to access the Celestial Energy characteristic of the original members of the Order, they were only capable of doing so on a lesser extent. The chakra of the ninja monks of the Fire Temple, the "Gift of the Hermit Group", for example, is a weakened form of this Celestial Energy used by the original members of the Order. Celestial Energy, like the natural energy used by frog sages, is typically combined with Spiritual Energy and Physical Energy, the standard components of chakra, to create Spiritual Chakra, the purest form of chakra as known by the Sage of the Six Paths, with which members of the Amidamaru Clan can use several unique abilities. Only through the clan's intense daily meditation regimen, communication with this Celestial Energy, which, according to the most pious clan members, forms the fabric of the universe, can be attained. This special "Spiritual Chakra", when used with canon techniques, gives a +15 bonus to Fuuinjutsu and a +8 bonus to elemental Ninjutsu - seals are stronger and elemental techniques are larger and faster. Many of the Amidamaru Clan's techniques are Fuuinjutsu, the strength of which is only possible through the use of Spiritual Chakra. As for the Ninjutsu of the Amidamaru Clan, the "Thousand Armed Murder" technique of the Fire Temple monks is a good jumping-off point; many Ninjutsu incorporating specifically Spiritual Chakra possess ethereal characteristics and tend to not incorporate much elemental manipulation. The incorporation of Celestial Energy into chakra and the incorporation of Spiritual Chakra into techniques requires both immense amounts of chakra and extraordinary chakra control, and so the training process for the clan's techniques is extremely rigorous. The terrific mastery over chakra that is granted by this training, however, allows clan members to use elemental techniques B-rank and below of their primary elemental affinity without handseals. (Keep in mind that any techniques submitted in the future having to do with "Spiritual Chakra" and "Celestial Energy" will certainly not be overpowered. Additionally, the collection of Celestial Energy will be mediated through the use of a non-overpowered jutsu. The purpose of these concepts is not to create inherently overpowered jutsus, but, rather, to create complex, multi-faceted jutsus that are, most importantly, unique.)

    Location: The Amidamaru Clan is based at a temple in an undisclosed location. Only those who have been to the temple before can find it, and its exact whereabouts are hidden by a complex barrier jutsu. Training will take place in a Social Group section.

    Purpose: The Amidamaru Clan, like the Order of the Elemental Sages, has two main goals: to spread peace through understanding and to better understand the secrets of the universe and of chakra.

    Special Info: The lower ranked members of the Amidamaru Clan do not possess the capability to sense Celestial Energy, let alone mold Spiritual Chakra. Lower ranked members will first be taught complex chakra control and Fuuinjutsu, even if they are already familiar with both. They will be taught the philosophy of the Amidamaru Clan and of the Sage of the Six Paths and they will meditate very frequently. It is not until a member is deemed ready that they will learn about Celestial Energy.

    Initiate- The lowest rank. These are the earliest members of the clan - complete tenderfoots. They will first be taught complex chakra control.

    Affiliate- Fuuinjutsu is taught at this stage. More importantly, the proper usage of Fuuinjutsu in battle is taught. Heavy meditation is continued.

    Monk- This is the rank where a member is truly considered part of the clan. They have worked through the toughest part of the Amidamaru teaching process - becoming accustomed to the rigor expected of clan members. The concept of Celestial Energy is introduced at this point, but no details of its use are given. Heavy meditation continues.

    Ascetic- At this rank, members are banished from the temple and must give up food, drink, and social interaction in order to become one with the universe. This is the step where members must find their own path towards oneness with all things. Members may only come back to the temple when they demonstrate the ability to collect Celestial Energy.

    Neophyte- Members are first introduced to the molding of Spiritual Chakra at this rank. They are also taught to incorporate Spiritual Chakra into D-rank canon techniques. Heavy meditation continues.

    Protector- The use of Spiritual Chakra within cannon techniques of all ranks is taught at this level. This is the rank that takes the most time to pass through, as many canon techniques have to be 're-learned' using Spiritual Chakra. It is a very dangerous, pain-staking process. Heavy meditation continues.

    Disciple- At this rank, the custom abilities of the clan are first taught. The member has truly absorbed the ability to use Spiritual Chakra, and is ready to learn the techniques for which Spiritual Chakra is necessary. Heavy meditation continues.

    Adept- Members have mastered nearly all of the abilities that can be taught to them. Now all they need is experience. Heavy meditation continues.

    Master- Masters of Celestial Energy and Spiritual Chakra, these members have significant experience with the jutsus, concepts, and ideals of the clan. They are ready to pass down their knowledge to other members. These are the teachers of the clan. Heavy meditation continues.

    Enlightened One- This is the highest rank attainable within the Amidamaru Clan. Masters of all things, they are privy to the most secret techniques and knowledge of the clan. Rarely engaging in battle, however, these ones choose to meditate, teach, and share knowledge more often than fight. The extent of their abilities is unknown and none dare to find out.

    Requirements: All people with 4,000 posts or more may become members. All else that is required is determination, humility, and a LOT of patience.

    Note: The Pervy Sage and Ragnaroc are also two of the four starting members. Akira and I, however, are the founding members.

    -Declined for reasons discussed with Bishamon-
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Name: Yakuza Clan

    Founder: Zenryoku and Alucard

    History of the Clan: Long time ago, the samurais were still abundant throughout the world, but with time, shinobis had started to take over and slowly, the samurai culture started to disappear. Backing off, as shinobis were conquering their lands, the samurais were forced to take shelter in a territory with extreme weather conditions and irregular terrain, mostly composed by huge mountains and deep alleys. This territory would end up becoming the Land of Iron, where the samurais have stayed, till now.
    While in the middle of their ''extinction'' process, there was a samurai clan known by their medicines, mostly composed by herbs, animal parts or chemicals which could be extracted from the wildlife and terrain. Due to constant wars and conflicts, the clan ended up splitting in two factions: one who opted by allying with the shinobis, as a way to maintain the clan alive, since if they engaged in war, they could all be killed by the shinobis military strength; the other faction however, didn't choose that path. They defended their clan's pride and didn't want to give up to the shinobis. Because of that, they were forced to move back, slowly, as the shinobi gained strength and were overpowering them. They took refuge in a region known at that time as the ''Koga Region''. They have stayed there till the actual time and gained a deep feeling of hatred towards shinobis.
    The constant wars, fights and conflicts, ended up influencing the clan's habits, turning them in clan with lust for battle and blood, just like the known Kaguyas. A clan with such will to fight, was willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of their own victory in battle.
    Eventually, because of their lust for battle and usage of drugs, they were given the nickname of ''Human enhanced tools'' who don't know fear.

    Special Abilities: With time as as the technology evolved, the clan's medicines also evolved. Adding this to the clan's obsession with the shinobis, pride, lust for fighting and will to defeat the opponent's by any means necessary, ignoring the fact they could die led them to the usage of drugs.
    Most of these drugs, are then mixed in multiple pills to be consumed by the members of the clan. Much like the Akimichi's pills, these also grant the consumers a great advantage in battle, by influencing their chakra flow, strength, speed, etc, however almost all of them have their own side effects and if consumed in long term, they can cause physical and psychological deterioration, tough each new generation has suffered some mutations that allow them to handle the side effects of these drugs and ignore them. Also, because the organism of some members of the clan got used to being constantly under the effects of drugs or other medicines, their organism also developed a way to defend themselves against most, if not all types of poison or strange chemicals that may enter inside of it. This, is also why some members of the clan achieved psychological and physical deterioration very fast: since the organism got used to drugs, it reaches a point where some drugs don't take effect any more and so, they must take even more stronger drugs, which will eventually cause body and mind to root faster.

    Location: The clan lives in the last samurai refuge, the Land of Iron. However, because of their aggressive nature and unorthodox methods, they leave in a more isolated area, the Koga Region, which people avoid passing trough or visiting.

    Purpose: The reason the Yakuza clan was originally founded, was for Samurais to get stronger at all costs, ignoring the consequences, so they can get revenge on Shinobis, however, nowadays this purpose is completely ignored and they only seek victory in battle, independently of whoever is their opponent. [Apart from that, we also decided to create this clan in order for more people to join the samurais, since only a few have these biographies and also, to serve as a ''stepping stone'' for the samurai user's to fight on pair with shinobi biographies]

    Special Info:

    Yanguryu (Young Dragons)
    - Samurais that are still learning the basics of the clan's abilities.
    - Learn how to control chakra under dosages of drug. Drug endurance in order to have proper control of one's own body and chakra under influence of heavier dosages of drugs.

    Fukuryu (Crouching Dragons)
    - This is the rank where a member is truly considered part of the clan. Having relative control over drugs and good combat abilities, they fight in the front lines during wars. They constitute the maximum number of people.
    Consume of stronger drugs. Organism is now more used to foreign substances. Immunity to poison.

    Giseiryu (Sacrificing Dragons)
    - The strongest samurais in the clan only surpassed in power by the Dragon Heads. More like a hidden and last resort weapon, they will consume any drugs necessary to get the most powerful possible, in order for the clan's objective to be assured.
    - Consume of forbidden drugs, which can deteriorate one's mind and body.

    Hitsuryu (Dragon Heads)
    - Only two exist and they're the leaders of the Yakuza clan. They have knowledge over all types of drugs existing in the clan including secret techniques, which are passed verbally from generation to generation of Hitsuryu and there is no document containing them.
    - Complete immunity over even the strongest drugs and complete control over one's own chakra under the influences of said drugs. Body and mind are not affected any more by the drug's after effects.

    -One must simply possess an approved samurai biography.
    -No Cannon biography

    Ichigo..; Yahiko Uchiha; Typhon; Gin-San; Luiz are ready to join our clan, as you can see here. Hattori Hanzo; ~Xanthe~ too.

    C u s t o m C l a n C e r t i f i c a t e

    I, Rei of NB's battle Arena, by the power invested in me by Versuvio, Nexus and Zise, give you the following:

    Alucard, our loyal member, gave on the date 10-September-2011 a submission for a Custom Clan;

    after reading the submission and assuring that Alucard has the needed posts and has completed the assigned Sage Mission, I decided that the submitted Custom Clan satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving Alucard his rightfully earned certificate on this Custom Clan by the following;

    Yakuza Clan
    Powered by Rei
    Copyright ©2012, Alucard ,
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Clan Name Dragon Slayers Clan

    Founder Joker and Akisha (co creator)

    History of the Clan The Dragon Slayer clan was found my Joker, the sage of elemental combinations. The clan originates from Amegakure (The village Hidden in the Rain), around the time of the 3rd reat ninja war. The clan members were hired to protect Amegakure from the other ninjas who used Ame as a battle ground during the ground. Many of the clan members were killed back then but many live now around the world.

    Special Abilities The Dragon Slayer clan's ability is not a Kekei Genkai. It’s a form of absolute mastery over their natural element and chakra, allowing them to use the full extent of their ability. All out clan members use special dragon chakra that just enhances one element. As a result of this, those from the Dragon Slayer clan are able to change their body to their own element, in both offensive and defensive styles (We can turn some parts of our bodies into fire but some can turn even the whole body not only parts). They can also consume external sources of their natural element to replenish themselves (For example a fire dragon slayer will be immune to the fire). They are also naturally immune to the effects of their own element that came from both their own person and those from other sources, but must consume it through their mouths if they are to actually absorb it into their bodies (If someone uses fire on a dragon slayer he will just consume the fire and increate their own powers). Dragon Slayers also have an incredible sense of smell too even more enhanced than a ninja dog or Inzuka dog/clan member There can only be 1 Dragon Slayer for the desired element or ability, so basicly only 1 Fire Dragon slayer, lightning etc. etc.
    Note: Dragon Slayers can absorb jutsus up to S rank (including)

    Location: The Dargon Slayer clan was set in Amegakure and this is where large number of the ninjas of the clan live there.

