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But if you see the conversation, you were the one who incited the "argument" when you mentioned that I was the same as my generation and that I ruin the fun in the RP, though I was only trying to get things straight. I believe you attacked a personal issue with me and my generation first, thus my reason in my retaliation.

But! I apologize for saying such things as a response, though I had some hidden intentions in what I said, the message still had some good intentions, not defying your skill level, but just saying you would need help in it, as many have failed the test. So you could say I had two intentions with it, but it seemed you only saw the negative side from it, which in part is my fault by proposing such innuendo.

I do apologize for what I said, I realize I was the one who started the arguing and now that you mention it I remember I started with the personal issues... And I did saw only the negative side of it because I was angry (just failed yet another one etc.)

we should have a fight sometimes