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    ±± Battle Tests Archive ±±

    This thread is an archive of all the tests that have been conducted in the battle test forum. It concists of who took the test, which test is was, who conducted it, and whether it was a pass or a fail. This thread is to help everyone so they can see where people have gone wrong in the past and learn from their mistakes, or learn how the bio can be used.

    Some of the rules have been updated since these tests were conducted, so before using these battles for references, be sure to read the Roleplay Updates and to to check with mods to be sure, as it could cost you your test.

    Eight Inner Gates Bio Tests:

    Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan Bio Tests:

    Fourth Raikage Bio Tests:

    Gin/Kin brothers Bio Tests:

    Hiruko tests:

    [Bio test - Hiruko] Rain Of Hell The Pervy Sage Failed
    [Bio test - Hiruko] Dante.. The Pervy Sage Failed
    [Bio test - Hiruko] - Phobos Jokey Failed
    [Hiruko Biography Test]- Howard Obíto Failed
    [Hiruko Test] - Howard Ryūjin Failed
    [Hiruko test] Kōrra Jokey Failed
    [Hiruko Test] Erzo Selendrile Passed
    [Hiruko Test] - Zanda Madāra Uchiha Failed

    Jinchuuriki Bio Tests:

    [Bio test - jinchuuriki of the Shikaku] Yusuke The Pervy Sage Passed
    [Bio Test - Jinchuuriki of the Nanabi] Igneel Scorps Failed
    [jinchurriki (Fū) bio test] Igneel and Rokusho Both Failed
    [jinchurrik (Han) Bio test]] Jacob Moore Bio Test Scary Yamato Failed
    [jinchurrik (Han) Bio test] -Itachi- Scary Yamato Failed
    [Naruto Uzumaki Test] - Kirabi Riku.. Failed
    [Four Tailed Jinchūriki Test: Rōshi] - Better Ryūjin Failed
    [Uzumaki Naruto - Bio Test] Kirabi Scorps Failed
    [Roshi: 4-Tails Jinchuriki Test] Zanji Scary Yamato Passed
    [Seven Tailed Jinchuriki] - Shinta Jokey Passed
    [Naruto Uzumaki Test] - Senketsu Ryūjin Failed
    [Three Tailed Jinchuriki Test] - Professor Sarutobi Negative Knight
    [Jinchuuriki of the Rokubi - Utakata Test] - Ciberr Madāra Uchiha Failed
    [Utakata Jinchuuriki Test] - Ciberr Gobi Gobletsson Passed

    Kabuto Yakushi Bio Tests:

    Kaguya Bio Tests:

    [Bio Test - Kaguya Clan] ~Mig J.J. Quiksilver~ Scorps Passed
    [Bio Test - Kaguya Clan] -Naruto- Scorps Passed
    [Bio test - Kaguya] Jonathan Cheong Scary Yamato Passed
    [Bio test - Kaguya] Omnom v Piccolosan Double pass
    [Bio test - Kaguya] - ~Light~ Gobi Gobletsson Passed

    [Bio test - Kaguya] Heister Goro Kaguya Failed
    [Bio test - Kaguya] Lucifer Scorps Failed
    [Bio test - Kaguya] Lucifer vs Damon Salvatore Double Fail
    [Bio test - Kaguya] Shade Dracova Gobi Gobletsson
    [Bio test - Kaguya] Dr House Gobi GobletssonFailed
    [Bio test - Kaguya] Scaze Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Bio test - Kaguya] Piccolosan Lili-chwan Failed
    [Bio test - Kaguya] Mathias Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Biography Test - Kaguya] william24 vs Sinestro Double Fail
    [Kaguya Battle Exam] - Lysander Goro Kaguya Failed
    [Kaguya Test] - mangekyo byakugan Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Biography Test - Kaguya] -Taburn- vs Ace Uchiha Double Fail
    [Kaguya Test] - The 4th Raikage Darui.. Failed
    [Kaguya Test] - ShikamarUchiha10 Darui.. Failed
    [Kaguya Test] - rikerslade Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Kaguya Test] Heister Adachi Failed
    [Kaguya Test] Kenshin.. Scary Yamato Dropped
    [Kaguya Test] -Castiel- Scary Yamato Dropped
    [Kaguya Test] - Superlative Gobi Gobletsson Passed
    [Kaguya Test] Method Adachi Failed
    [Kaguya Test] - WastedMonkey Mephistopheles Failed
    [Kaguya Test] - Akiseijin Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Kaguya Test] - -Tauburn- Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Kaguya Test] - Lokí Madāra Uchiha Passed
    [Kaguya Test] Method Ryūjin Passed
    [Kaguya Test] Zánda Selendrile Passed
    [Kaguya Test]- -Cerberus- -Cobalt- Dropped
    [Kaguya Test] Vayne Professor Sarutobi Passed
    [Kaguya Test] Red Professor Sarutobi Passed
    [Kaguya Test] - Professor Namikaze Gobi Gobletsson Passed