    Purpose: To protect Amegakure…

    Special info: Levels of Hierarchy;

    Dragon Slayer Novice: Novices have basic knowledge of the use of the clan's techniques.

    • Not able to turn into the element but can absorb up to C rank techniques.

    Dragon Slayer Shinobi: More advanced students.

    • Are able to turn only 1 or 2 parts of their bodies into the element (Like arm or leg) and can absorb up to B rank.

    Dragon Slayer Warrior: Warriors have good knowledge of the Dragon Slayers fighting style and they are the main soldiers during war.

    • Are able to turn completely into the element and can absorb up to A rank. Their sense of smell is starting to improve and they can find an opponent everywhere he is up to Short range.

    Dragon Slayer Lord: They are the strongest Dragon Slayer Warriors and lead a squadron of Dragon Slayer Warriors.

    • Are able to turn into the element completely and appear wherever they want to and can absorb up to S rank techniques (including). Their sense of smell is starting to improve and they can find an opponent everywhere he is up to Mid range.

    Dragon Slayer Master: There are only 3 Dragon Slayer Masters in total and they are said to be the strongest in the clan. Their skill in battle greatly exceeds that of a Dragon Slayer Lord in that they can defeat one with relative ease while using only basic techniques.

    • Are able to turn into the element completely and appear wherever they want to and can absorb up to S rank techniques (including). Their sense of smell is starting to improve and they can find an opponent everywhere he is up to Long range.

    Dragon Slayer Sage: The most powerful and fearsome members of the Dragon Slayer Clan. Only 2 exist and they are the one who control all the people from the clan.

    • Same as dragon slayer master but the sages are those who lead the clan

    Dragon Slayer Council: The Dragon Slayer Masters and the Dragon Slayer Sages are in that council. In the council it is decided what actions should the clan take in times of war and all other things involving the clan.

    Forbidden: People that has an Special biography that required a special test and the character itself doesn't belong to a clan, then the user won't be able to put his/her special biography into the Dragon slayers clan.

    Requirements Mastery over the desired element.

    The history is not sufficient, the red parts need either deletion or better explanation and also, who is ready to join your clan? I have a problem with the so called dragon chakra, where does it come from etc. Edit your post here or if you cannot do that, make a new post and I will delete this one.
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Clan Name: Dragon Slayers Clan

    Founder; Joker and Akisha/Pervy (co creator)

    History of the Clan; Dragons have always been mystical creatures seen throughout history though not many have know they exist. The dragons were masters of their own chakra which is a combination of elemental chakra and sage chakra. Each dragon specialised in one element and would be able to create devasting attacks with that element. Over the years few people have seen the dragons and lived to tell the tail until one day, a great ninja named Hellsbadass, signed a contract with them allowing men to summon the beasts. With this contract, man made a form of peace with the dragons thanks to this great sage. Over time the dragons became more friendly towards men and after a long time, they decided to share their knowledge and power with certain ninja they deemed fit. Each dragon took one student who they saw fit, and taught them their special techniques and the power of the dragon's chosen element. After many years the dragons began to expand on what they taught the dragon slayers. First they taught them how to control the element to it's greatest potential. Next, they helped the ninja to become one with the element, to feel it and let it become an extention of themselves. And finally they taught them the use of the Dragon chakra. This chakra is a combination of natural energy and elemental chakra fused together to create an attack as powerful as a dragon's. Many wondered where the clan got it's name, and only few knew. The clan's men are called Dragon Slayers, as they have the power equal to that of a dragon making it possible to kill the dragon. Though, due to their contract and their bond's, no dragon slayer would ever harm their dragon.

    Special Abilities: The Dragon Slayer clan's ability is not a Kekei Genkai. It’s a form of absolute mastery over their natural element (each dragon represents and element, such as fire, the dragon will teach the ninja to use this element without any handseals, giving them complete mastery) and chakra, allowing them to use the full extent of their ability. All out clan members use special dragon chakra that just enhances one element (This chakra is explained in the history). As a result of this, those from the Dragon Slayer clan are able to change their body to their own element, in both offensive and defensive styles (We can turn some parts of our bodies into fire but some can turn even the whole body not only parts, this will be a cj). They can also consume external sources (will be a cj)of their natural element to replenish themselves (For example a fire dragon slayer will be immune to the fire). They are also naturally immune to the effects of their own element that came from both their own techniques and those from other sources (to some extent explained below), but must consume it through their mouths if they are to actually absorb it into their bodies (If someone uses fire on a dragon slayer he will just consume the fire and increate their own powers). Dragon Slayers also have an incredible sense of smell too even more enhanced than a ninja dog or Inzuka dog/clan member. There can only be 1 Dragon Slayer for the desired element or ability, so basicly only 1 Fire Dragon slayer, lightning etc. etc.

    Resistance Example: Fire: The fire dragon slayer was taught the ancient ways of fire and through his training has become more immune to fire. This means that when they are hit by a fire attack the attack will be 2 ranks weaker. This means that D/C rank fire will have little to no effect on the user. On the other hand, due to the fire dragon slayer having a love for heat, when against an ice user, they will take more damage from the cold. The ice jutsu will gain +1 rank of damage when it hits the user.

    This will apply to the element of the chosen slayer. So for the wind dragon slayer, they will be more resistant to wind, but take more damage from fire.

    Example of eating element;

    (Soshi ) - Elemental meal
    Rank: S
    Type: Attack/defence
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 40
    Damage points: 80
    Description: When being attacked by their elemental speciality (fire for fire dragon slayer, water for water dragon slayer ect..) The user will open their mouth breathing in sucking the element into their stomac. Due to their resistance to the element, this wont hurt them. Instead, thanks to their dragon slayer powers, they will be able to convert that attack into power themselves. They will convert the element to chakra, which will then heal them slightly giving them more strength. The next jutsu they use of their elemental speciality will gain +1 rank in power as they add the chakra they have eaten to it.
    Note: Useable 3 times per battle.
    Note: Only works for their dragon slayer element
    Note: The healing isn't major, just some cuts and bruises will heal.

    Location: The location of the dragon slayer clan was orignally in the mountains where the dragons would recide but over time they came to trust men and now recide in Amegakure when most dragon slayers recide.

    Purpose: To protect Amegakure, and be the greatest elemental sages.

    Special info;


    • 1. Dragon Slayer Sage; These sages will have mastered everything the dragons have to offer them and have all the bonusses granted by the dragon's training:
    • Perfect sense of smell
    • Elemental immunity
    • Power to eat element
    • Useage of the dragon chakra jutsu
    • Can use chosen element without handseals

      2. Dragon slayer Council:
    • Perfect sense of smell
    • Elemental immunity
    • These govern the clan making decisions
    • Power to eat flames

      3. Dragon slayer
    • Good sense of smell
    • Elemental immunity
    • Can use chosen element with less handseals

      4. Dragon Apprentice
    • Good sense of smell
    • Elemental immunity

    Dragon Slayer Council: The Dragon Slayer Masters and the Dragon Slayer Sages are in that council. In the council it is decided what actions should the clan take in times of war and all other things involving the clan.

    • Mastery over the desired element.

    Gobi Gobletsson, Crow and Kryptic are ready to join the clan.
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Disregard my last clan submission, I would like appreciate it if someone deleted it, thank you

    Name: Supernova/Supernovas

    Founder: Axle

    History of the Clan:

    In a spiritual temple, monks would practice synchronizing their mind, spirit, and bodies to preform an ancient practice known as Haki (japenese for ambition). Haki is a mysterious power that is found in every living being in the world. It is not that different from the normal senses. However, most people do not notice it or fail to awaken it. Broadly, there are two types of Haki common to everyone, given the proper training; however, there is a third type that only a certain group of "chosen ones" are said to possess.Due to the fact that Haki originates from an individual's spirit and not their body, even if the user's spirit is transferred into another body, they are still capable of using Haki as if they were in their original body. In simple terms, Haki is an ability to sense spiritual energy and overpower enemies. However, the monks used this technique to fight off intruders and keep balance to the world if necessary. Only high level monks could master the techniques and very few monks could learn 2 and it was impossible to learn all 3. One day a shinobi went and found this spiritual temple, it was located on a distant island and had no contact with the outside world. When the shinobi entered the temple he found only an old man with a white beard sitting in a chair. The shinobi asked what was this place and the old man explained to him about the temple and their practices. When the shinobi asked the man where everyone else were, the old man replied by saying "they weren't worthy". Apparently time was changing and it showed in the new monks that were entering the temple. None of them were able to awaken their Haki and died in the process. The shinobi asked the old man who he was, the old man's name was Silvers Rayleigh and he was a master monk who had learned 2 of the types of Haki. The shinobi then asked if Rayleigh could help him unlock his own Haki, Rayleigh accepted stating that if the shinobi died then it wouldn't be his fault at all.

    The next day the shinobi and Rayleigh started training to unlock Haki. On his first day of training, Rayleigh and the shinobi began sparring as the man told him that the way to unlock the first ability is to push your ambition to the max as ambition is a form of aligning mind, body, and spirit, and said that if the shinobi's ambition is strong enough then he will unlock his Haki. So Rayleigh sparred the man, and put him at a life threatening position as Rayleigh was on a whole different level than the shinobi, and put him at a life threatening position with his sword slicing down diagonally toward the shinobi's torso, as it seemed that all home was lost, the shinobi let out a yell which people claim to have heard around the world. As the sword touched the man's body, it bounced off, apparently the shinobi had unlocked his Haki. He made his body harden so that the sword wouldn't cut him. Rayleigh was surprised at this and laughed with joy. That night the two celebrated with sake even though they were in a temple. Rayleigh explained that if the shinobi wanted to, they could continue the training to see if the man could learn another Haki, the man agreed and that same night, they went outside to continue training. This time, Rayleigh had set up booby traps all in the forest and told the man to survive. The shinobi faced many of traps in the forest, leading him to lose his right eye in the process. It seemed as though it was hopeless and this dark forest would be the man's death bed, the traps springing suddenly slowed down, and the man was able to even predict the traps before they exploded, and dodge them. The next morning, Rayleigh was certain the man was dead as he waited at the edge of the forest enjoying more sake. Suddenly an arrow was thrown at high speed towards Rayleigh's head which he dodged, when he turned his attention towards the forest, he saw the shinobi covered in blood, walk out like a champion. Rayleigh gave the man an eye patch for his eye and they continued laughing.

