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    [Ability] Blast Release



    Ability Information:
    The Blast Release is an advanced chakra natured Kekkai Genkai ability that is from The land of Earth. It is presumably compramised of the two basic elemental natures the Earth element and Lightning element. The element appears to give the user the ability to wield explosive chakra in combat allowing them to cause explosions in objects they come into contact with. Gari a member of the famed Iwagakure Blast Corps was able to utilize the Kekkai Genkai in conjunction with offensive based taijutsu. The Landmine fist technique is an example of his fighting style. After gaining direct contact Gari uese the Kekkai Genkai to subsequently generate an enormous explosion from the initial point of physical contact. The Power of the explosion is capable of destroying rock and causing an opponent to be hurt tremendously with a powerful force. Due to the directionality of the blast, the user minimises any potential repercussions, such as being struck by resultant debris and even recoil appears to be completely negated. (Note: The power has been decreased as it had to have a compramise to be approved therefore it doesnt hold the power shown within the manga). Another user of the Element is Deidara who utilized the Kekkai Genkai along with the Stolen Kinjutsu of Iwagakure to manipulate clay into creating shapes and animating them into movement. He then added the Kekkai Genkai to the animated shapes to make them more potent and subsequently causing them to explode when attaining a physical direct contact though diedara was shown to be able to manipulate when the explosions occured with a tora hand seal from a single hand much like activating and explosive tag. The Blast Release Kekkai Genkai users are only known to be within the Iwagakure Blast Corp.

    - A member must be at least S-Class Ninja Rank and a member for 3 months before doing a Gari or Custom Blast Release bios.
    - Deidara bios must abide their own rules which can be found here
    - One must have mastery of Earth and Lightning Element
    - The bio must originate from Iwaagakure and be a member of the Blast Corps

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