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    Super Smash Tournament (Chapter 3 - Defying Royalty)

    I appreciate those that have been reading these, as well as those who been giving feedback, which is most appreciated.

    Chapter 3 - Defying Royalty

    In the mess hall of the stadium corridors, several other brawlers were conversing or gathering energy for their own battles. Among them was Prince Marth, his friend Roy, and the Mario Bros. On the other end of the room, Kirby, Yoshi, and King Dedede were taking full advantage of the abundance of food with their enormous appetites as the aforementioned group looked on. Roy spoke out first.

    "Do you think they'll be full anytime soon?"

    Luigi answered, remembering the many years that he's known the green dinosaur.

    "I don't-a know about de two balloon fellas, but Yoshi will keep-a dis up for a long time. And-a with all de fruit da princesses were nice enough to put on de buffet, it'll certainly be a while."

    His brother nodded in agreement. Marth then pointed out a more serious subject matter.

    "So, who do you believe will be the next match-up?"

    The three looked at him for a moment, then proceeded to think about the question. Mario simply shrugged his shoulders, and Luigi nodded in agreement.

    "Very true, bro. We have-a no way of knowing until de announcement is made. It-a could very well be anyone of us."

    The two swordsmen nodded in agreement as an announcement came through the speakers, bringing a grin to Marth's face.

    "Speak of the devil."

    Peach's voice could be heard over the speakers.

    "Two brawlers have managed to get through to the next round, while two more have met their defeat here on the first day. Who will be the next brawler to join the former two? And who will join the latter?"

    Cheers in the crowd could be heard, some of which sounded like the names of their favorite contestants.

    "Good guesses. Now let's find out. The next match-up will be..."

    Back within the corridors, the brawlers waited for the names of the next two contestants, some hoping it to be them, while the others hoped otherwise. Finally, the names were called.

    "Kirby and King Dedede!"

    The swordsmen and the plumbers looked to the other end of the mess hall at the two brawlers who were called upon, both of which were seemingly disappointed that they wouldn't be able to finish their meals. Dedede then grabbed his hammer and jumped to the floor.

    "Well c'mon, pinky. Let's go. I've been waiting to do this for a long time."

    Kirby watched as his rival, both in this world and his own, left the mess hall and made his way towards the entrance to the outside stadium. Returning his eyes to his unfinished meal for a few seconds, he used his Inhaling ability to swallow the rest of it and proceeded towards the mess hall's exit, though not before being pulled aside by Mario. While both of them had been trademarked for their near total obsolescence of speech, their long history together at the Smash made it all too easy for them to understand one another, almost as if it was telepathic. After a few seconds, a smile formed on both of their faces as they shook hands, or appendages in Kirby's case. As Kirby left the mess hall to follow Dedede to the arena, Marth spoke out to question Mario's intentions.

    "What was that?"

    Luigi, who knew his brother better than anyone, smiled and answered the prince's question.

    "He was-a wishing him luck, cause he intends-a to beat him himself."

    The two swordsmen smiled as well, all the while Yoshi had never even looked up from his food to notice what was happening.

    Down the corridor hallways, Kirby had finally caught up to King Dedede as the stadium doors began to open, letting sunlight flow through once more. The larger of the brawlers looked at his rival as he held up his hammer.

    "Hope you're ready for this. I'm gonna knock you clear back to Dreamland with this thing."

    Kirby's innocent nature kept him from making a response, which was among his most annoying traits in Dedede's eyes, though it never stopped him from continuing to insult him.

    "You hear that? All that cheering outside? It's funny. I can't tell whether it's for me to win...or for you to lose."

    Beginning to become annoyed himself, the small, pink hero shot his opponent a somewhat angry glance, which pleased the king that he was getting through to his head. Deciding to stop for now, he made his way through the now opened door, following shortly by Kirby, who failed to notice that the door had already opened. Seeing the all too familiar rivals making their way along the bridge to the arena, the crowd erupted into cheer, knowing that their history together would only make the brawl that more exciting. The two princesses in the overseeing balcony couldn't help but agree, Peach more than her counterpart.

    "This should be fun. A undeserving monarch and the young hero who constantly defies him. A classic match-up, if you ask me."

    Zelda smiled.

    "Well, do keep in mind that Kirby's not the only one well-known for defying royalty."

    Peach didn't. She couldn't possibly forget the King of the Gerudos or that of the Koopas, nor could she forget the heroes clad respectively in green and red who were constantly stopping them. Among others, their rivalries in the Smash, as well as their own worlds, were among the most well-known and anticipated in each tournament that the two pairs had been a part of. The heroes themselves were constantly among the best brawlers at each Smash Tournament. The match-ups would surely come around later in this one as well, but for now, it was the hero and monarch of Dreamland that the crowd was completely focused on. Silence fell across the colliseum as it had before, as the referee hovered closer to the arena. Holding up three fingers, he initiated the countdown.

    "3, 2, 1, GO!"

