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I still don't think Tsunade will be killed by pein ...pein is not a serial killer plus kishi won't let that happen ...even if she does get killed,it won't be by pein ....it will either be sasuke or madara .I strongly believe this cause jiraiya was already killed by pein,so kishi won't repeat the same thing twice as far as I know .So tsunade will be spared when pein attacks konoha .kakashi ,saukra and sai,yamoto will handle 3 bodies while shino's team,shikamaro's and neji's will handle the other three .Tsunade will handle konan...naruto will be training .The battle will go for around 8 to 10 weeks..konan will be killed and so will the 6 pein's body.

Naruto finishes his sages art and returns ,he will be way more powerful than Tsunade ........and the 8 tails would have been extracted by then ..Naruto leaves to confront pein alone ....Tsunade orders gai's team to hunt kisame and shino's team to hunt Zetsu(plant vs bugs)..yamoto will be the leader of shino's team. .epic battles 5 managa each .so pein,zetsu and kisame are all finished .

meanwhile sasuke will come with his hawk to kill the elders but will end up killing Tsunade as well (this is an ACCIDENT).Sakura's anger is triggered...Naruto also arrives at the right time...He sees TSunade barely alive ..Tsunade refuses to use are life reincarnation technique ,she knows tht naruto defeated pein all on his own and announces naruto to be the 6th and dies peacefuly at naruto's laps .Naruto's anger is triggered
Naruto along with sakura,kakashi,sai will stop hawk...except sasuke the other hawk will be killed ..sasuke escapes barely alive ...naruto becomes the hokakage

so only madara and sasuke will be the only members left .....madara unleashes all
his 8 bujuus on konoha(the reverse of the battle at the valley of ends will happen) cause madara will posses 8 bijuus this time and naruto the nine tails .
hokakage Naruto will be having trouble fighting Madara.Sasuke comes into aid him.Everyone understands sasuke's real motives then ..sasuke explains himself for the last time ......THe epic battle betwen madara and the 8 bijuus vs sasuke and hokakage naruto takes place.sasuke will die sadly giving his MS or PMS to naruto to equal the odds ...Naruto finally defeats madara with sasuke's PMS .

NAruto cries aloud saying he is unable to save his friend ...and hugs him shouting sasuke.then some miracle happens (fairy tales -common guys we will know sasuke won't die)...sasuke coughs and stares at naruto and says he has been his real brother.yup finally the couples get married and fin
if pain doesnt kill tsunade who will kill her? someone has to for the hokage position tobe vacant . Plus i dont think sasuke will ever come back, i think he'll be the biggest villain and ahim and naruto will be arch enemies. I think its their destiny to be enemies