    Kisame Hoshigaki Bio Tests:

    Mangekyou Sharingan tests:

    Mei Bio Tests:

    [Bio test - Mei] Toshiro Wesobi Failed
    [Bio test - Mei] Lucifer The Pervy Sage Failed
    [Bio test - Mei] Coyote Wesobi Failed
    [Bio Test - Mei] -General Phaze- Jinbei Failed
    [Bio Test - Mei] Luficer Jokey Failed
    [Bio Test - Mei] Leash.. Jokey Failed
    [Bio Test - Mei] Luficer Jokey Failed
    [Bio Test - Mei] Kamishiro Dante.. Failed
    [Mei Terumi] - Hazama Kirabi Passed
    [Mei Terumi Test] - Darius.. Kirabi Failed
    [Mei Terumi Test] - Echo.. Migualon J.J. Failed
    [Mei Terumi Test] ~Korra~ Ryūjin Dropped
    [Mei Terumi Test] - Shizuo.. Wesobi Failed
    [Mei Terumi Test] - Nemo.. Ryūjin Failed
    [Mei Terumi]- Sindy Selendrile Failed
    [Mei Terumi] - Ichigō Selendrile Failed
    [Mei Terumi Test] - Solf J. Kimblee Madāra Uchiha
    [Mei Terumi Test] - Korra Madāra Uchiha Dropped
    [Mei Terumi Test] - Clouds.. Alternative Dropped
    [Mei Terumi] - -Venom- Ryūjin Dropped
    [Mei Terumi Test] - Zatanna Ryūjin Failed
    [Mei Terumi] - Sanji.. Priest
    [Mei Terumi] - Rojuro Priest Failed
    [Mei Terumi Test] - Artist Priest Failed
    [Mei Terumi Test] - Sanji.. Priest Failed
    [Mei Terumi Test] - Blake Belladona Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Mei Terumi Test] - Afro-san Gobi Gobletsson Failed

    Muu Bio Tests:

    Uzumaki Nagato Bio Tests:

    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] The Pervy Sage Scorps - Passed
    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] - Drizzeh Scorps - Failed
    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] - Nagato.. Scorps Failed
    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] - Anduril Scorps Failed
    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] ★Sasuke Uchiha... Passion - Failed
    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] - The Doctor Ther Pervy sage Failed
    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] - Xanthe The Pervy sage Failed
    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] - Akisha The Pervy Sage - Failed
    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] Anduril Scorps Failed
    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] Dei Dei VS Akisha Both Failed
    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] Dei Dei VS Akisha Both Failed
    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] Kaziname Scorps Failed
    [Special Character Bio Test: Nagato] Kamishiro Ryūjin Failed
    [Bio test - Nagato] Nagato.. Lili-Chwan Failed
    [Bio test - Nagato] - ~Korra~ The Pervy Sage Failed
    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] Dr. House Obíto Failed
    [Bio test - Nagato] Hellsbadass The Pervy Sage Failed
    [Nagato bio test] - Zanji The Pervy Sage
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - Thunderbolt Obíto Failed
    [Bio test - Uzumaki Nagato] Oasis Nara Scorps Failed
    [Bio test - Uzumaki Nagato] Professor Sarutobi Scorps Failed
    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] Kryptiic Scorps Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - Toshiro Ryūjin Failed
    [Uzumaki Nagato Test] - Priest Mathias Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - Naizen Obíto Failed
    [Nagato Uzamaki Test] - Akagami Shanks.. Darui.. Failed
    [Nagato Uzamaki Test] - Priest Migualon J.J. Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - Kamishiro Adachi Failed
    [Uzumaki Nagato Test] - Shuusai Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - Toshiro Obíto Failed
    [Uzumaki Nagato Test] - Priest Madāra Uchiha Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - Shuusai Selendrile Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - Oasis Nara Jokey
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] -Broly- Obíto Failed
    [Uzumaki Nagato Test] -Yashiro- Ryūjin Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - Shady Doctor Selendrile Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - -Yashiro- Migualon J.J.
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - Kamishiro Selendrile Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] -Broly- Obíto Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - -Yashiro- Selendrile Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - Mockingbird Ryūjin
    [Bio Test - Uzumaki Nagato] Priest Scorps Failed
    [ Uzumaki Nagato Test] Gutsy Jiraiya Professor Sarutobi Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - Shin Kaito Better
    [Uzumaki Nagato Test] - Shady Doctor Madāra Uchiha Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test]- Oasis Nara -Cobalt- Failed
    [Uzumaki Nagato Test] Ace. Ryūjin Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - Priest Better Failed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - Oasis Nara Gobi Gobletsson Passed
    [Nagato Uzumaki Test] - -Broly- Madāra Uchiha Failed

