I closed some threads in this section for the following reasons:

-They were repeated (meaning they were basically the same thread; there is no need for an infinite number of bar threads, afternoon threads, cafe's, etc so don't go on a rampage creating such threads if there are some already)

-They were too filled with spam (multiposting, image only replies and off topic posting is not allowed in KT so be careful and don't spoil the fun for everyone; threads with too much spam will be closed and the fun ends for everyone so don't be selfish)

-They had too many posts (after a certain point, the thread will be closed and a new fresh one is to be created; an example of this was Konoha High School)

So before you create a thread in Konoha Town, be sure that:

-You are creating an RP thread, meaning that you'll be creating a place where Role Playing will take place and not a spam thread with no purpose.

-That a similar thread hasn't been made before since there is no use for a billion bar or tavern threads or beach threads or afternoon threads; be sure you're creating something that hasn't been made countless times before. Some leniency will be given in this point but don't stretch it.

-The thread abides by the global rules of the Forum (Found here) and this includes the No Spam rules.

If you are taking part in any thread in Konoha Town, remember to report rule breaking behavior so it can be corrected before moderation action (such as deleting or closing threads) need to be taken.