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    Re: [Fuuintaijutsu 101] -Jinbei/The Pervy Sage/Zoro..


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    Re: [Fuuintaijutsu 101] -Jinbei/The Pervy Sage/Zoro..

    Quote Originally Posted by Wesobi View Post

    *places the seals/tattoos on Pervy, jinbei and zoro...*

    Fuuin Genkotsu: Yasei no Janguru no Shīru | Sealing Fist: Seal of the Wild Jungle
    Type: Supplementary
    Rank: S
    Range: Short
    Chakra: 40
    Damage: /
    Description:The Sealing Fist: Seal of the Wild Jungle is a dormant technique that consists of a giant seal that encompasses 3 main areas, all connected and intertwined into a massive high rank seal. The core of the seal is in the chest of the user which then branches out into both hands and connects to a secondary seal located in the forehead. Each part is connected and share the same core which is connected to the users chakra circulatory system directly. This connection is how the seal is fueled for the most part. The seal is consisted of 3 unlocks:

    Unlock the Courage of a Bull: The first and most basic ability, though one of the most beneficial. When the user unlocks this part of the seal, the outside core of the seal fuels chakra through the branches to power the user's speed and physical power. The user gains a boost in speed and strength, becoming physically able to do incredible physical feets, like creating small craters upon the impact of falling kicks or punches, and gaining the speed similar to that of Sage Taijutsu Specialist. His reflexes are enough to keep up with his speed and adapt his movement to it. This unlock can dispel genjutsu up to B-Rank upon activation. Not only that, but when used by Jyuuken users, they will have a much more chakra at their disposal, making it far easier and faster to perform the signature Hyuuga moves, as well as exerting more chakra due to the rush of chakra.

    Restrictions and Abilities:
    Note: Can be used 1 time per battle and lasts 3 turns
    Note: Activation costs as 1 jutsu
    Note: When this is active and the user uses Jyuuken techniques, the techniques will cost 20 more chakra, but will do +10 damage
    Note: Strong Fist gets +10 damage due to the drastic increase in strength.
    Note: While the seal is active the user is left unable to use Wind and Lightning techniques and KG based on them.

    Unlock the Pride of the Puma: The second one of the three unlocks, created in such a fashion that it can be used offensively as well as defensively. The user activates the branches of the seal alone, and when he does so, the chakra releases over his body, sending it to his hands and feet. These will start to burn dark purple, much like Orochimaru’s fingertips when he restricted the chakra flow of Naruto. Next to that, the Kanji for “repel” will appear on every foot and palm of the user. The user can then use taijutsu moves and stances (both from strong fist style as well as other styles) to fend of Ninjutsu techniques (elemental or not) up to A-Rank (within reason, as one needs to take consideration of the size of the technique). The chakra unlocked on the branch seals will repel incoming techniques and projectiles, regardless of nature or characteristics. This enables the user to defend himself from almost anything but, if used to attack an enemy with Taijutsu, it will cause the punches and kicks of the user to deal +20 damage as they will repel the enemy with tremendous might.

    Restrictions and Abilities:
    Note: Can be used 2 times per battle and lasts 2 turns each time
    Note: Activation costs as 1 jutsu
    Note: Taijutsu techniques will get the repel function which boosts damage to +20

    Unlock the Determination of the Hippopotamus: The third of the three unlocks, consists of the core of the seal itself and takes use of all the branches of the seal. This is the most defensive unlock of the three. Upon unlocking this, the core of the seal opens completely and the Kanji for "Gateway" is formed in the Left Palm and the kanji for "Blessing" is formed on the Right Palm. This unlock makes the seal work as a pathway for foreign chakra, capable of absorbing chakra through the Gateway and returning it through the Blessing. It can, in alternative, reroute that chakra into itself, sealing it in the core. In reality, this unlock enables the user to absorb up to F-Rank techniques while converting the chakra into a raw version of what was absorbed (absorbing a fire jutsu produces a raw fire stream, absorbing water produces a raw water jet, etc etc) with little shape manipulation but the same strength. If the user decides to seal that chakra in the core, he can double the duration of one of the other two unlocks.

    Restrictions and Abilities:
    Note: Can only be used 2 times per battle.
    Note: Absorbing, Releasing and Sealing the absorbed chakra all counts a technique, meaning that this unlock always costs 2 moves.
    Note: In the turn its active, the user can't mold chakra above A-Rank.
    Note: Can be unlocked with either the Courage of the Bull or the Pride of the Puma activated.
    Note: When used to seal away chakra with one other unlock, it doubles the duration of that unlock.
    Note: Absorbing an F-Rank technique can only be done once and disables the use of any part of the seal (meaning, its unlocks) and leaves the enemy unable to mold anything above S-Rank for 2 turns.

    General Restrictions
    Note: This seal must be present in the bio to be usable
    Note: User needs to have learned Fuuin Genkotsu | Sealing Fist
    Note: Can only be taught by Wesobi

    Read through it and ask me any questions if you don't understand something. Add it to your CJ's, as well as the fighting style plox.
    Alright. I understand ^_^ If I ever mis understand anything Ill ask.

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