    Being that neither brawler was known for their speed, the battle took a short while to truly begin. Dedede was the first to make a move, lifting his hammer and bringing it down with brute force in an attempt to strike Kirby, who barely dodged it. The small puffball immediately responded by pulling out his sword and attempting to use a Final Cutter attack on Dedede. The king recognized the move and stood back from his opponent, though, due to his poor memory of the nature of the attack, was damaged when the force of the blade plunged forward upon hitting the ground. Getting back onto his feet in anger, he retaliated by jumping high into the air, not recognized by Kirby as his special Super Jump. Immediately, Dedede came crashing to the ground, causing Kirby to be hurled high into the air. Seeing a window of opportunity, the king held up his hammer, the crowd watching as the top of it disappeared, bringing to vision what appeared to be a jet propeller.

    "Haha! Let's see you get yourself outta this one, pinky!"

    The jet began to charge up large amounts of energy, the loud sound informing the audience of the raw power that was building up within it. Kirby noticed this and began inhaling air to float closer to the arena, moving ever closer to his opponent, bringing a look of pleasure and confusion to the king's face.

    "Whadda ya think you're doing, Kirby!? Don't you know a sign to keep away when it's staring you in the face!?"

    Kirby continued floating closer. By now, the amount of power built up in the hammer had begun to take its toll on Dedede, the damage being small though still having an effect.

    "Ah, what do I care!? This'll only make the fight go by all the quicker."

    Kirby was now floating directly above his opponent. Seeing that he was out of air intake, Dedede simply bided his time until the puffball began to drift back to ground level, at which point the hammer would nearly be at maximum power. Then, to his surprise, he saw Kirby transform into a large purple stone, which began rapidly falling to the ground upon which he was standing. In a fit of anger and panic, he brought the fully charged hammer down upon the arena just as Kirby touched the ground in his stone form, causing the arena to shake as a cloud of dust formed. The crowd was in awe of the spectacular sight, waiting for the brawlers to reappear out of the dust. The first to show was Dedede, having picked himself up after being laid flat by Kirby's attack. He looked onward, intending to find his rival doubled over by the force of the attack.

    "Hehe...I'd like to see ya get out of this one still conscious."

    Looking confidently into the dust cloud, his look turned to one of shock as it finally cleared, showing Kirby, still in his stone form, completely unharmed.

    "What!? No way!! That's...not...fair!!!"

    The crowd went fanatic over this surprising turn of events, while Dedede looked on in anger, realizing that while he sustained a decent amount of damage, his opponent had escaped unharmed from the powerful attack. Intent on dealing Kirby some damage by any means, he walked up to Kirby, who had now restored himself to his original form, and Inhaled his opponent. Holding him within his mouth for a short moment, he spat him back out onto the arena. Picking himself back up, Kirby looked back at his opponent, only to be Inhaled once again. Spitting him out once more, Dedede followed this procedure two more times. On the fourth intake, the king held Kirby in his mouth once again and held up his hammer, intending to lay a good hit on his rival, no matter how dirty the tactics. To his surprise however, upon spitting Kirby out once more, the pink puffball turned the tables on his opponent, Inhaling him into his own mouth. But rather than follow his opponent's tactics, he walked over to the edge of the stadium, intending to play just as dirty. Feeling Dedede about to escape his mouth, Kirby spat him off the edge of the arena, much to the shock of Dedede, who thought he would be landing on solid ground.

    "What the-!? Hey, that's not right!"

    Dedede apparently didn't see the irony in his opponent's actions, but he was intent on winning this match. Being gifted in the ability to Inhale air and float as Kirby was, he immediately did so, though his low level of logic and moderate intellect kept him from realizing that he was Inhaling far too much air in a short amount of time. Within seconds, he found himself unable to take in anymore and began to plummet.

    "No, no, no, NO!! Kiiiirrbbyyyyy!!!"

    As he fell into the darkness of the colliseum, the crowd cheered in joy for Kirby's victory, which the referee hovered over to confirm.

    "Game! The winner is...Kirby!"

    The cheers grew all the louder. The princesses gave their applause to the winner as well, Peach reconfirming her previous statement.

    "A classic match-up...and with a classic ending. I'd say everyone was pleased with this brawl."

    Zelda nodded in agreement.

    "It was quite entertaining. It's a shame that there are few matches that can be as pleasing to watch as this one..., though I'm sure this won't be the last."

    Peach smiled and nodded in agreement, as Kirby had a small celebration of his own, running around the stage and waving at no one in particular. As he turned to see the corridor doors now open once again, he made his way back inside as King Dedede was brought back onto the stage. Getting up and looking around, he used every bit of his willpower to keep himself from franting about in anger as he made his way inside as well, intent to have his fit when he made it back to his room.
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    Re: Super Smash Tournament (Chapter 3 - Defying Royalty)

    Good chapter, it seems like you are weeding out characters of the same genre. Trying to make the final rounds more diverse?

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    Re: Super Smash Tournament (Chapter 3 - Defying Royalty)

    Quote Originally Posted by Itachi Namikaze View Post
    Good chapter, it seems like you are weeding out characters of the same genre. Trying to make the final rounds more diverse?
    I suppose My bad there. Tried to get it where the ones I wanted to would move on, without much regard to the rest when I look back on it. You could probably already guess whose gonna be the final two

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