Needless to say, this time, it all went a bit tit's up, fortunately, this is the only double one, next time will only be one image =].

Regardless, Thank you to all the competitors and voters that made this contest possible, and, without further ado, The Winners:

First Place with a collective 26 Votes:
NG-Entry 4 and CK-Entry 5, ...Chill... Mizu:

Second Place with a collective 8 Votes:
NG-Entry 1 and CK-Entry 3, NarutoGoku:

Third Place with a collective 3 Votes:
NG-Entry 7 and CK-Entry 4, DJDOUGY:
Fourth Place with a collective 2 Votes:
NG-Entry 3 and CK-Entry 2, Rahul

Fifth Place with 1 Vote:
NG-Entry 2 and CK-Entry 1, Diabolus

Joint Sixth with 0 Votes:
NG-Entry 5, Mingus
NG-Entry 6, Naruto..

Congratulation's everyone, i really do hope you all enter the next competition, and hopefully you'll all have better luck next time, hopefully, things go better next time =].

And NarutoGoku, as the winner of second place, you get to choose the next image, you have till thursday, if you haven't chosen by then, i'll choose one, in order to keep the contest going, by all means ask others for idea's.