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    ▓▒░ The Fill Up The Bubble Contest

    Welcome to the FUB (Fill Up The Bubble) Contest. In this contest, you don't need any GFX skills, art or designing talent, all you need is to know how to be a creative joker! If you wish to be active in this contest, you may subscribe to the Forum by clicking Forum Tools>Subscribe to Forum. That way, you will be constantly updated about what's going on here. To take part, you need to fill up those empty speech-bubbles and form a short scene. The submission time will end within 3-4 days. Once closed, approved comic strips will be posted in a voting thread where a voting poll will be open for everyone to vote. The voting period will last for 3 days. Comic strips with highest votes win the prizes. If you would like to know how to fill the bubbles, take a look at the tutorials

    Contest Cycles
    Note: There may be a weekly skip, meaning, on some occasions, there may not be the starting of another contest until a week behind time.

    Beginning of the Contest A new contest period is startedon a Sunday or Monday.
    The Entry Period: This is a four day period, beginning from Sunday or Monday and ending on Thursday.
    The Voting Period: This is a three day period which begins on Thursday and ends on Saturday or Sunday.
    Announcement of Winners The winners are posted when the voting is done, this is on a Sunday or Monday.

    Contest Prizes
    1st Place:
    • The Fill Up The Bubble award
    • Temporary Cyan Username
    • Username change
    • Temporary 150x300 Avatar Permission
    • A mention in the FUB Hall of Fame
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