    Namikaze Minato Bio Tests:

    [Bio Test - Minato] Gin-san Nagato.. Passed
    [Bio Test - Namikaze Minato] ~Crow~ VS Anduril Double Pass
    [Bio test - Minato] Jacob Moore The pervy sage Failed
    [Bio Test - Minato] -Itachi- Scary Yamato Failed
    [Bio Test - Minato] Dante.. The pervy sage Failed
    Bio Test - Minato] -Itachi- Kirabi Failed
    [Bio Test - Minato] Dante.. Lili-Chwan Failed
    Bio Test - Minato] -Itachi- Darui Failed
    [Bio test - Minato] ~Korra~ The Pervy Sage Failed
    [Minato test] - ~CoOkie Monster~ The Pervy Sage Failed
    [Minato test] - Kryptiic Jokey Failed
    [Minato Test] pradattauchiha Emperor Failed
    [Minato Test] - ReXii The Pervy Sage Passed
    [Bio test - Namikaze Minato] Omnom Scorps Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Selendrile Obíto Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Cookie M Obíto Failed
    [Namikaze Minato Test] - Kamishiro Ryūjin Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] ~Orochimaru~ Obíto Failed
    [Namikaze Minato - Bio Test] Rin Okumura Scorps Failed
    [Namikaze Minato - Bio Test] Igneel Scorps Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Tsuna.. Migualon J.J. Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] -Vasto Lorde- Obíto Failed
    [Namikaze Minato Test] - Solf J. Kimblee Ryūjin Failed
    [Namikaze Minato Test] - Beedo Ryūjin Failed
    [Namikaze Minato Test] - Mangekyo byakugan Ryūjin Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] Igneel Coyote Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Kansas Bred Selendrile Failed
    [Namikaze Minato Test] - Yựme Coyote
    [Minato Namikaze Test] Naizen Selendrile Failed
    [ Minato Namikaze Test ] - Vasto Lordé Azazel Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Teno Adachi Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Seblax Obíto Failed
    Minato Namikaze Test] - Akisha Madāra Uchiha Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Shady Doctor Adachi
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - dm1202 Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Bloo Gobi Gobletsson
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Igneel Ryūjin Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Ryuko Ryūjin
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Priest Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Vasto Lordé Alternative Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Flash07 Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Vex Better Passed
    [Minato Namikaze] - Yume ReXii
    [Minato Namikaze] - Flash07 ReXii
    [Minato Namikaze] - -L- ReXii
    [Minato Namikaze] - Vayne ReXii
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - -L- Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Flash07 Alternative Failed
    [Minato Test] - Azrael Madāra Uchiha Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Shady Doctor Madāra Uchiha Failed
    [Minato Namikaze Test] - Lysander Priest Failed
    Minato Namikaze Test] - Strawberry Gobi Gobletsson Failed

    [Bio Test - Minato] ~CoOkie Monster~ VS Gitanshu Double Fail
    [Bio Test - Minato] Gitanshu VS CookieMonster Double Fail
    [Bio Test - Namikaze Minato] Jacob Moore VS -Itachi- Double Fail
    [Biography Test - Minato] Amaterasu... vs XxFallenUchihaxX Double Fail

    Onoki Bio Tests:

    [Bio test - Onoki ] Coyote The pervy sage Failed
    [Bio test - Onoki ] Jokey Goro Kaguya Failed
    [Bio test - Onoki ] Jokey The pervy sage Failed
    [Bio test - Onoki ] Jokey Dante.. Failed
    [Bio Test - Onoki] Darui.. Scorps Failed
    [Special Character Bio Test: Ōnoki] - Erzo Ryūjin Passed
    [Onoki Test] - Ancalagon Madāra Uchiha Failed
    [Ōnoki] Teño Jokey Dropped

    Pseudo-Jinchūriki Test: Sora

    Sage Mode Tests:

    Sage mode test] - ReXii The Pervy Sage Failed
    [Sage mode test] - Solf J. Kimblee Wesobi Failed
    [Sage mode test] - Ryoku Mathias Passed
    [Sage Mode Test] - Seblax Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Sage Mode Test] - Nemo Wesobi Passed
    [Sage Mode Test] - Solf J. Kimblee Adachi
    [Sage Mode Test] - -Cobalt- Gobi Gobletsson Passed
    [Sage Mode Test] - -Jiraiya- Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Sage Mode Test] - Korra Gobi Gobletsson Passed
    [Sage Mode Test]- -Jiraiya- -Cobalt- Passed
    [Snake SM Test]- Gin Ichimaru -Cobalt-
    [Sage Mode Test] - Seblax Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Sage Mode Test] Zanda Negative Knight Passed
    [Toad Sage Mode] - Sterling Malory Archer Alternative
    [Snake Sage Mode] Better Selendrile Passed
    [Sage Mode Test]- Ryuko Better Failed
    [Sage Mode Test] - Mugen Ryuku Madāra Uchiha Failed
    Toad SM Test]- Sterling Malory Archer -Cobalt- Failed
    [Sage Mode] - Loki Madāra Uchiha Failed
    [Toad SM] - Teno ReXii Failed

    Senju Hashirama Bio Tests:

    [Senju Hashirama SM Test] -Jiraiya- Ryūjin Failed
    [Sage Mode Senju Hashirama Test] - Scorps Madāra Uchiha Passed
    [Wood Sage Mode] - Shuusai Crutch Kaguya Failed
    [Wood SM Test]- Bloo -Cobalt-
    [Wood Sage Mode] - Cobalt Crutch Kaguya Failed
    [Hashirama SM] - Khallil Alternative
    [Wood Sage Mode] - Shuusai Madāra Uchiha Failed
    [Wood Sage Mode] - Kerrah Crutch Kaguya Failed
    [Wood Sage Mode] - -Jiraiya- Madāra Uchiha Failed
    [Hashirama SM] - Khallil Gobi Gobletsson Failed

    Sensei Tests:

    [Sensei test] Leaf Xylon Passed
    [Sensei test] Wesobi Scary Yamato Passed
    [Sensei test] Nocturnal Scary Yamato Passed
    [Sensei test] Mathias Izuna Uchiha Passed
    [Sensei test] - ~Mig J.J. Quiksilver~ The Pervy sage Passed
    [Sensei test] Joker Dante.. Passed
    Yusuke Scorps Passed
    [Sensei test] Nagato.. The Pervy Sage Passed
    [Sensei test] Scorps The Pervy Sage Passed
    [Sensei test] Darui Kirabi Passed

    [Sensei test] Yard Passion Failed
    [Sensei test] Xanthe Scorps Failed
    [Sensei test] Leaf Nagato.. Failed
    [Sensei test] Akisha Scorps Failed
    [Sensei test] Akisha Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Sensei test] - Dr. house The Pervy Sage Failed
    [Sensei test] Akisha Jinbei Failed
    [Sensei Test] KeotsuEclipse Scorps Passed
    [Sensei test] - Coyote Wesobi Passed
    [Sensei Test] Hazama Scorps Passed
    [Sensei Test] - Kamishiro Mathias Failed
    [Sensei Battle Test] - Mockingbird Ryūjin
    [Sensei Test] Anduril Adachi Passed
    [Sensei Test] Seblax Scorps Failed
    [Sensei Test] Typhon Scorps Passed
    [Sensei Test] - Zero Kelvin Ryūjin Passed
    [Sensei Test] Selendrile Scorps Passed
    [Sensei Test] - Vision Wesobi Passed
    [Sensei Test] - Lord of Kaos Obíto Passed
    [Sensei Test] Solf j Kimblee Vision
    [Sensei Test] - Kirabi Obíto
    [Sensei Examination] - Professor Sarutobi Mathias Passed
    [Sensei Examination] Deàthstroke Selendrile Failed
    [Sensei Test] Cobalt Coyote Passed
    [Sensei Test] Negative Knight Ryūjin Passed
    [Sensei Test] - McRazor Madāra Uchiha Passed
    [Sensei Test] Nathan Ryūjin Passed
    [Sensei Test] - Better Obíto Passed
    [Sensei Test] Shinta Selendrile Passed
    [Sensei Test] Akisha Vision
    [Sensei Test] - ReXii Madāra Uchiha Passed
    [Sensei Exam] Kirabi Selendrile Failed
    [Sensei Test] - Sharingdork Madāra Uchiha Passed
    [Sensei Test]- Blake Belladona -Cobalt- Passed
    [Sensei Test]- Priest -Cobalt- Passed
    [Sensei Test]- Kerrah -Cobalt- Passed
    [Sensei Test] - House Adachi Passed
    [Sensei Test] - Reborn Madāra Uchiha Passed

