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    Ubuntu Help

    Hey guys, I was wondering if someone out there would be able to help me. I'm trying to use an ATOM television as a monitor for a small processor and hard drive to act as a display unit to run small media clips, slide presentation etc. as a point of sale aid at my work.

    The problem I have is Ubuntu does not provide a property driver to the ATOM as in to enable me to rotate the screen vertically.

    Any help on the matter is greatly appreciated

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    Re: Ubuntu Help

    Hey man, I also use Ubuntu in another computer and it seems it has some displaying problems when you connect it to another screen...
    What my problem was, is that I couldn't change the screen resolution

    But Ubuntu are developping themselves and they maybe just need us to report the problem to them when we find one
    (i haven't used ubuntu this entire summer >.<)

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    Re: Ubuntu Help

    Download the windows driver and use ndiswrapper.

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