    Rayleigh thinking the man had reached his limit, told him that it was time for them to leave the island and said that the shinobi was the last one he would ever teach. So the two left the island on the shinobi's boat and wounded up in Kirigakure where they settled down. Two year's later the shinobi ended up getting a simple Kirigakure girl pregnant, the shinobi couldn't wait for his child. 9 months later on February 20th, the shinobi gave birth to a boy, the shinobi, who's body was giving in to the the pressure of unlocking 2 Haki's in the same day, was growing weak. So he settled down in Kirigakure and decided to make a living forging swords. He only made on though before he was attacked in the middle of the night by Uchiha Madara. The man who constantly used Haki from day to day basis caught the attention of Madara who was controlling the Mizukage at the time. Apparently Madara (thinking it was a Keke Genkai) decided he would kill the man and examine his body to find out about these techniques. They engaged in a quick battle as the man's body was weak from overrusing Haki, Madara fled the scene and waited outside Kiri for the shinobi to bury the man. After the funeral, Madara snuck in the graveyard and took the man's body, replacing him with another Kiri ninja. Madara walked off with the body, knowing the man had a son, vowed to comeback and claim the boy as his own. As he was leaving the village, Rayleigh who had been watching the whole time told Madara that he could take the shinobi for he has overrused his powers and got what he deserved and assured Madara that he would find nothing from his body except hundreds of scars. He also told Madara that if he ever stepped foot in the village to touch the shinobi's young son, then he would personally ended his life. He then released his own Haki, making even Madara respect the man and flee.

    16 years later, the boy had turned 18 and Rayleigh could sense the Haki within him. So before the boy made the same mistake as his father and abused it, Rayleigh felt that he must teach him how to use Haki as well as unlock it, he felt as though he owed his old friend that. Rayleigh introduced himself to the boy and told him the story of him and his father. The boy was excited to hear about his father and more excited to hear that he would be getting stronger. Rayleigh and the boy went through plenty of dangerous exercises and missions, to unlock the boys Haki. It took 3 months but the boy had unlocked his Haki and understood it. He had also unlocked a third Haki, one nobody had ever saw. Rayleigh was proud of his new student and told him that he had the power to balance the world. The boy took that into his hands and said that he would start a group, one that could stand up to those that opposed him and that would balance the world. The boy called this group...The Supernovas.

    Special Abilities:

    As I explained in the history, there are 3 different types of Haki

    Haki is separated into three categories, or "colors": Kenbunshoku Haki, which grants users a sixth sense of the world around them and limited precognitive abilities; Busoshoku Haki, which allows the user to use their spirit as armor to defend against attacks or to make their own attacks more potent; and Haoshoku Haki, a rare type of Haki only one in a million can use which grants the user the ability to overpower the will of others. Most people who can use Haki tend to have a type they're better at and as a result focus on that type. However, a person can improve their abilities with all the types of Haki, it just requires more work.

    Kenbunshoku Haki

    Kenbunshoku Haki, is a form of Haki that allows the user to sense the presence of others, even if they are concealed from view or too far to see naturally. With enough skill, one can use this Haki to predict an opponent's moves shortly before they make them, thereby making the attack that much easier to evade. This is technique rivals that of the Sharingan 2 tomoe. This prediction appears to the user as an image or brief "premonition" of what the opponent will do in the user's mind's eye, and the damage the user will take if the attack actually "hits". It appears that the more killing intent the enemy has, the easier they are to predict. Although, more skilled users can predict future moves whether there are ambient murderous intents or not. This lets the user keep up with someone even if they are no more than double the user's current speed. Though the user can use this to evade some attacks, it does not work on S-rank and Forbidden. The user can see the attack coming and counter it, however the user cannot simply "dodge it". The user cannot dodge some weaker ones also if they cannot do so logically, example : Your opponent sends a huge fireball at you, you cannot simply dodge it for the fireball is too big, however, you can counter the attacks. The "dodging" motion is only usable if you're fighting a taijutsu user or if the attack is a small direct one. The user also does not since sense people by their chakra, however they do so by their "presence".

    Note: if used can not be used again for 4 turns.
    Note: can only be used 3 times per battle
    Note: can only sense people up to mid-range

    Busoshoku Haki

    Busoshoku Haki allows the user to create a force similar to an invisible armor around themselves.This allows the user to defend against attacks that would otherwise cause them harm. Only significant physical force can overcome this defense. Naturally this "invisible armor" can be used as a weapon to strike others with. It can be used to augment the user's own attacks, projected ahead of the user as pure brute force, or imbued in weapons to increase their effectiveness. Any attack enhanced by Busoshoku Haki hits immensely harder than it would normally be without it. This armor cannot stop that of someone in the 4th gate or higher, Raikage or Tsunade's punches, S-rank and above attacks. Also this technique raises taijutsu +15, the user doesn't get faster, just gets tougher for a minute (a turn). Even though it protects the user from damage, the user still feels the force, example: if the opponent uses a wind attack, the damage will not effect the user, however, the force the wind will still blow them back, the same for water.

    Note: If used, cannot be used again for 4 turns
    Note: can only be used 3 times per battle
    Note: can only block up to A-rank attacks

    Haoshoku Haki

    Haoshoku Haki is a rare form of Haki that cannot be attained through training and only one in a million people carry it. This type of Haki grants the user the ability to dominate the wills of others. The most common usage in the series so far is knocking those with weak wills unconscious.Whilst inexperienced users are restricted to merely overpowering the will of one individual or blindly knocking out weak-willed people around them, those with more expertise can pick out weak-willed individuals in a large group and knock them out without affecting those around them. However, those with stronger wills can resist or even ignore the effects of Haoshoku Haki. According to Rayleigh, while this type of Haki cannot be attained through training, it can be improved through training, as it grows as the user's spirit grows. The ability to knock someone out depends on the difference in strength between the person using Haki and the person or persons the user is trying to knock out. The greater the power gap, the easier it is to knock the victim out. It seems that upon recovery, victims of Haoshoku Haki experience the sensation of chills running through their body. However, it presumably wears off after a short period. This technique knocks out anyone who is 2 ranks or lower than the user's NB rank. For instance, if you're a Sage/Official Sage, this technique cannot knock out a Kage or Sannin but affects anyone lower for 1 turn.

    Note: if used no Haki at all for 4 turns
    Note: can only be used twice per battle
    Note: only affects those who are within short-mid range of the user
    Note: the user must remained focused on the victim to maintain the effect (i.e. no ninjutsu or genjutsu can be used)


    The Location of the group of Supernovas is on the temple where they originated. The temple is off the coast of Kirigakure, and is a 3 day trip. That place in the ocean if far off the coast and many navigators have no clue that it even exists. Also compasses do not work in that area also which is why it's so hard to find. However, if you posses Haki, you're able pinpoint the location or atleast remember it. There's also a map to the island which is what the shinobi used to get there. The map is currently with the founder of the Supernovas.


    My organization wishes to do nothing more than to balance out the world and maintain peace. However if anytime the founder feels different, these objectives can and will change.

    Special Info:

    Captain: This rank is given to the main man in charge of everything. He has learned all 3 Hakis. There is only one captain in this clan. Everyone must salute the captain if not Shishibukai rank. Every Haki's cooldown is downed by 2 except the 3rd

    Shishibukai: This person is second in charge of the Supernovas. He has learned 2 Hakis and will have the trait for the third. Also, the third trait is only given to those who earn this rank. They are in charge of everything else. They also accompany the captain wherever he goes. Must atleast be Kage rank. Every Haki's cooldown is downed by 1 except the 3rd

    Admiral: The admiral has learned 2 Hakis and is very skilled in combat. there are 4 admirals. each admiral is in charge of their division and reports back to the temple every week to let the founder know how things are. Each Admiral does not have control over another admirals squad. Must atleast be sannin rank. Every Haki's cooldown is downed by 1 except the 3rd

    Vice Admiral: The vice admiral has also 2 Hakis and is second in command of their division. There are also 4 vice admirals. They answer to their Admiral and theirs alone. Must atleast be S-class rank.

    Monk: Monks have atleast 1 Haki, they listen to their higher ranks of their division.


    -One must not be in another clan
    -One must not have another KG
    -One must be atleast S-class rank
    -You will get kicked out for being inactive
    -You will get kicked out for treason
    -You will get kicked out for killing a teammate
    -You will get kicked out for disobedience
    -You will get kicked out for spamming
    -Have fun
    -Be a team player
    -It is not usable by Samurais

    C u s t o m C l a n C e r t i f i c a t e

    I, RokuNR of NB's battle Arena, by the power vested in me by Versuvio, Nexus and Zise, give you the following:

    Axle, our loyal member, gave on the date 04-September-2012 a submission for a Custom Clan;

    after reading the submission and assuring that Axle has the needed posts and has completed the assigned Sage Mission, I decided that the submitted Custom Clan satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving Alucard his rightfully earned certificate on this Custom Clan by the following;

    Supernova Clan
    Powered by Rei
    Copyright ©2013, Axle ,
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Valentine Family (Tanabata Ichizoku)


    History of the Clan:
    Tanabata Ichizoku, Modern Day Valentine Family is a group of people with origins as old as Land of Rain itself. They started during the warring states era as a group of vigilantes eventually controlling street level crimes in all of land of rain. Despite being criminals Valentine’s Family had great love for their own, upon creation of Amegakure and Hanzo’s government. Land of Rain was invaded from all sides and forced to be a Warzone. Tanabata Ichizoku took control of areas and forced people to provide protection money, which was actually a front to keep populated areas away from war, others wouldn’t invade areas already knee deep crises especially when they’ve enemies to fight. Hanzo more than anyone else realized the purpose was to keep peace, although it meant him eventually losing power. This was still opportunity for him maintain his focus at the war.

    Tanabata Ichizoku would later come to financially support the Akatsuki, forcing Hanzo’s hands to make an alliance with Danzo. The fall of Akatsuki also meant the fall of Tanabata, later upon Akatsuki’s possession of Amegakure the Tanabata, now known as Valentine Family regained power. Having a share in its aristocracy, with their department being the underworld. Minimizing crime in the Land of rain and raising it to cause economic problems in other countries.

    The clan is ingrained in all levels of Amegakure’s society, the site on which the village was built has been a home to the clan for as far back as records go.

    The clan’s ultimate aim is harmony with the natural world around them, and by extension, the end of humanities ceaseless destruction of nature, by any means necessary. The clan and its ways have many references of Yakuza and Mafioso. They wear nothing other than suits, they follow strict codes even with their crimes. Their symbol is an oddly shaped bat spreading its wings while carrying a heart broken in two. Their ways could be typically summarized by their catchphrase “Beauty and Beast”. With beauty representing their objects of affection they seek to protect and beast themselves with their odd transformations. The heart and the bat are also representation of the concept. They only allow people of the Land of Rain within the clan, another reference to the Mafia which keeps membership to Italian/Sicilian Bloodlines.

    Special Abilities:

    In all cultures there are mythologies of shapeshifters, for example:

    American Indian Skinwalkers:
    According to the Book of the Navajo, the practice of animal emulation began with a hunter who thought of using the head of a deer so that he could approach them more closely to kill them. He was unsuccessful until the Gods came and showed him not only how to make the mask but how to emulate the animal. The practice of wearing the skins of the deer and emulating them began for the purpose of hunting. Locke also links the practice of witchcraft involving animal emulation and shape shifting to the Navajo folk tale of Coyote's wife. Believing that Coyote had been murdered, his wife takes the form of a bear and begins to curse and slay her husband's killers with witchcraft. The association of skin-walkers with Coyote is a prevalent belief in both their common usage of coyote skins and reputations of being tricksters. Skinwalkers are known as a Native American version of a Loup-garou. Even children have been known to become a skinwalker.


