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    ▓▒░ Fill Up The Bubble Contest Rules


    Obey the Global Rules.

    You must have at least 50 posts in order to take part.
    • A minimum online time of one week is also required.

    The Idea must be original. No stealing other contestant's idea. Meaning, there will be no similar concept comic strips.
    • The penalty of ripping is being banned from the contest for 3 weeks.

    Words must be clearly written and it must be readable.

    • Content must be readable, an appropriate font should be used. eg. Anime Ace

    Words must not be vulgar.
    • Words such as b$tch and other similar words are not allowed any at all, do not use them.

    Do not show any form of identification of the entries. The contestants must be anonymous
    • No logos, no special identification marks, no initials, no signatures.

    When sending your entry, you must have the appropriate title.
    ► FUB# ?? Entry: [Username between brackets]
    You must upload with the accepted websites
    • At the moment, (recommended) or NarutoBase albums or photobucket will not be accepted.

    Do not enter with multiple accounts.
    • The penalty of one such action is being permanently banned from the contest.

    Voters must have at least 50 posts.
    • There is no online time requirement.

    Voting with more than one account is strictly prohibited, as well as asking people to vote for your work.
    • Violation of this rule will lead to being permanently banned from this contest.

    You may NOT Vote for your own work.
    • If you accidentally do so, send me a Private Message. If you don't report it, you will be considered to be cheating and will be treated accordingly.

    Entry Bashing is not allowed.
    • Posting messages like "Entry 10 sucks" or "Entry 5 is BS" are not allowed. You are allowed to express your opinion, but you must do so as constructive criticism.
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