Art Contest of the Month [May 2009]

Welcome to the Art Contest of the Month!

Art Contest will be judged on:
  • Creativity
  • Use of Shade
  • Use of color (if any)
  • How clean it is

All submissions will be reviewed by the Staff members. The best 3 selected out of the number of applicants will move on to the voting in which a thread/poll will be created for you to judge on.


1st Place
  • Temporary Larger Avatar
  • Chance to change their name if wanted
  • A Special Signature and Avatar made out of their art work
  • Medal

2nd Place
  • Temporary Larger Avatar
  • An Avatar made out of their work
  • Medal

3rd place
  • Temporary Larger Avatar
  • Medal

Submission time ends on Sunday May 31, and the Art work chosen will be announced threw out the week after submission time ends.

Art Contest of the Month RULES!

► Too take part in this contest please fill out the form given
► NO copying other contestants
► You must use a Drawing you have made not someone else
► To Take Part In This Contest You Must Have Already Made A Thread In The FanArt Section Showing YOUR Work!
► Voting with more than one account is prohibited, as well as asking people to vote for your work
► You MAY NOT Vote for your own work

~Disobeying the rules will get you disqualified~
~Making fun, insulting or flaming in any way any contestant or his/her work, will get you immediately infracted~
~Posts such as: "Mine is Better!" or "Yours is fake" will not be tolerated and you will receive an infraction~

If you want to submit your work please fill out this form and put above it ~*I wish to take part*~

Link to Artwork: