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    [Ability] Scorch Release

    Scorch Release: Shakuton


    Ability Information:
    The Scorch Release is a advanced chakra nature Kekkai Genkai Ability that is from the Land of Wind. It is presumably compramised from the two basic elemental natures of fire and wind. This nature creates chakra that is capable of heating up an enemy to the point where it can evapourate water from their body. It has been shown to be manipulated by a renound ninja of her time Pakura in the form of multiple orbs of energy that spin around her and at her will are sent at her opponent to evapourate water from their bodies. It is presumed this Kekkai Genkai natured element can be manipulated in other various ways such as flames or burning waves of energy. It could even evapourate moisture from mud and turn it into clay these are some variable possibilities of using this element.

    - To make a Pakura or Custom Scorch Element User one must be atleast S rank
    - One must have been a member for a minimal of 3 months
    - One must have mastery of Wind and Fire element
    - The bio must originate from Sunagakure
    - One cannot possess the Eight Gates or Sage mode in the same biography.

    Example of techniques:

    (Shakuton: Kajōsatsu) -Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder
    Rank: A
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 30
    Damage points: 60
    Description: The user creates several flaming orbs that resemble small suns. these orbs rotate around the user and can be freely controlled to attack enemies. When an orb touches an opponent. it apparently evaporates some of the water within their target. When this happens steam can be seen emitting from the opponents body.
    Note: reduction of water leaves target exhausted and as such can only perform 2 moves the following turn.

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