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    Your ALL-TIME Starting 5

    There are tons of basketball greats both past and present and as basketball fans here's are chance to form a line-up of our own version of the Dream Team.

    Feel free to post your 2nd team if you like.

    Pls pick ur players not becoz there are the best in the position but becoz u think its the best team that compliment each others skills to better the team.

    Here's my personal Line-up:
    C-Hakeem Olajuwon
    PF-Tim Duncan
    SF-Lebron James
    SG-Micheal Jordan
    PG-John Stockton

    1.Jordan & Lebron can provide them any time.
    2.Stockton being the all-time assist leader can run the offense as best as possible.
    3.Post Scoring is not a problem when you have the best post-moving Big man in the history of the game.
    I hate not to put Jordan w/ Pippin here coz imo they are 1 of the best duos in the HISTORY of the game but i think lebron can somehow emulate his versatility plus a wider variety of offensive arsenal.

    1.We all know Lebron & Jordan are the best when it comes to shutting down their respective assignments & plays incredible team defense.
    2.Hakeem is an excellent def rebounder & 1 of the top all-time shot-blocker.
    3.Stockton is a beast in steals.

    You can comment on ur fellow members line-up y u think ur line-up has an egde but pls no flaming.

    just for kicks:
    2nd team
    SF-Larry Bird
    PG-Magic johnson

    Im calling out all NB basketball fans out there! Enjoy!
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    Re: Your ALL-TIME Starting 5

    pg- Magic Johnson
    sg- Kobe Bryant
    sf- Lebron James
    pf- Kevin Garnett
    C- Shaq

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    Re: Your ALL-TIME Starting 5

    PG-Steve Nash
    SG-Michael Jordan
    SF-LeBRON James
    PF-Kevin Durant
    C-Young Shaq

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    Re: Your ALL-TIME Starting 5

    PG - Magic Johnson
    SG - Michael Jordan
    SF - LeBron James/Julius Erving
    PF - Karl Malone
    C - Shaq/Olajuwon

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