    A werewolf, also known as a lycanthrope (from the Greek λυκάνθρωπος: λύκος, lykos, "wolf", and ἄνθρωπος, anthrōpos, "man"), is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature, either purposely or after being placed under a curse and/or lycanthropic affliction via a bite or scratch from a werewolf, or some other means. This transformation is often associated with the appearance of the full moon, as popularly noted by the medieval chronicler Gervase of Tilbury, and perhaps in earlier times among the ancient Greeks through the writings of Petronius.
    In addition to the natural characteristics inherent to both wolves and humans, werewolves are often attributed strength and speed far beyond those of wolves or men. The werewolf is generally held as a European character, although its lore spread through the world in later times. Shape-shifters, similar to werewolves, are common in tales from all over the world, most notably amongst the Native Americans, though most of them involve animal forms other than wolves.

    Huli - jing:

    In Chinese mythology, it is believed that all things are capable of acquiring human forms, magical powers, and immortality, provided that they receive sufficient energy, in such forms as human breath or essence from the moon and the sun.
    The fox spirits encountered in tales and legends are usually females and appear as young, beautiful women.


    The Greeks also spoke of cynanthropy (Kynior, dog). Cynanthropy, sometimes spelled kynanthropy, is applied to shapeshifters who alternate between dog form and human form, or to beings that do not shapeshift but possess combined dog and human anatomical features. It is also used for real persons suffering from the delusion that they are dogs. After lycanthropy, cynanthropy is the best known term for a specific variety of therianthropy.


    European folklore usually depicts werecats who transform into domestic cats, sometimes of an enlarged size, or panthers. African legends describe people who turn into lions or leopards, while Asian werecats are typically depicted as becoming tigers. The transformation of each individual animal feline form possesses its own version of the "were" title, for instance werelions, wereleopards, werejaguars, werecheetah, and werepanthers. The general classification of werecat typically applies to all, excluding circumstances between werecats, whom identify each species by the appropriate specific title. Werecats have been represented as typically living in prides regardless of sub-classification.

    The clan I am submitting is based upon these legends. The founder (myself) developed a way to take the realistic form of animals by manipulating the natural mutagenic properties of natural energy. This process gives the forms actual tangible physical benefits that a standard transformation technique just cannot provide. As well as increasing the natural lifespan, strength and vitality of the clan members, Vincent Valentine the leader of the clan has mastered this to the point that he has an indefinite lifespan.

    The clan uses a special ability called Sage morphing, which is a specialized branch of Senjutsu that makes simultaneous use of senjutsu along with transformation technique.
    Natural energy works in different ways, apart from enhancing all of the user’s capabilities if it’s not properly balanced it initiates body transformations. There are numerous known cases all of which had something to do with transformations in physical appearances:
    Sage mode, Kabuto’s version: While humanoid, kabuto yakushi grew horns, scales and areas of pigmentation around his eyes that extended till his shoulder blade. The ability was a granted change in appearance simply by entering Sage mode while being a snake summoner.
    Sage mode, Jiraiya’s version: Jiraiya’s version of imperfect sage mode had his appearance altered heavily. He also showed the ability to transform his limbs (e.g. his hands and feet) into those of frogs so as to aid in maneuverability. The transformation was a result of failure to balance chakra along with natural energy, similar to how naruto began to transform in a toad while learning Senjutsu.
    Jugo’s Sage transformation technique: Juugo’s clan had the ability to passively absorb Natural energy, although they didn’t turn into statues, it did granted demonic features and the ability to freely transform their bodies.
    Orochimaru’s cursed seal technique, level 2: Initiated transformations similar to Sage transformation of Jugo’s clan. The ability was related to natural energy.

    Sage morphing uses the user’s expertise in transformation technique and imagination along with the influence of senjutsu to make real vivid transformation that are more or less permanent unless the user ends a technique cuts his natural energy supply. For the duration of the transformation technique, senjutsu energy is passively absorbed to aid the transformation while still allowing the user to move, this ability is the result of extensive Senjutsu usage when the user eventually becomes adept to absorb very small fractions of natural energy even while moving. The energy isn’t enough initiate a sage mode transformation or allow use of a Sage technique but enough to actively source the energy for transformation techniques.
    Transformations obtained by Sage morphing are not in any way similar to Sage transformation, cursed seal or Piston fist. They are actual transformations made realistic by the use of Senjutsu, where they give the user various advantages of shape and form, growing wings for instance as well as additional effects such as an upgraded killing intent from particularly scary transformations; this may be both the result of Appearances and natural energy’s role in making them real.
    User could also disguise himself better when he copies the appearance of another person; he would go down to incredible details from smell, accents, unique traits and even chakra signature. This does not however include unique abilities or dojutsu, but so long it extends to just appearances even that could be copied.
    Using the style does have limitations or drawbacks however:
    Transformations must always be of living creatures, if the user transforms into an inanimate not a living object, due to the realistic effects of the transformation. User could permanently transform into the object and die or rather cease to exist, well, at least as a living being.
    Transformations with effects other than altering, appearance, size and anatomy must be submitted as separate techniques. Transformations that are purely cosmetic and do not confer any power boosts are a passive ability however, these must be of species found commonly in earths ecosystems, mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, etc.
    Lastly, there is always a risk involved when using Senjutsu, user could end up transforming in a statue: to avoid that Clan members carry objects similar to fukasaku’s stick that was used to prevent naruto from transforming into a statue, these objects can be an article of clothing or additional equipment. In the midst of battle, these equipment can be used to filter/absorb/push back natural energy from the users body to save the person from his demise.

    Example Technique

    Chaos (Ranmyaku)
    Rank: S
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 40 (+10 per turn)
    Damage Points: N/a
    Description: Chaos is a morphing technique born of negative and dark memories and the sins of the user; it’s a person dark side taking physical form, an executioner and harbinger of death who comes during the user’s state of mental imbalance. Chaos has a satanic appearance, large black wings, pale skin and yellow glowing eyes. Adding to the theme, the hairs grows longer and stiffens making spikes along with the users cloth, being shredded in various areas. Gauntlets and knee guards appears that reflect a demon’s limbs and metallic ribs cover the abdominal area. The user’s chakra becomes similar to that of a cursed seal, dark and purple-ish in color. The area where the user’s heart is present begins to glow.
    -Grants flight
    -Murderous intent improves by 5 fold. And user becomes emotionless therefore providing immunity against genjutsu, killing intent and any other technique that affects the users emotions. User is still affected to genjutsu that do not affect the emotions however.
    -User gains the ability to sense murderous intent, distinguish between several people and determine the strength of each person’s killing intent.
    -User’s Fire and Lightning techniques do additional damage (+15) due to natural energy.
    -User’s Genjutsu improves by 1 rank, excluding forbidden techniques. I.e. B rank genjutsu becomes A rank, and A rank becomes S rank. But S rank and forbidden ranked genjutsu don’t improve.
    -Lasts 5 turns
    -User is unable to use Sage Morph techniques for 2 turns after the mode ends.
    -Cannot be activated at the same time as other mode, including other transformations.

    Appearance: [x]

    Additional effects and Restrictions:
    -Improved transformation abilities.
    -Ability to passively absorb senjutsu, although only sufficient to source the chakra for the modes used in this style.
    -Due to the senjutsu chakra regulating around the user at all times, his physical strength and durability increases (+15 damage to all taijutsu)as well as ninjutsu abilities (+10 damage to all ninjutsu).
    - Due to training with natural energy, the clan has the ability to detect living things through their life force.
    - The clan are naturally more resilient than normal humans and as such have a high resistance to toxins and pathogenic matter, aswell as longer lifespans

    Special Info:


    Dark King:

    Leader of the clan. With full mastery of all its abilities. The leader is pseudo-immortal, meaning he will never age and can only be die through being physically killed. the leader of the clan has extreme mastery of the clans abilities and as a result his modes last 2 turns longer than a normal user.

    Dark Crusader:

    The inner circle of the clan. They have attained near mastery of the clans abilities and have access to all the clans techniques. Due to their mastery of the arts of the clan, these individuals can live for hundreds of years. Their transformations last 1 turn longer than normal.

    Dark Knight:

    Mainstay rank of the clan, they have access to most abilities of the clan though gain no additional benefits aside from a lifespan double that of a normal human.

    Dark Neophyte:

    Full member of the clan. They have access to the basic transformations of the clan, but as they are fairly untrained in the arts, they suffer a -1 turn penalty on the duration of their transformations


    Initiation rank. Squires have only access to the basic modes with a -2 turn penalty on duration of the mode due to being essentially new to the arts.

    - The user must have a massive chakra supply (kage rank or higher in nb terms).
    - Any initiates must pass battle tests assigned by a crusader or higher.
    - Clan members must be affiliated with amegakure in the rp
    - Cannot have a Kekkei Genkai
    - Cannot be a cannon biography

    Upon leaving Ame or you are exiled from the clan and your ability to mould natural energy is sealed by the clan leader.
    Leaf, Zanji, Xylon, Vision, Howard and Solf are ready and willing to join the clan

    Adapted from a cfs submission and submitted as a clan as per the suggestion made upon checking

    C u s t o m C l a n C e r t i f i c a t e

    I, RokuNR of NB's battle Arena, by the power vested in me by Versuvio, Nexus and ZonDer, give you the following:

    Vincent, our loyal member, gave on the date 27-February-2013 a submission for a Custom Clan;

    after reading the submission and assuring that Vincent has the needed posts and has completed the assigned Sage Mission, I decided that the submitted Custom Clan satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving Vincent his rightfully earned certificate on this Custom Clan by the following;

    Valentine Family
    Powered by Rei
    Copyright ©2013, Vincent,
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    †† Binkan Kyōsei | Force Sensitives ††

    †† Founder ††

    †† History of the Clan ††
    Lost in the mists of time, the origins of the Binkan Kyõsei clan predates the Sage of Six Paths himself. Its said that long ago, before Men were able to manipulate their chakra to influence the real world, children were born that had been touched by Kami. These children were often abandoned or even killed slightly after birth, as they were believed to be the bringers of great misfortune and pain to those around them.

    While there were no real records of these children having survived to see their adult years, some rumours scattered throughout the ninja world of sporadic appearances of these children lingered in the folklore of many nations. Soon know as the sensitives, the Binkan are, as far as most people know, only another legend.

    However, some of these children did indeed survive, saved by loving families, friends or even sheer luck. Here and there the Binkan started to find each other, joining forces and in the dark shadows of the ninja world they formed a small but strongly bound clan, based in an island beyond the boundaries of the ninja world. The Binkan Clan was then born as nothing more than a group of survivors from the superstition that plagued them.

    With little to no contact with the rest of the Ninja World, the Binkan Clan kept itself outside conflicts, only acting here and there to save one of their own from the fate that would generally be brought upon their clan children.

    The reason for this "hunt" and all the superstition surrounding their clan, was linked to their own birth. Unlike most clans, the factor that made them more unique and that shrouded their own clan's origins in mystery and unanswered questions, was the fact that they didn't share any kind of direct lineage link to each other, with Binkan children born in virtually all clans, villages or nations, negating any possible blood line relation to their abilities. Off course all Binkan shared many traits and even virtually almost the same special chakra signature, but other than that, they all had non Binkan parents and they didn't come from any specific nation or clan in the Ninja World. This wouldn't be enough, though, to be deemed a curse on all those around them.

