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    Re: AotW #72 : Inspiration

    ~I wish to take part~

    Username: FeeLPaiN
    Album's Style: Naruto inspiring quotes (black and white)
    Link to Your Album: later
    Screenshot of Your Album: later
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    Re: AotW #72 : Inspiration

    Unfortunately I have been too busy to create my own album (Not as a submission, but just so I can partake in this particular theme and share a bit of myself), so I'll just write a few things:

    >The things that inspire me in life are the people who can smile despite being in the worst of circumstances. The ones who rise after being knocked down. The people who endure hardship and overcome their greatest obstacles. We as humans have various struggles and we sometimes face seemingly great amounts of despair. The current events in many parts of the world have led many to give up hope, and that desperation reaches out daily to people of all walks of life.

    There are days where even I myself wonder why do I continue on? But there is always something to inspire me to keep pressing on, to never give up hope, to rise again and face the harsh realities of the world, and to stand up for the things that I deem more important than my own well being. To have courage, to be strong, and most of all to be happy no matter what happens. To take each day as it comes and find the good in everything I see.

    Life isn't always easy and people aren't always nice, but you can't let the "bad" things stop you from living and remaining happy. It's those good things that inspire me to be who I am and to worry less about the difficulties I often face. Meet each day head-on and don't let anyone make you feel less than a person. At the end of the day, you are who you are, and only you can be that person. As long as you're making the best choices that you can make, then there's no way that you could be a better person, so live without regret and know that you're doing the best you can.

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