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    Jacobus "Jack" Rakan (ジャック・ラカン)

    "Truth..? Meaning..? Words like those... They ain't got a thing to do with me or my life."
    Basic Information
    Name: Jacobus "Jack" Rakan (ジャック・ラカン)
    Nickname:”Rakan of the Thousand Blades”,”The Ultimate Hard Worker”, "The Immortal Fool"
    Gender: Male


    Jack is a tall, muscled man with dark brown skin, yellow eyes, and spiked long white yellowish hair. He always wears a red jacket, rarely seen using a shirt underneath. Jack has many scars from his battles but the ones that are very important to him are the ones in his forearms and nose.

    Jack Rakan, even though he appears to be somewhat of a fool, is very cunning and intellectual. Simply by observing a technique once, Jack can easily deduct the weaknesses said technique holds, using them to his advantage and obliterating his opponent. He is the pure definition of stupidity, as he likes to create new techniques with extremely weird names and poses. Jack is also very perverted, every time he encounters a woman during battle, he steals their panties, thus leaving them embarrassed and open for an attack. Even though Jack is a good natured guy, he is very greedy, every time he embarks on a new job (as a mercenary); he overcharges the customer by making up ridiculous fees for simple stuff such as answering a question.

    "I will not tell you about my past. At least, not without a payment, 1 million per 10 minutes."

    "She told me to... Wipe my own BUTT."

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth: Kumogakure.
    Village of Alliance:Kumogakure.

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank:

    Fuuton - needs training

    Your ninjutsu:
    (Bunshin No Jutsu) - Clone Technique

    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:A clone made of the user that can move but(cannot use any jutsu)This clone is merely an illusionary projection of the user.
    Note:The clone jutsu can be made with different elements and is a D-Rank jutsu under its own element(Mizu/Water Tsuchi/Earth Sumi/Ink)

    (Bikoku Ninjutsu) - Shadow Stealth Technique

    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:This jutsu lets the user follow the target covert by concealing the users presence.

    (Henge no Jutsu) - Transformation Technique

    Damage Points:N/A
    Description: Henge no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique, which every ninja learns at the Ninja Academy. Henge allows the ninja to transform themselves into any person or object. This allows the ninja to move with stealth or to trick their opponents.

    (Gokan Sakusou) - 5 Senses Confusion Disorder

    Chakra Cost:N/A
    Damage Points:N/A
    The user throws an explosive kunai at their target and the mist spreads threw the air.This jutsu causes the opponent to be hit by attacks even though they think they dodged it or countered it.This effect lasts for 2 turns.

    (Kawarimi no Jutsu) - Change of Body Stance Technique

    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description: Kawarimi no Jutsu is a basic Ninjutsu technique. When in danger the ninja will quickly substitute themselves with another nearby object. This can be a block of wood or even another person. This allows the ninja to quickly flee and hide while the original object takes the brunt of their opponents attack.

    (Nawanuke No Jutsu) - Escape Skill

    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:Using chakra the user can escape from being tied down(only works with non-chakra ropes).

    (Kakuremino No Jutsu) - Magic Cloak Of Invisibility Technique

    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:The user will pull out a cloak that is pre designed for their use.Then by using ninjutsu they make the cloth blend into the background(Konohamaru used this to follow Naruto in episode 2 and got caught because he was holding the cloak wrong).Skilled ninja can see through this jutsu(Rank c and above)

    "You can do anything if you've got guts."

    Background Info.
    I shortened the history to make it easier for the Mods to read...