    The secret behind the hate towards the Binkan clan had its origin in the abilities of the clan members but also their unique traits. Binkan seemed to know things that a normal person wouldn’t and would often predict disasters or other events with precision and were, one way or another, not fully "human". Their uncanny wit and perception and their ability to seemingly know any and everything thing were the biggest reason for their persecution. People, regardless of anything else, always fear what they don’t understand.

    The clan itself works only as a teaching ground for all Binkan’s. Once they are found and brought to the clan, they begin learning the clans abilities and their true power. During that time, each individual lays his own path towards independence. Some stay within the clan’s ranks and teach others, living in seclusion and peace. Others, set sail to the world and act according to their own desires and passions.

    As most clans, the more they studied their power and abilities, the more they learned about them. Soon they started to understand their powers and their origins. Around the time the Sage of Six Paths was teaching Men the art of Ninjutsu, the Binkan found the uncanny truth of their abilities that had until that point escaped their knowledge: they were blessed with awareness towards the force. The force, a metaphysical, binding, and ubiquitous power that connects the fabric of existence. While normal people are unaware of its existance, Force Sensitives were and it was their connection to the force that gave them their abilities and their special powers. Eventually they found out that the nature of each binkan often drove them in one of 2 opposing paths: The path of the Selfless Warrior (the Jedi path) and the path of the Passionate Loner (the Sith path). The Jedi embodied selfless compassion. The Sith embodied selfish passion. Both poles opposed eachother but in some ways complemented themselves. As they dwelled deeper and deeper into the force and its origins, they soon found that the force itself had, in some circunstances, a dual nature. Not as simplistic as Right or Wrong but actually more like push and pull or black and white: The Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force. The dicotomy of the force was contested by the Jedi who believed that the force was not inherently good or evil or had any nature by itself but it was rather the individual that it connected to that used it in a good or evil manner. Although Jedi’s believed that the true nature of the force was determined by its wielder, they prefered to use more defensive abilities. Sith, however, believed that from passion, anger, attachment, love, grew their ability to use the force and believed the force to be driven by passion and that passion was the true nature of the force. From love and passion, fear is born; fear from losing the object of ones love. This fear brings rage and anger directed at anything that affects or intervenes with ones object of love. Because of this passion and fiery attitude, Sith tended to use the force in more aggrssive and offensive ways than Jedi’s.

    Around the time of the death of the Sage of Six Paths, both Jedi and Siths were at a cross roads. The division of the clan brought the issue of whom would teach the younger generations and who would determine who was Sith or Jedi. You see, while a force sensitive is born with a certain inclination towards either the Light or the Dark Side of the force, none is labeled immediately as Sith or Jedi; they choose their own path as they grow and their abilities with the force progress, becoming either a Sith or a Jedi true their own understanding of the force. A war raged across the clan and many lost their lives trying to defend their beliefs and their way of thinking.

    Eventually, after 10 years of conflict, the Jedi Grand Master and the High Sith Lord sat down and came to an understanding about the future of the clan: the younglings would be taught the ways of the force by the compassionate Jedi’s that resided in the island. If, at some point, their passion and anger drove them to the dark side, they would be guided to the Sith who lived in the mainland. The Sith would take upon themselves to teach the youngling to use the dark side and to learn how to resist losing himself in it.

    Since that day, known as The Day of Convergence, the Binkan clan has survived and endured in a relative peace up to the current age. Here and there minor incidents have happened but for the most part, the clan has walked its own path, oblivous of the changes in the world around them.

    †† Special Abilities ††

    The Force and Chakra
    Binkan's abilities are all based or derived from their connection to the Force. Known as the Way, Nature, Divine Force or simply the Force, it is a metaphysical, binding, and ubiquitous power that connects the fabric of existence. Its present in everything and everything living is part of it, being intertwined and connected to and through it. While is seamlessly doesn't drive anything, its also the connection between the universe's existence and the binding that sews the fabric of existance. Only Binkan are in tune with the force and they are the only ones that can sense it or be aware of it. The force is, in force sensitives, driven by one's emotions and becomes and extension of them. Unlike natural energy, which is something external to the user that he learns to manipulate, The Force is the link between any and everything, living and inanimate, meaning that one is part of the force and as such, one imbues the force with ones "print". Because they are part of the force, their link to it becomes responsible by many of their unique traits. Connected with the force they are beacons of vitality and their chakras are very powerful and resilient. The uses of The Force come in 3 main areas, regarding how the force is used and for what: Force Sense, Force Alter and Force Control.

    As the Force is stronger in them and brews and resonates inside them, it becomes the source of a great vitality. Their strong chakra enables them high stamina but also increased physical prowess when compared with normal ninjas (this translates in higher than normal dexterity, agility, reactions and overall perfected movement which translates into precision and pin point accuracy in weapon aiming and wielding as well as hand to hand combat). Because of this some have effectively resisted age. While they end up maturing at variable ages, at which point their ageing process is stopped, many have lived well beyond the limits of Men. The Force is where they take nurishment from and its their own will that keeps them living. A saying exists in the clan that says “While one wishes it, the Force will keep him alive”, pertaining to the fact that if they lose their will to live, they do perish and die. While they can potentially live forever, they are not immortal and can succumb to any injury that would affect a normal ninja. Their life force increases their resistance to poisons and radiation or toxins as the force can be used to negate these effects. However, this is not a passive trait and requires great skill, meditation and the use of specific Force Control techniques which not all force sensitives know.

    Physical Divergence
    Binkan don't share a common genetic background or origin, leaving upon the force to shape their existance, making it so that they don't have common physical traits. Instead, they tend to be very diverse yet always somehow different from a normal human. Be it by simple details like skin color or eye color to other more noticeable features like differently shaped pupils or pointed ears or a different number of fingers or even limbs, extra high height or extra low height, fur, etc etc. The overall physical characteristics of the clan are as diverse as the origins of each of its members although following the overall human or humanoid condition of Men. To some extent, in late years, some Jedi’s have come to believe that this is due to ones own will and how it makes the Force affects ones body. This characteristic is accentuated as the force sensitive dwells deeper in either the Light Side or the Dark Side of the Force. The Dark Side tends to corrupt the body (although this isn't always the case), changing some aspects which acquire a "decayed", corrupted or "darker" feature. The eyes can become red, the skin gains scars and appears to age faster, the voice becomes deeper and raspier, etc. While these changes don't actually affect the user besides the aesthetics of his body, they do tend to escale as the user dwells more and more into the dark side. On the other hand, the Light Side tends to make the user more aesthetically appealing. Eyes tend to become lighter in color, generally blue or grey. The hair tends to become lighter and the user exudes a calm and soothing presence, otherwise seeming more aligned with what one describe as being Good.

    Force Sense
    The Force Sensitive's main ability and that from which most of their other characteristics come from is their omniscience. It pertains to the ability to know everything that is happening at that moment in time around themselves. Its more than a simple sensory ability as the user doesn't actually sense things; he knows them. The broader spectrum of such abilities is given by what can be known: the position of every single molecule around, the shifting and movements of any energy, the thoughts of someone around the person, the sounds made, the movements made by a person, etc etc. The Force Sensitive is an all knowing person of all that is happening around him at that moment. A passive ability of all clan members, its strength grows as the Binkan grows stronger within their own clan to the point it can be used to even foresee a glimpse of the future. Called Foresight, it is an unique ability only certain grand masters possess, which can only be used a limited number of times (3 times per battle) but enables the user to focus and use the force as pathway to let his mind travel through the path of time. Generally, the Binkan see only glimpses of what will happen in the following minutes but some have seen distance futures. The same ability can be used in a opposite manner, knowing or gaining knowledge of what has been or has passed. This variation, which is quite rare amongst the binkan, is called Psychometry and is an ability used by Binkan to track enemies or acquire knowledge of events long gone throught contact with a given object or person (can be used 3 times per battle). This overall ability is based on their connection to the force and their awareness to it. The force connects every and anything together and by being aware of it, the Force Sensitive becomes aware of everything connected with it.

    Enhanced Memory and Knowledge
    Because of their own abilities Binkan members have extremely good memories. They can remember virtually anything from the moment they became aware of the world around them to the moment they die with great accuracy and detail. Adding this to their omniscience, Binkan clan members acquire great knowledge. They can understand most techniques they are faced with or, by that matter, almost anything they are faced with, in a split second. They can know how a technique is created, it's drawbacks, it's flaws, it's weaknesses and its strengths. They can't copy techniques though but they can know everything about something and use it to devise a feasible and viable counter on the spot. While useful in combat this ability serves them well in other areas. Jedis, for example, have great common sense driven by their wisdom and experience, acting with a levelled mind in any situation and figuring out solutions for any problem. Siths, on the other hand, have an unatural cunning towards breaking down an opponents mind through speech and emotional taunting. Overall, their intellect is such that they cant even be compared to a clan of genius like the Uchiha, as their level of intelligence and knowledge is in a completely different level. However they are still bound by the human condition, reacting in reflexive manners similar to any human and being bound by most of the same basic rules.

    Force Alter
    This is one of the core basic abilities of Binkan members in combat. Through their connection to the Force, Binkan members can use their will and chakra to control, alter or simply affect the world around them using the Force as a medium. As the Force is inter twined with the fabric of existance, they use their connection and ability to manipulate the Force to will it to affect the world around them. They can grab objects with the force, manipulate the forces of physics or nature around them, etc etc. The applications of using the force are only limited by the mind of the one who wields it, including his knowledge of the force and is inate force potencial. Off course, these abilities have limits. As an extension from their bodies, the user, most of the time, must use body movements (hand gestures, leg movements, etc) to induce and sustain such control and produce the desired effect, as well as concentrate and focus. The user is also bound by some limits, one of them being their skill level within the clan and the other their own chakra reserves.

    Force Control
    This ability of the Force is based upon the usage of the force to control oneself. From body functions to speed, strength, agility, chakra reserves, etc. The user can use the force and exerts his or her will upon his or her body and execute actions that would otherwise be impossible to execute. Healing, chakra recovery, stamina regneration are all abilities that can be used through Force Control depending on the users own mastery over the force. Its also the use of Force Control that enables the user to use Saber Combat and Acrobatics. Its using this ability that Binkan can affect the minds of others or their bodies through the force. Jedi's tend to use these abilities to confuse others, read their thoughts or simply heal or protect them. Stih use this ability to torture the minds of others, break their will or do damage their body through corruption.

    Saber Combat and Acrobatics
    Because of their enhanced and perfected perception, Force Sensitives are overall, great close combat experts. Their inhuman physical prowess enables them to use the force to do physical feats that would otherwise be unable to be done and their agility and perception enables them to use almost perfect combat forms and stances. Taijutsu was soon considered by the binkan limited in both the offensive and defensive power it can bestow the user, since he or she is bound by the limits of their own flesh. As such, Binkan turned to the use of swords in combat, using thier aforementioned physical abilities to combine it with normal Taijutsu. Their enormous agility and physical prowess enabled them to wield the famous Chakra Sabers and the Way of the Force, a Fighting Style that combines force manipulation, taijutsu and the use of Chakra Sabers.

    Chakra Saber
    Chakra Sabers are simple chakra swords wielded by every Jedi and Sith. A small hilt engraved in countless Kanji inscriptions focuses the users chakra and produces a blade of pure chakra. This mass-less blade doesn’t emanate heat or any other force of energy until it connects with something. At that point, the chakra becomes able to cut through most materials quite easily, as the moment the chakra blade touches matter, heat is produced which cuts through it. The blade itself can also be used to deflect projectiles or interact with energy based attacks. Because the blade lacks weight, it also lacks momentum and impact, relying on the cutting abilities to deliver damage. This also makes the blades quite tasking to wield, requiring enormous concentration and focus. Some variations exist to suit the users fighting style, with longer or shorter ones, with the blade's color varying between individuals. The saber Staff is a variation, where a larger hilt produces two oppossing blades, one at each end. The saber is not always active, off course, with the user needing to exectue a mental command and fuel his chakra into it to activate its blade. The cost of using the saber is 5 chakra points per turn, 10 if dual wielded or if its a saber staff.

    Note: If allowed, I'll make an unique CFS to showcase all the seven known forms of Saber Combat, based upon this If not allowed, I'll simply make a single Jutsu that will serve as the style itself. It will be named "The Way of the Force".

    †† Location and Purpose ††
    The Binkan clan are based in a far away island, hidden beyond the known ninja world boundaries, which they named Tython, and considered their ancestral home. They travel to the island and from it to the main land through summoning seals, known only to those inside the clan. Binkan have no purpose other than living and gaining knowledge over their origins and existence. Their only drive is the desire to understand who they are and what their purpose in the world is. They generally stay outside conflicts as a group, specially those of the great nations of the ninja world but some clansmen leave the island to expend their knowledge on the world and searching for answers. Some even live amongst the five great nations as ninjas.

    †† Special Info ††

    Depending on the Binkan's skill he or she can specialize in different field of the force, becoming stronger in sensing/perception, in close combat and agility or in altering and affecting the world around them.
    Note: These differences will allow the clan members to make their own custom clan arts.

    Sensitive or Binkan
    Has omniscience in the most basic form, being aware of the world around him in physical terms and the basic physical traits of the clan. Cannot use any force techniques. Upon a short training period, the Binkan chooses one path: either Jedi or Sith.
    The Path of the Jedi

    Can use the basic abilities of force control and force alter. Learns to use Force Acrobatics and Force Calm. Can use the basic forms of Saber Combat.

    Jedi Knight
    Learns how to hone his force sense further, acquiring more knowledge and requiring no focus to use. Learns to use Force Grip which initially can only affect mass the same size as the user. Learns to use Force Mind Trick, Force Grip and the Advanced forms of Way of the Force.

    The Stumble of the Sith

    Can use the basic abilities of force control and force alter. Learns to use Force Acrobatics and Force Rage. Can use the basic forms of Saber Combat.

    Sith Lord
    Learns how to hone his force sense further, acquiring more knowledge and requiring no focus to use. Learns to use Force Grip which initially can only affect mass the same size as the user. Learns to use Force Will Bend, Force Grip and the Advanced forms of Way of the Force.
    Grand Master
    If the user achieves enlightenment in the ways of the force, the user goes beyond the boundary of Jedi or Sith and becomes knowledgeable of both sides of the force and all their abilities. His mastery over force sense is perfected. Can use all of the force abilities and learns how to use Force Persuation, Force Absorb, Force Drain, Force Protect and Force Awakening. The user masters the Way of the Force and becomes able to dual wield or use a chakra staff.

    †† Requirements ††

    ™Member who wishes to apply to the clan has to have mastered basic 5, ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu
    ™Member needs to be at least S-class ninja and a member for at least 6 months
    ™Must gain entry in the clan by successfully completing a mission given by one of the clan masters
    ™Bio must be created on purpose for the clan, with no kg or otherwise have any other custom or cannon clan abilities
    ™Bio's physical divergence traits need to be approved by the head of the clan before submitting for approval to ensure its reasonable
    ™Bio can't have sage mode or any custom variation of it and will not be able to use senjutsu in any form
    ™Bio can be from any village in the cannon universe or say it was born in any clan known but it will be a Binkan bio and will not have any other clan techniques or abilities other than those of a Binkan clan; clan/village origin is only to fuel folklore behind the clan and to deepen the story of the bio
    ™Clan members are bound by a code of secrecy towards the clan. Breaking that code can gain expulsion from the clan
    ™The Chakra Saber doesn't count as a Custom Weapon as its the Force Sensitives basic weapon, the same as a simple chakra infusable sword would be for a normal ninja
    ™By applying to the clan you are accepting and agreeing to abide by the above rules and requirements and agree to any punishment the clan head can bestow upon you

    McRazor, Scary Yamato, Wesobi, Reborn and Lili-chwan are ready to join my clan

    C u s t o m C l a n C e r t i f i c a t e

    I, RokuNR of NB's Battle Arena, by the power vested in me by Versuvio, Nexus and ZonDer, give you the following:

    Scorps, our loyal member, gave on the date 27-March-2013 a submission for a Custom Clan;

    after reading the submission and assuring that Scorps has the needed posts and has completed the assigned Sage Mission, I decided that the submitted Custom Clan satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving Scorps his rightfully earned certificate on this Custom Clan by the following;

    Binkan Kyōsei (Force Sensitives)
    Powered by Rei
    Copyright ©2013, Scorps,
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Name: House of Katsuryoku

    - Founder: Amaimon Katsuryoku

    - History of the Clan:

    House of Katsuryoku's history reaches far back into the past, when there were no nations, united villages and whatsoever, but only clans roamed around the shinobi world causing bloodshed to one another, fighting for their desires, sakes and expanding their territories. A branch of 12 skilled warriors, however tired of the reckless killing, decided to band up forming a brotherhood of sorts, to unite all clans under one banner finally creating peace throughout the world.

    After successfully capturing land in the northern mountains they constructed a guild house, or a mansion if so to say, within the mountain parts. Once it was built, the twelve warriors made an oath of loyalty mixing their blood, also creating the House of Katsuryoku, despite their origins they saw each other as family. Their principles were based on vitality and fortitude. They started recruiting people into their House, however as servants/warriors, later on if they showed enough worth they was accepted into the House of Katsuryoku as a family member.

    Dark times however got bestowed upon their House, when one of the twelve betrayed the House murdering another of the founders. Doubts and havoc spread throughout the House, and eventually ended up in a brawl between the rest of the twelve. Their vision clouded in doubt, hatred and murderous intent caused regretful memories to be created. The last warrior standing among his dead former friends, he with guilt in his gut committed suicide. The followers of the House soon after went extinct, some stayed till their dead, others left the 'blasted mansion' as they called it. And soon after the House of Katsuryoku went extinct.

    Though enough of the past, back to the day as it is now. The Nidaime Amekage on one of his departures to the northern mountains, where he practised his own abilities, discovered the mansion of the Katsuryoku House. Reading scrolls about their time, their doings and their fateful end. It was said the twelve warriors was restless and until this very day went about in the graveyard deep within Mt. Katsuryoku, however as spiritual beings. Amaimon discovered the resting place of the House, and eventually made an blood oath to the spirits, spilling his blood and gained access to communicate with the spirits roaming Mt. Katsuryoku, later on becoming what we call a shaman, and the new head of the Katsuryoku House.

    - Special Abilities:

    The House of Katsuryoku is based on the understanding and characteristics of the shamanism. It’s based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces, and/or spirits which affect the lives of the living, the elements and nature in general.
    Everything/anything either has or has potential to gain awareness and/or consciousness. There are different plains of existence, one being the world of mortals, another being the underworld if so to speak. Through the understanding and practice of the shamanistic beliefs, House Katsuryoku have unlocked several abilities. These are all based on, and used through the usage of spiritual energy, essentially a general product of willpower. Spiritual Energy’s consistency is contingent upon the being’s conviction, meaning the more conviction/willpower the user possess the stronger he will be will be, technically speaking. This of course, is honed within the House of Katsuryoku, strengthing their will, as well as removing any fears the user may have or had, allowing House members immunity for fear, such as killing intent and hesitation, allowing faster actions/movement than any equal.

    A Katsuryoku member, is someone who through practise have gained both the knowledge and ability to percieve spirits and their effects and how to contact and manipulate them, either by bargaining, tricking, or forcing them to abide the user’s will. Thus concluding the member’s main ability would be to manipulate the manifestation of any ethereal energy residing in the real world, which will be explained below.
    - Ethereal Spirits/Energy; Also known and described as spirits.
    Ethereal energies is an ‘unholy’ energy if so to speak. It resides within the other world, often looked upon as the underworld, or the world of the dead, as it resides within another plain of existence. However under certain circumstances, it will manifest itself within the world, due various reasons, such as why we have locations we may call haunted places.
    This very example shows that thsi manifestation have at various situations shown to be dreadful to those haunted, by an invisible force suddenly pulling a leg. Another example, is to be drained left without any life force, which is what we call death. Therefore this is known as an unknown specie of energy to the living, aside from those who manipulate it - Katsuryoku members.
    This specie of energy is also known as the souls of the dead, if so to speak, and is as described entirely made up from ethereal energy, and thereby able to manipulate it freely as well and by will.

    The energy on itself, is intangible and not solid. It phases through solid substances, such as rock and ‘searches’ for chakra/energy/spiritual entities to devour. Due the fact that Ethereal energy feeds on other forces, getting hit by an Ethereal source of energy would result in an disturbance within the inner chakra system of said target, and disable the target to maximaze their power, or even cause death. In theory a blast of ethereal energy wouldn’t harm an object not containing any forces of energy, but merely phase through it. However, if said object, let’s say a bolt of energy, would get devoured. The Ethereal energy would phase right through it, however in it’s doing, disperse it and feeding on it’s energy. This would essentially be very resourceful against most things - However if it was to interact with an earth technique, the technique itself would be drained but if given situation the momentum would still allow the earth technique to move on, unless stationery or powered by the chakra within. Same for goes water techniques.

    Having explained what Ethereal energy is, we also have other uses than just manipulating the invisible forces themselves, such as possession, which have several ways of being done as well.
    Possession is as the name verb speaks for itself, it allows the soul of a dead to inhabit the shell of an living or inanimate object. Possession for low-ranked members(Katsuryoku Apprentice and below) of the House, would count for a move while higher-ranked(Katsuryoku Initiate and above) members would be able to do it freely. Depending on the Spirits, and their stories/life before their dead may give off certain enhancements explained below.

    - Object Infusion;
    By infusing the spirit into an object said object would for example be able to coat it in an ethereal essence using the properties as explained above, or else reasonable enhancements from said spirit. Basic sample; Turtle spirit would enhance the defensive properties of said object in use.

