WEEK: 13

Please read the "FUB" Rules, for those who are new to this contest.

Best Comic Strip will be judged on:

♒ Creativity ♒
♒ Originality ♒
♒ Humour ♒

Rules for taking part
► To take part, please pm Me the picture, BY PUTTING THIS AS THE TITTLE.

►FUB:ENTRY- [Your username Here]
Failure to use the correct title will result in your submission being skipped.
If you wish to resubmit (already submitted and wants to give a changed/edited one), use the title below.

►FUB:RE-ENTRY- [Your username Here]
►You must have at least 50 posts (be a genin) in order to take part in this.
► Make sure you save it as PNG (Not JPEG or JPG).
► Idea must be original. No stealing other contestant's idea. Meaning, there will be no similar concept comic strips.
► Words must be clearly written and it must be readable.
► Words must not be vulgur, sexually charged or anything that can be offensive.
No putting signature of your name. It must be anonymous.
► For Best Results, the recommended font is the original manga font: Anime Ace
►Upload with either www.imgur.com or www.imageshack.com, or www.tinypic.com No Photobucket! UsingNarutoBase albums won't be accepted either.

Page To Fill
Page suggested by:Tsukiyoumi93
The remaining text and exclamation marks can be removed if you wish.

Last Day to Submit is: Thursday, 19th of July (GMT+1:00) Central European Time (Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid)

Good Luck!
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