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    Re: Naruto Manga 578 Spoilers Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Kirin Rei View Post
    Hahahaha it doesn't even say harem jutsu.

    I'll summarize:

    Sasuke counters Itachi's doujutsu attacks.
    Kabuto can enjoy some duelling, he gets naked.
    Sasuke likes what he sees.
    Naruto's questioning Tobi.
    We'll learn the effects tobacco has on Sasuke.
    Kabuto dies.

    Oh I love this.
    Lmao, this should happen.

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    Re: Naruto Manga 578 Spoilers Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Jayaraman MinatoItachi View Post
    spoiler is out in manga stream J-preview

    page 6 and 7
    Finally, we get to see Itachi and Sasuke team up with both of their Mangekyo powers! I can't wait to see what happens in 578 and 579.

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    Re: Naruto Manga 578 Spoilers Discussion

    Naruto 578 A weakness of despair

    Page 2. sasuke catches up with itachi and kabuto.

    Page 3. kabuto claims sasuke’s arrival is lucky for him. itachi still plans to stop kabuto’s edo tensei at any moment.

    Page 4. tsunade snaps the root piercing her in two.
    Page 5. madara hits her again.
    Page 6. madara realizes that tsunade can revive herself without using any seals the same ability that hashirama had.

    Page 7. madara insists that all jutsu are useless against him.
    Page 8-9. tsunade taunts madara with the fact that they’ve forced him to use clone techniques. madara makes multiple mokuton clones of himself.

    Page 10. a group heads toward each kage.

    Page 11. “now it’s fair, madara says.

    Page 12. kabuto insists that itachi’s presence here is a problem to both kabuto and sasuke.

    Page 13. kabuto suggests sasuke team up with him to kill itachi.
    Page 14. sasuke throws shuriken toward kablito, but itachi blocks them. “we must defeat him, but not\nkill him.”

    Page 15. itachi explains he’ll use tsukiyomi to control kabuto and undo the edo tensei.

    Page 16. itachi claims that he is the edo tensei techniques weakness.

    Page 17. sasuke and itachi team up to stop kabuto.

    looks like tsunade can heal without haand seals just like hashi

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    Re: Naruto Manga 578 Spoilers Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpio0Pharaoh0Titan View Post
    What facts?


    There are NO facts that prove she will lose against Madara.

    She will die of old age AFTER she and the other kages rape madara.

    But, you're stubborn... and stubborn people don't get anything.
    Well so far we can say as a fact...That the five kage are inferior to Madara.
    I can see her dieing somewhere in the battle, unless she by chance pulls out something impressive, wich she has failed to do so far.

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