    - Body infusion
    Goes into two categories, partial-infusion and fullbody-infusion;
    A member of the household through the use of his training, will have a spirit merge with his mind/body. Upon entering the body of a living shell, the ethereal energy would cause a constant chakra spikes throughout the member’s system, duration for a complete turn. This is to create complete unity within the two parties, clearing the user of any foreign chakra-based influx in their system, despite rank and power. Normally this would cause the inability to mold chakra after the emergence and for the rest of the turn. However upon reaching a certain height of mastery within the art(Katsuryoku Pledged and above) one completely nullify said side-effect. This goes for both infusions.
    - Partial-Infusion;
    This infusion’s strength lies upon supportive elements - The supplementary uses, as spirits does not ‘take over’, but rather lends out some of their powers to the user. All this, is depending on said spirits abilities once they were alive, as explained above. Theres a vast variety of supplementary uses, such as a sixth sense, second vision, precognition or aura sensing. However all this, stays within the boundaries of the techniques submitted.
    - Fullbody Infusion;
    This infusion, is where the spirit and host shares one mind. A perfect unity. However, spirits are if their host is unconscious able to maintain in control of the shell and fight in their stead by forcefully manipulating it’s movements accordingly to it’s will, wethever bones be broken or not.. This usually creates a very strong bond between the user and spirit, as they reveal their own memories and stories to one another, upon perfect unity. Due this bond and shared mind, the two parties are able of using both parties skillset, immediately. However all this, stays within the boundaries of the techniques submitted.

    Both infusions are both with a certain risk. Extended usages may cause the user to become exhausted, and or run low on chakra, as the spirits will be sheltering within the host’s body, and feed on the energies, be it foreign on not. This would essentially degrade all Genjutsus cast upon the host by two ranks.

    Summing it up - Household members can through their will, manipulate the ethereal energy from other plains of existence, direct, use their abilities and powers for their behalf in a vast variety of ways. Usually, ethereal energy is only gained access to through the fusion with a spirit, or having one by their side. However reaching a certain mastery of the art(Katsuryoku Initiate and above), they completely nullify this hindrance. This is done by sacrificing some of their own chakra to the spirit world, thereby allowing them to manipulate the some of the infinite amount of ethereal energies accordingly to their own will. This can also be done the other way around, to replenish the Household member. The ethereal energy would be converted to chakra and given to the user working as a foreign force, much like Samehada/Chiyo’s replenishment however requires an even higher mastery and is limited to a few selected whom skill is great enough to handle such difficult techniques(Katsuryoku Elders and above). This use of method is also seen as a gateway to turn one's own entity into a manifestation of Ethereal energy for a short amount of time, before turning back(Techniques to be submitted).

    Upon entering the Household, members will be given a guardian spirit if so to speak. This will have to be included in their biography, name, age, looks, etc.. It carries no special abilities despite ethereal energy manipulation, and the ability to perform all possessions. It’s bonded to designated Household member being their ‘dummy’ during training and companion if battle need be.

    Being a Household member will upon reaching Katsuryoku Initiate allow one to become a medium as well, and gain old and forgotten knowledge from the past, if so to say. A medium is a person whom have contacts within the spirit world, able to call forth certain historical figures even, learn their history and age, before sending back into the spirit world. Upon reaching Katsuryoku Pledged allows said member to seek Clairvoyance. Through harsh training, this is learning how to seperate one’s mind from their body and become what we would call an astral projection. This would technically speaking allow one to travel through otherly plains, gaining information about objects, locations, the weather in the Land of Iron, etc. This last paragraph - Non-battle related. And can be done freely after having gone through a training session upon reaching said ranks.

    Infact, there isn’t much a skilled Katsuryoku Household member with patience and right contacts in the spirit world, can’t do.

    - Location:

    The ‘House’ resides in a mountain range, on the highest peak of them all, named Mt. Katsuryoku. The mountain’s peak reaches far beyond the clouds, meaning most of the top is covered in unhampered ice, and the rest in complete white snow. At the mountain’s foot, a small narrow trail leads up the mountain side in a zig-zagged manner, reaching around the mountain itself. And at last, it ends at the Katsuryoku Mansion. An most exquisite crafted mansion - Its outlines made of sturdy dark oak, its intersection filled with limestone with marble sculptures protruding from the front - Several windows, and a heavy double door formed as an arch, also made of dark oak. Its outline unlike the rest, is made of marble. On the right of the mansion, a tower with a spire-roof on top, emerges from it’s side. From the tower, a worn-out greenish banner hangs emblazoned with the sigil of the House. With the many years on the building’s behind, it have gained a dark greyish tint. Of course, all covered in white snow, and the spire’s top - Ice.
    Under the mansion, carved into the mountain a long tunnel extends into a hemisphere formed room inside the mountain. The room is lit up by the many torches set on the sides. A path leads through the middle of the room and spreads along the way as branches, leading out to several gravestones, and leads up to a huge platform with twelve statues carved out from the back of the room itself. This being the crypt of the House, the spirits resides within this part of the location.

    - Purpose: The House does not carry a specific purpose anymore, thus it will remain undefined. Each member of the Katsuryoku House may use their abilities for what they may deem right.

    - Special Info:

    Something that is inherited after severe usage of the House's clan techniques would be a grayish tint to either of their eyes, followed that the pupil may become completely gray. Their skin loses some colour to it, and they may even gain gray streaks through their hair. The reason is unknown but it the traits tends to signify an experienced user.

    Within in House, there are several ranks, or positions, call them as you may, however they’re as following;

    Opening the lowest rank in the Katsuryoku. The Startpoint on their journey to shamanism.
    Members of this rank is often given a plain green poncho, signifying their status. Once the opening as been passed, they may discard the poncho as they wish.
    Katsuryoku Apprentice
    The apprentice. He have discovered a little more than the the opening, yet much to learn.
    Members of Apprentice rank is handed a feather of a bird associated with their personality.
    Katsuryoku Initiate
    The user, he have gained access to the standard arsenal of the Katsuryoku House.
    A second feather is given to Household members of this rank, signifying their improvements. These are most often worn in headbands, or on their clothes.
    Katsuryoku Pledged
    The Katsuryoku Elite. One whom have mastered almost everything within the House’s epitome of techniques.
    Members of this rank is often given something that reflect on their guardian spirit.
    Katsuryoku Elder
    Katsuryoku Master, a rank only being able to be held by five people. Masters are as the title says, Masters in for the branch of Katsuryoku and have acces to all abilities within the Katsuryoku(Exception of personal technique for the ‘Voice’ only, if any.) House.
    Members of this rank, is given a custom item reflecting their personality, status, or demeanor as members of the Household.
    Katsuryoku Voice
    Reserved for the Founder, Amaimon Katsuryoku. The Founder whom is having full mastery of his own spirit and spirit manipulation in general. Access to all abilities within the House.
    Dresses as he wants.

    - Requirements:
    To become member one must be deemed worthy to be taught the ways of Katsuryoku. That can either be through a test, or simply because the Founder says so. In the Leader's absence, Katsuryoku Masters are via voting in between them, able to kick and invite people to the House. One can be kicked if the Founder deems it necessary.
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    Re: Custom Clans Submission

    Name: Ganmi Clan

    Founder: "The Candymaker"

    History of the Clan: “The Candymaker” is a bedtime story told to many children in Kirigakure, as well as all over the Water Country, even spreading as far as the continent and other countries. It is used as a disciplinary scare, where a benefic action grants them a candy or a treat, and a malign action grants them the threat of the Candymaker, a demonic beast that preys the night and eats them whole. Yet few know the actual story, of terrible mass murders and political intrigue, which ended in the creation of one of the more influential clans of the Land of Water. To expand on the subject, I set upon myself to create 7 over-arching stories about distinguished events or people that marked and molded the clan to what it is currently. The series is called “Of Tales and Tastes”. The first story, “The Candymaker” will tell the events that led to the creation of the clan.

    [Of Tales and Tastes] The Candymaker

    Special Abilities: The Ganmi Clan gene pool has 2 very unique proprieties. The first one relates to physical appearance. Any appearance the user has is, genetically, passive, with the exception of a certain genetic Handsomeness. What this mean is, when a Ganmi procreates with someone from a different Clan the offspring's appearance will always be picked from the second clan's gene pool, yet have a very striking handsomeness and beauty characteristic of the Ganmi. Being the perfect infiltrators, they look exactly like they belong, and their attractiveness will make assure their path to the higher hierarchies is much easier and secure. This is why it is so hard to spot a Ganmi inside another clan, though it is most likely that, if one exists, he or she is in the higher or more influential ranks, which contributed to the widespread of the Ganmi across the world.

    The second one relates to their Kekkei Genkai. The Ganmi, not unlike the Inuzuka, developed a very strong sense of Taste, over generations, culminating in very sophisticated and powerful taste base techniques. This is a dominant gene, opposite to their physical appearance genes. A Ganmi will most often than not pass on their KG, instead of the other clan's parent.

    Taste Sensory Skill
    (Mikaku Henkanshi no Ki)

    It's similar to specific techniques, like Sound Release's Inner Sonar Skill, and will be submitted. Passively activated, it engrosses the chakra flow around the mouth, throat and tongue areas, associated with Taste, augmenting their sensitivity, like the Sonar Skill increases the chakra flow around the ears.

    This permits the user to acquire a super-human sense of taste, allowing one to sense even the faintest remnants of substances and pinpoint their origin, concentration and nature and, through this technique, the user acquires the ability to taste chakra.

    Every person has a unique chakra signature, which leaves behind a unique chakra taste. Simultaneously, each element stimulates different parts of the tongue, and is thus associated with the different base flavors ( Sweet - Fire, Sour - Wind, Bitter - Lightning, Salty - Earth, Savory - Water ), which can then complexity into the advanced Elements.


    • Every chakra signature is different and individual, and so is it's taste, except Ganmi's, who can manipulate it.
    • Every chakra modulation is distinguishable by user, quantity, nature and type.
    • Basic Chakra, Elemental Chakra, Bijuu Chakra, and other type of chakra related energies are able to be tasted, even if the user can't access them.
    • Non-Chakra related Energy sources can't be tasted unless they come from a chakra-requiring technique, this only entails alternative spiritual sources, like untouched Force, or un-gathered Natural Energy, for example.
    • The user is able to taste certain emotions or conditions in people, similar to other animals with highly advanced chemical senses (like Dogs). They thrive in it and developed the Taste Genjutsu with it.
    • The power and range of the sensory technique varies with the rank of the user both in power and in the clan.

    Taste Illusionary Arts
    Ganmi no Genjutsu

    These techniques combine concepts of Elemental Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. The effects stem from the natural consequences of infusing an element into the organism, be it numbness, burning, etc, modulating them into much more subtle usage, alongside with Genjutsu, which entails methods of using the opponent's senses to process chakra and carry it to the brain (to then alter the sense, creating illusions).

    Taste Genjutsu is thus Genjutsu that leaves behind a physical taste, as the element stimulates the gustatory cells as the chakra invades the brain. This physicality of the illusion carries a much stronger physiological response from the organism, giving the user a primal control over the target's emotions, which would otherwise be impossible with simple Genjutsu.

    Each element is thus associated with a taste, which is associated with an emotion, and, when casting the genjutsu, the stimulation of the gustatory cells trigger primarily the Emotion and, secondarily, the normal Illusion ( the 5 senses-based illusions ).

    The emotions are manipulated directly as a normal response of the organism to the element, not as a conscious response of the target. It is a primal manipulation of the tastes, not a literal one. A Saltness-Based technique is not the same as eating a salty codfish.

    Fundamental Taste

    These deal with the user's own basic chakra, which is then utilized to create the element. It is a fundamental characteristic of the technique, and it is used to modulate the taste in order to get the whole variety of tastes possible.

