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    Special Training: Leg Weights

    Special Training: Taijutsu Weight Training


    A special training originally created by Might Guy to develop Rock Lee's running speed and strength. This harsh training method makes use of a set of weights (made through the use of Fuuinjutsu) that are strapped around the users ankles. The user then trains and moves like he would without the weights, growing costumed to them. As he is comfortable with that level of weight, its is increased further. While using the weights, the user eventually becomes able to move like a normal Taijutsu master would, were as when he drops or removes the weights he has a strong boost in his running speed. By using this method, the ninja increases his physical strength mainly in his legs. His body gets used to "wearing" such a high weight that once he takes them off, his speed is drastically increased due to the sudden lack of weight. The increased running speed however, doesn't mean the user becomes able to do any movement with increased speed; his running speed is greatly increased, but to be able to produce specific and intricate Taijutsu moves, the user will still have to count on his normal speed. This is clearly noticed when Rock Lee was attacking Gaara. Although he could run around Gaara barely noticed by him, when he was about to attack, he needed to reduce his speed to produce the attack.

    The training must take place during 2 training sessions. The first session is used to get the user costumed to the added weight and making sure he is able to move normally with it. The second session is used to get the user costumed to his increased running speed when he removes his leg weights.


    - After getting used to the added weight, the user becomes able to move around at normal speed
    - When removing the weights, the user has his running speed doubled
    - User becomes barely noticeable by normal Eyesight when running without the leg weights
    - User gains a high physical stamina
    - Strong Fist (Normal Taijutsu) Kicks and Kick Taijutsu techniques gain +20 in damage when performed without the weights.


    The Leg Weights themselves are a technique:

    (Katai Omori) Leg Weights
    Type: Weapon/Supplementary
    Rank: A-rank
    Range: Short
    Chakra: 30
    Damage: N/A
    The Leg Weights used for Special Taijutsu Training with Added Weights are made through the application of a sealing formula to ordinary leg weights. The sealing formula is used to, through the use of chakra, increase the weight of the leg weights to the desired level. The seal can't be applied to anything other than the leg weights and its use is restricted to its original purpose. One can remove the leg weights but the sealing technique in them stays active indefinitely and can't be released. Additionally, the Leg Weights and their unique seal calibration makes them only usable by the ninja to whom they belong. They can't be sealed or stolen.

    Removing the Weights must be done through the following technique:

    (Katai Omori: Doroppu) Leg Weights: Drop
    Type: Supplementary
    Rank: A-Rank
    Range: Short
    Chakra: N/A
    Damage: N/A (+20 to Kicks, 2x Running Speed)
    The user stops, bends over to reach his legs and unstraps his leg weights, dropping them to the ground. As a result the user gains a drastic boost to his running speed (doubles) and +20 to all his Strong Fist Kick-related moves. However, this boost in strength and speed is completely nullified when releasing the EIG or when using any kind of movement speed enhancement technique or weight manipulation technique; they don't add up on each other.


    - User needs to have mastered Taijutsu
    - Minato, Jinchuriki, Raikage bios and Bios with Swift Release and/or Sage Mode can't receive this training
    - Bios with Eight Inner Gates get the training auto
    - Between the first training session and the second, user must wait one month to get used to the added weight
    - Requires a permission from the RP Moderators or winning a tournament with the permission as a prize
    - Can only be taught by a sensei with permission to conduct the training
    - This training is done to the bio, not the user, thus one needs to gain if for each bio the user wishes to put it

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