    Jacobus "Jack" Rakan was born to a poor family in Kumakagure. At the age of 10, instead of playing and enjoying his childhood, Jack, was searching for a job; in hopes of supporting his family. Walking back home from one of his many job searches, he encountered a hidden camp, and observed that there were many enemy troops ahead; deciding it not to be wise if he were seen, he snuck away as quietly as he could, rushing back to his village in hopes of warning them of the incoming danger. Suddenly a large man came crashing down from the trees above, Jack tried to dodge, but the man was faster than him… Several hours later, Jack woke up with an excruciating pain to his head; memories came rushing to his mind and remembered what had happened, Jack ran as fast as he could back to his village. Blazing flames moving back and forth, houses crumbling down, butchered bodies along the way, Jack could barely contain himself upong seeing the horrific scenery, he looked frantically for his family in hopes of finding them alive… There stood his house among the rubble, barely recognizable, he opened the door...
    The large man from before held Jack's older sister by the neck, his mother and grandfather laid already dead by his feet, turned back to look Jack in they eye. His sister cried out, trying to get Jack to run away, yet he didnt; he stood there frozen in the doorway looking at his sister... The man, still looking into Jack's eyes, snapped his sister's neck and threw her at his feet. Cries of pain and desolation, his family had been murdered in front of him, his sister, his mother, and his grandfather… there laid the three bodies lifelessly resting covered in blood. Clutching to his dead family members Jack sobbed pained to have lost his family. Rage, bloodlust, hate, words could not describe his feelings for that man, he abruptly rushed towards him, grabbed an old rusty knife in the floor and dashed madly with blind rage trying to avenge his family.
    The man grabbed the knife and punched Jack hard, sending him flying into what used to be his old bed... By the time jack woke up, he was inside a dark storage room filled with other kids around his age, if not older; the guards came by taking with them a group of kids every other day. Some came back safe, others covered in wounds, while others were never seen again. Certain kids were relunctant to talk when Jack questioned them about their whereabouts, some were oblivious as to what had happened to them, and soon he struck some luck after asking some of the kids who came back...
    Jack soon realized that he, like many other kids, were war orphans who had been kidnapped by mercenaries, and had been sold to a hidden village as slaves for entertainment. There was no escape, guards everywhere there wasnt a single weakness in their security, so any attempt of escape was hopeless. Days later, the guards came once more to take another group with them, this time Jack was among the chosen...
    The kids asked where they were being taken, unlke Jack, many of them did not know about their horrible fate. The guards became very annoyed, so one began to answer their questions in hope of shutting them up; he explained that they were orphans who had been bought by their village as slaves for the entertainment of the villagers, they would be made to fight among themselves. Trembling in fear, cries, and tears began to swell; the kids were truly horrified. Cries of desperation were soon heard, as they begged the guards to help them, but they laughed at the kids and mocked them. The guard resumed where he left off, and told them that he only way to escape would be to win many bbattles and buy their own freedom, Jack became very intrigued by what the guards had said, and it really did seem like the only option from what he had observed. They were almost to their destination, but before the guards sent them in, they cackled and with a sickening grin, said... "The dogs will surely have something to eat tonight."... Jack was taken to some barracks filled with all sorts of long and short ranged weapons. He was told by some old guy to grap only two weapons for his upcoming fight. Jack had always had a fascination for swords, he had seen several at his old village but had never touched one; as soon as he grabbed the hilt and swung it around, he felt as a connection with the sword; it was as if it the sword itself was an extension of his arm, being cautious as he was, Jack picked a shield as well just to be on the safe side. He was thrown into a small caged ring, surrounded by many villagers, including women and kids, making bets; Jack glanced around one last time trying to find a way to escape but realized that there was no way out, and braced himself for the inevitable fight. A humongous kid around his age came out, their eyes met, Jack could feel the vague emptiness in his eyes, the light of innocence had been stripped away from him...
    Despite the kid's plump appearance, Jack never expected him to be so agile. The pain was unbearable, the kid had slashed at the upper part of Jack's nose, the wound was deep enough to leave a scar later on. Jack tried to calm himself and began to analyze the situation. While he endured the constant attacks from the kid, Jack examinded his attacking pattern trying to find and opening, after a long waiting of dodging and defending from deadly attacks, he found and opening. Jack slashed with all his might, blood gushed out of the kid's body, tears in his eyes, crying out to jack with blood in his mout, too weakened to talk yet he gave his best effor to thank Jack; for helping him escape, escape out of his godforsaken life...
    The crowds were cheering and laughing at the events that had happened, Jack on the other hand felt a terrible feeling for having killed another being, but he knew deep inside, that he needed to survive to exact his revenge on that man...
    Days, weeks, months passed, and Jack was forced to kill again and again; he wondered if he would actually ever get out of there...
    One day the guards came to announce something unexpected, "Today three of you will fight against our best men, win and you shall be freed." Jack raised his head and payed close attention to what they were saying, this was his one and only choice to be free. As good as the announcement was, nobody raised their hands, everyone quivered in fear. Of course they yearned for their freedom, but fighting against elites was impossible and only a foolish person would do it...
    The guards noticed that the kids were hesitant to raise their hands, and so they decided to pick people at random.
    Jack pondered about this for a few seconds and raised his hand, this was his only chance and he was not going to let it go away, the guards picked Jack and two other kids; they pleaded the guards to spare them but they just ignored their cries of help...
    He faced the man who killed his family, the battle was intense, but people could tell who would win, the man's sword slashed Jack and both of his arms were cut off. Jack's life began to fade away, memories drifted back and forth, hatred overtook him and knew he could not die before he could get his revenge. Chakra stirred up and his blood began to boil, rising from the dead, Jack stood up and cut his enemy down...
    The man, now bleeding in the floor with a fatal wound, told Jack about who he really was.
    Jack was taken aback when he heard that the man who stood in front of him was his real father/ Jack had many questions, his anger was gone, all that remained was confusion..
    Medics came to aid Jack, after some surgeries they managed to attack his arms back again; he was freed from his previous hell, and roamed the country working as a mercenary.
    His skills increased as well as his strength; during the war, he worked hard to protect those who were defenseless, soon his name was known throughout the country; and people began to call him "Jack Of The Thousand Blades."



    This standard ninja tools is very basic and used in most ninja fights. A shuriken is a throwing star which can be used as a distraction during a fight. While not considered extremely deadly, these can pose a threat when used in conjuntion with explosive tags, ninja wire, or jutsu.

    Custom Weapon

    "When a guy keeps his gaze fixed right in front of him... the whole world smiles on him."

    "If you're a man, having a killing strike or two, is only natural."

    Theme Song and Background Music:


    Won: N/A
    Lost: N/A

    ~Approved~ removed all your specialties/abilities especially the crap of a chakra wall -_- you are not even close to those, also removed Water Walking and Tree Climbing, you don't get those by default
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