    This rudimentary taste manipulation does not force any emotion, unlike the full mature manipulation (with elemental usage), though it is present in every technique. This allows the user to mimic any taste, and is used to give certain hues of flavor to every technique, or simply be used to create more diverse and realistic flavors, instead of the powerful and emotion-adapted Primary and Secondary Tastes, which use the elements.

    Primary Tastes

    These are the emotions triggered by the base 5 elements, pure usage. The degree of that emotion varies with the modulation of the element when casting the technique, not necessarily the quantity of chakra used or the strength of the technique (rank). Higher concentrations of the element produce damaging effects, and normally a repulsive/violent reaction from the target.

    • Sweetness (Fire) - Happiness ( Positive )
    • Bitterness (Wind) - Sickness ( Corruptive )
    • Sourness (Lightning) - Excitment ( Enhancer )
    • Saltyness (Earth) - Sadness ( Negative )
    • Savory (Water) - Content/Fullness ( Neutrality )

    Secondary Tastes

    These are the emotions triggered by dual combinations of the base 5 elements. These can only be achieved simultaneously by Yin & Yang users, alternatively requiring a sole user to cast one element after the other, a succession, despite how fast the combination is, or dual usage by allies, spreading the cost of the jutsu evenly.

    The degree of that emotion varies with the modulation of the element when casting the technique, not necessarily the quantity of chakra used or the strength of the technique (rank). Higher concentrations of the element produce damaging effects, and normally a repulsive/violent reaction from the target.

    • Fire + Wind - Craving / Lust ( Positive Corruption )
    • Fire + Lightning - Anger ( Positive Enhancer )
    • Fire + Earth - Longuing/Envy ( Positive Negative )
    • Fire + Water - Trust ( Positive Negative )
    • Wind + Lightning - Fear ( Corruption Enhancer )
    • Wind + Earth - Depression / Despair ( Corruption Negative )
    • Wind + Water - Dullness / Sloth / Submission ( Corruption Neutrality )
    • Lightning + Earth - Hatred ( Enhancer Negative )
    • Lightning + Water - Serenety / Apathy ( Enhancer Neutrality )
    • Earth + Water - Shame ( Negative Neutrality )


    • Fundamental Taste can entail the manipulation of one's taste and what other's taste in you. It can carry a Genjutsu but not an Emotion.
    • Primary & Secondary Taste carry 1 Emotion and 1 Genjutsu, but can be combined with different techniques, following the Genjutsu Layering Rules
    • Secondary Taste requires mastery over Y&Y, an Ally or a succession of taste layers, the speed of which depending on the user's rank in power and within the clan.
    • The Emotions carried are very primal, even if strong. But they aren't all-powerfull, and the opponent has the power to react as he or she deems correct.
      Ex: You can evoke a powerful sense of Despair, but it doesn't mean your opponent will be incapacitated by it. Everyone reacts differently, and that cannot be manipulated directly.
    • Emotions/Tastes are physical manifestation of chakra's nature, like a burn damage from Fire or a numbing sensation from Lightning. They are defined in the clan's description.
    • Genjutsu is achieved by the infusion of chakra within the target's organism, like any other Genjutsu ability, but using the taste sensory system. They are defined in each technique.
    • Nekura, Sage Mode users and other type of genjutsu resistant users are immune to the latter, but not the former.

    Acidic Saliva
    ( Tsuba no Ki )

    With the constant output of chakra into the user's mouth, they began developing a much greater control over the their own saliva, altering it's acidity to accomodate the constant tasting and taste-related actions, and even using it in battle. This allows the user to passively manipulate their own saliva through basic chakra, Ninjutsu, similar to Cloth, Paper and Flower users, by infusing their Glands and actual Saliva with their own chakra.

    It does not stand as the ability to turn chakra into Saliva, as this is not an Elemental Technique. If the user's saliva producing glands are inviable, he/she won't be able to access this ability. This ability will have actual techniques to support it, created with the proper format. The techniques are similar to Water jutsu, and have similar strength and weaknesses, with the exception of it's acidic properties which are able to dissolve all biological matter ( strong against biological elements like Wood, Mushroom, Plant, etc ).


    • The user cannot create Saliva from chakra, only induce the production of Saliva.
    • The user is able to change the PH from the saliva and is granted a degree of immunity to only his own saliva, not other user's or other acidic/basic elements.
    • Saliva is manipulated in liquid form, similar to water
    • Saliva follows Water's elemental S&W, except in it's strength against Biological Elements (Wood, Mushroom, Plant, Germ, etc)
    • If the user's glands aren't functional, saliva production ceases as normal.
    • Saliva techniques will be submitted individually.
    • Power and quantity depends on the user's rank in power and within the clan.[/i]

    Location: While they're spread across the world, in positions of strong influence or political power, they're mostly found within the walls of Kirigakure and surrounding terrains all across the Water Country, their birth land. It is said that a Ganmi parent will carry two genetic gifts to their offspring. The first being the Taste-Based abilities, the second being the structural appearance, both handsome and alluring. They share nothing else, going as far as being completely similar in appearance to any other clan member, as the physical phenotype of the non-Ganmi parent silences the physical phenotype of the Ganmi parent. When a beautiful child is born anywhere in the world, especially in the more prominent and influential clans, there is a chance that child has Ganmi powers, instead of their clan’s.

    Purpose: The clan's customs are closely related with their own unique genetic traits and ability. Given their enhanced tasting sense, going as far as sense molecules that pertain to certain feelings, they aim to cultivate an environment rich in strong emotions. This practice has the members of the clan strive for positions of great influence, either religious or political, and spread them across the globe. They are, in essence, in search for self-indulgence. They also share a sense of detachment to the places they’re born in, specially outside of the Land of Water, having a pungent sense of legacy and kinship, along with the ideas of grandeur and influence.

    Special Info: The efficiency and strength of a member's ability is proportional to their rank within the clan. In order to advance through ranks, one has to fit the requirements for it and have permission from the clan's head, and only then will it be given training. It also to be noted that the ability works best within a mist or water saturated environment. The values written bellow are for normal or below average conditions, when within a mist or highly hydrated environment, the value doubles.

    • Bud or Tonsil [Rank 1]:

    Lowest rank among the clan. They possess the clan's inherited ability of Taste Sensory, allowing them to pinpoint tastes and their sources with great accuracy within a radius of 50 meters. They are able to distinguish between different people and animals, and a huge variety of different molecules and elements. They don't have access to Clan's techniques. Can quickly detect high concentrations of foreign chakra in their heads above S rank Genjutsu/Mental techniques, but not foreign chakra in their bodies. The man are referred to as Buds and variants, and the female are referred to as 'Sils or Tonsils. The same connotation are used to refer to people outside the clan, as a mocking/familiar name.

    • Taster [Rank 2]:

    They possess the clan's inherited ability of Taste Sensory, allowing them to pinpoint tastes and their sources with great accuracy within a radius of 120 meters. They are able to distinguish between different people and animals, and a huge variety of different molecules and elements. They have access to some Clan's techniques, namely those related to Taste based Genjutsu. Can detect high concentrations of foreign chakra in their heads above A rank Genjutsu/Mental techniques, and foreign chakra in their bodies from Biological/Medical techniques above S rank. They are known as Tasters, due to the introduction to the Taste Arts.

    To achieve this rank, one needs to be at least Chunnin.

    • Biter [Rank 3]:

    They possess the clan's inherited ability of Taste Sensory, allowing them to pinpoint tastes and their sources with great accuracy within a radius of 300 meters. They are able to distinguish between different people and animals, and a huge variety of different molecules and elements. They have access to more Clan's techniques, including Saliva techniques. Can detect high concentrations of foreign chakra in their heads above B rank Genjutsu/Mental techniques, and foreign chakra in their bodies from Biological/Medical techniques above A rank They're known as Biters due to their introduction to Saliva Manipulation.

    To achieve this rank, one needs to be at least Jonin.

    • Savor [Rank 4]:

    They possess the clan's inherited ability of Taste Sensory, allowing them to pinpoint tastes and their sources with great accuracy within a radius of 500. They are able to distinguish between different people and animals, and a huge variety of different molecules and elements. They have access to more Clan's techniques. Can detect high concentrations of foreign chakra in their heads above C rank Genjutsu/Mental techniques, and foreign chakra in their bodies from Biological/Medical techniques above B rank. The members who reach this rank are considered full shinobi. They're known as Savors.

    To achieve this rank, one needs to be at least S-Class.

    • Paladar [Rank 5]:

    Highest among the clan, only surpassed by the Head of the clan. They possess the clan's inherited ability of Taste Sensory, allowing them to pinpoint tastes and their sources with great accuracy within a radius of 1 kilometer. They are able to distinguish between different people and animals, and a huge variety of different molecules and elements. Can detect high concentrations of foreign chakra in their heads above D rank Genjutsu/Mental techniques, and foreign chakra in their bodies from Biological/Medical techniques above C rank. They have access to nearly all Clan's techniques and gain the honorific of Paladar, in honor of the children of the founder of the Clan, the Candymaker.

    To achieve this rank, one needs to be at least Sannin.

    • Candymaker [Head of the Clan]:

    The one acting as the head of the clan possesses the clan's inherited ability of Taste Sensory, unrivaled to anyone else, allowing him or her to pinpoint tastes and their sources with great accuracy within a radius of 5 kilometer. The head of the clan is able to distinguish between different people and animals, and a huge variety of different molecules and elements. Can detect high concentrations of foreign chakra in their heads above E rank Genjutsu/Mental techniques, and foreign chakra in their bodies from Biological/Medical techniques above D rank. He or she has access to every Clan technique, including some exclusive to the head of the clan. The leaders of the Clan are called Candymakers, as an honorific, in respect of the founder of the clan, the original Candymaker. Ex-Heads of Clan retain many of these attributes, but lose the access to the exclusive techniques. Their radius is 4,5 kilometers.

    To achieve this rank, one needs to be at least Kage.

    Requirements: The members of the Kami clan are the direct descendants of the clan's founder, yet, given their inherited urge to spread across multiple clans and countries, it is not unusual to find members with double Clan or Nationality. The clan's teachings ( Taste Based Genjutsu ) are passed down to whoever fits those requirements, yet most of the techniques are genetic-bound ( Taste Sensory, Acidic Saliva ). To be a part of the clan, one only needs to link their character to the clan by birth, with either both parents of Ganmi descent, or one of the parents of a different clan.

    A member of Gamni can be purely of Ganmi descent, or have a secondary clan descent. It can’t be a canon character, though it can have ties to canon characters in the history. The bio can thus obtain the clan’s name and appearance, yet it will be listed under Ganmi in the clan section, and will have no KG of the secondary clan, instead sharing the KG of the Ganmi and the genetic handsomeness. This is because the genetic traits that manifest the general appearance are forcefully recessive, while the traits that manifest the Ganmi's KG and the characteristic structure (Good-Looks, Handsomeness) are forcefully dominant. When paired with the DNA from a foreign clan, the genes will always manifest the foreign clan's look, while retaining the clan's abilities. If both parents are Ganmi, the lineage's appearance will follow Mendelian rules, as the forceful passiveness of both will neutralize each other.

    Requires authorization from the current Clan Founder, Lili-Chwan, or the current Clan Leader in my absence.

    Songbird, Essence, Omnom and Reborn are ready to join the clan.
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