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    Amv of the month [April]

    Every month here on Narutobase forums, we give out an award to the most creative Amv.For those of you who dont know what an amv stands for anime music video. Amvs are usually fan made by editing many cut scenes from one or more animes fit to a song of their choice.The scenes shouldn't contain any subtitles and be of good quality, as otherwise the creator's efforts are half wasted.

    Okay now that we all know what is an amv lets take a look at the rules^^

    Rules and guidelines:

    1.All entries must be original content made by the submitter.

    2.Video must not contain any images/footage of dojin/hentai/porn or any adult related content.

    3.Inappropriate material is not allowed! This includes Footage, Sound Effects, Music, Voices or anything else not suitable for viewers of all ages.

    4.All videos must be submitted via pm and have at the begging of the video a *Narutobase amv of the month* intro.

    5.Signing your amv with your name is not allowed as we want to keep the poll fair.

    6.The videos can be hosted only on youtube,myspace and imeem.

    7.Videos will be checked to make sure all rules were followed before entering the contest.

    9.The amv can be made out of any anime and have any music you wish.

    10.To enter your video into the AMV of the Month contest post here the usual *~I wish to take part~* and have the pm with the link to your video sent by the end of the contest.

    ~Disobeying the rules will get you disqualified~

    And thats about it for the rules.Any questions related to the rules or the amv contest in general ask here.

    The winners will receive a medal and bragging rights :p
    Dead line is 21 May.

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