    Shimura Danzo Bio Tests:

    Six Paths of Pain Bio Tests:

    Third Raikage Bio Tests:

    [Bio test - 3rd Raikage] Enzup The pervy sage Failed
    [Bio test - 3rd Raikage] Enzup Darui Failed
    [Bio test - 3rd Raikage] ~Johninto Uchiha~ Izanami Kaito Failed
    [Bio test - 3rd Raikage] Daemon Jokey Failed
    [Bio test - 3rd Raikage] ~The Norwegian~ Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    [Bio test - 3rd Raikage] Kuzan Nagato.. Failed
    [Special Character Bio Exam: Third Raikage] Toku Goro Kaguya Passed
    Enzup [Sandaime Raikage Bio Test] Vincent Failed
    Haku Yuki [Sandaime Raikage Bio Test] Vincent Failed
    [Bio test - Third Raikage] Enzup Passion Failed
    [Bio Test -Third Raikage] Zero Kelvin Scorps Passed
    [Bio Test - Sandaime Raikage] Lysander Vincent Failed
    [Third Raikage Test] - Lysander Mathias Failed
    [Sandaime Raikage Test] William24 Yūsuke Failed
    [Third Raikage Test] - Lysander Obíto Failed
    [Third Raikage] - Rain Of Hell Selendrile
    [Third Raikage Test] - Rain of Hell Coyote
    [Third Raikage Test] - General Coyote Failed
    [Third Raikage Test] - Lysander Obíto Failed
    [3rd Raikage Test] -Broly- Professor Sarutobi Passed
    [3rd Raikage Test] Daemon Professor Sarutobi Failed
    [Third Raikage Test] - -Venom- Gobi Gobletsson Failed
    Aizen| Third Raikage Crutch Kaguya Failed
    [Third Raikage Test] -Venom- Ryūjin Failed

    Tobirama Senju Bio Tests:

    [Tobirama Senju Test] - Loki Madāra Uchiha Dropped
    [Tobirama Senju] Cursed Prince Selendrile Failed
    [Tobirama Senju Test] - Migualon J.J. Alternative Failed
    [Tobirama Senju Test] - -Haku Yuki- Madāra Uchiha Failed
    [Tobirama Senju] ~ Zanji Coyote Dropped
    [Tobirama Senju] - Gutsy Jiraiya Selendrile Failed
    [Tobirama Senju] - Zero Kelvin Selendrile
    [Tobirama Senju] ~ Toto Coyote Failed
    [Tobirama Senju Test] - Shady Doctor Madāra Uchiha Dropped
    [Tobirama Senju] - Cursed Prince ReXii Dropped
    [Tobirama Senju] - Zero Kelvin Crutch Kaguya Dropped
    [Tobirama Senju Test] - Mathias Madāra Uchiha Passed
    [Tobirama Senju Test]- Satān -Cobalt- Failed
    [Tobirama Senju Test] -Venom- Better Failed
    [Tobirama]- Gutsy Jiraiya ReXii Failed
    [Tobirama] - Question Jokey Passed
    LonelyAssassin | Tobirama Crutch Kaguya Dropped
    [Tobirama Test] - -Blade- Madāra Uchiha Failed
    Satan | Tobirama Crutch Kaguya Failed
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    Re: ±± Battle Tests Archive ±±

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