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    Re: My epic 600 prediction PLEASE READ:)

    Quote Originally Posted by Clarity View Post
    Nice one!
    thanks a lot

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    Re: My epic 600 prediction PLEASE READ:)


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    Re: My epic 600 prediction PLEASE READ:)

    It is continuation of my previous prediction, I hope you like it

    601 -Birth of Tobi Uchiha
    Continuation of flashback
    The scene shows Izuna appearing with Tobi from portal.
    Tobi: what was that jutsu you used
    Izuna: ah, that. It was Space time Ninjutsu, which my brother and only I posses. It is called Devil gate ,Tobi.
    Tobi: Oh great jutsu, Izuna-sama. I wonder if I can do something like that with sharingan of mine, and what about second sharingan, I gave mine Kakashi.
    Izuna: thanks, no you can't do it but you will have your own power instead, about second sharingan it was implanted in your eye so you can't transform this eye to MS, unless you try really hard and maybe.
    Tobi: Great.
    Izuna: Let's go Tobi
    Tobi: yeah master.
    Flashback ends
    The scene switches back to real world
    Tobi: a?!
    Kakashi: stop, did you say that had other Master?!
    Tobi: Yes, He was named Izuna Uchiha.
    Kakashi: What?!, Our sensei was Minato Namikaze, did you forget Obito?!
    Tobi: shut up Kakashi, I said you once to not open your mouth easily.
    Naruto awake from confusion: Who was Izuna Uchiha?, and why didn't you say Minato Namikaze ?
    Tobi: sigh, your father the man who abandoned me and let Rin die. Don't make laugh you want me to accept that kind of Sensei!!!
    Everyone: ?!
    Tobi: I had only one sensei, Izuna Uchiha, Madara brother.
    Kakashi: I don't understand at all
    Tobi: I will show you then how my real sensei looked
    Everyone: ?!
    The scene shows Tobi doing few handseals
    Tobi: Special Transforming technique!
    The scene shows Obito face changes to new face. New face looks like Uchiha Izuna
    Everyone: ?!
    Tobi: that looked my real sensei, Izuna Uchiha.
    Everyone: ?!
    Tobi: and that looked his borther. Naruto should recognize him<smirks>
    The scene shows Izuna face changes to new face. New face looks like Uchiha Madara
    Everyone: ?!
    Naruto: you like like this man I met, Uchiha Madara!, you bastard how could you changes your faces?!
    Tobi: This is my jutsu, I can changes my appearance to whoever DNA I posses.
    Kakashi: *so he is Obito, or no?!*
    Tobi: Now I will show last interesting face I thinks, I want to see your reaction
    The scene shows Madara face changes to new face. New face looks like Hashirama Senjuu.
    Everyone: ?!
    Kakashi: can't be?!, first Hokage?!
    Naruto: First Hokage, Hashirama Senjuu, it is not possible, how?!
    Gai: First Hokage...
    The scene shows Hashirama face changes back to Obito face as Tobi disactivate jutsu.
    Tobi: Your facial expression make me laugh. I changed back to original because it would be better, right Kakashi.
    Kakashi: ?!
    Naruto: Who the hell are you?!
    Tobi: I said once, I am Tobi ulimate Ninja who is noone. I am Obito Uchiha with Madara and Izuna personalities, my body is Obito Uchiha remains merged with Madara, Izuna and Hashirama DNA.
    Everyone: what the ****?!
    Tobi: If you can understand then this your problem, now I will tell you what happened with me.
    Flashback Continuation begins
    Few scenes shows Izuna training with Obito.It shows Obito fighting with Izuna in taijutsu. We see Obito using better fire release jutsu, better using sharingan and getting stronger at all. Obito is showed training basics of Ninja as well as standing on water, excersing with element of chakra, Improving speed, strentgh, reflex, durability and more.
    Tobi: You are ready, sensei?!
    Izuna: Bring it !
    Tobi tries to punch Izuna , Izuna blocks then send kicks to Tobi stomach, Tobi blocks kick in last moment.
    Tobi: fire release: Great Fireball!
    Izuna: fire release: Great Fireball!
    Both fireballs clash with each other. Izuna Fire ball is bigger and stronger so overpower Tobi fire ball.
    Tobi jumps aside: shit!
    Izuna stops using fire ball:Tobi?!
    Tobi: I am alright sensei, you was great in compare to me...
    Izuna comes to him, smiles and help him stand up: don't need to overdo it Tobi, you was great as well. You have done great progress from begining.
    Tobi stand up: smiles, thanks sensei.
    Izuna: now time to develop your sharingan.
    Tobi activates sharingan in both eyes: Excellent!
    Izuna activates Sharignan in both eyes: show me what you got Tobi!
    Tobi: prepare, sensei!
    Tobi and Izuna run at ech other and exchanges blows. Tobi and Izuna are avoiding all attack well. Tobi and Izuna fighting with eachother using genjutsu. Tobi looses but give challenge his sensei Izuna. Izuna shows jutsu to Tobi and Tobi try to copy this jutsu and use it, after Tobi shows jutsu to Izuna and Izuna copy this jutsu. Both are succed.
    Izuna: First sharingan ability is prediction attack.
    Tobi: I will get you sensei
    Izuna: we will see
    Izuna send punch to Tobi face: gotcha
    Tobi blocks punch: *I saw this attack comming*
    Izuna: Nice, your try
    Tobi send kick to Izuna stomach: whoa!
    Izuna blocks kick: nice try, Tobi
    Izuna: Second ability of sharingan is genjutsu
    Izuna looks at Tobi and use genjutsu on him: Now time for genjutsu fight
    Tobi looks at Izuna and use genjutsu on him: right!
    After few seconds Izuna release himself from Tobi genjutsu, but Tobi doesn't.
    Tobi: damit, I am we?!
    Izuna releasing Tobi: you are developing as Ninja at amazing rate.
    Tobi: thanks master.
    Izuna: Third ability is copying ability of sharingan.
    Tobi: I know
    Izuna great, try to copy my handseals
    Tobi: right
    Izuna doing some handseals: Fire release: flame thrower!
    It shows powerfull flames comming from Izuna mouth until Izuna stops
    Tobi: *If I try really hard I can do it*
    Tobi is doing handseals as Izuna: Fire release flame thrower !
    It shows flames comming from Tobi mouth until Tobi stops
    Izuna: great, you did it.
    Tobi: yes, I got it.
    Izuna: now my turn
    Tobi doing some handseals: ok, Fire release: Fire swirl!
    It shows Fire creating swirl comming from Tobi mouth until he stops
    Izuna: *Nice my DNA and Madara DNA are working, to be able to use powerfull Fire techique as that.*
    Izuna doing some handseals: Fire release: Fire swirl!
    It shows powerfull Fire creating swirl comming from Tobi mouth until he stops.
    Tobi: *sensei is so amazing, even improve my fire jutsu*: you was great sensei.
    Izuna: You too, Tobi!
    They are smilling to each other
    The scene switches to labolatory in cave
    Izuna: You did huge progress, soon you will be ready to take revenge
    Tobi: Thanks master.
    Izuna: no..?!
    Tobi: ?!
    The scene shows strange plant comming from ground. Tobi take battle stance and about to rush at it, but Izuna catches his hand and say
    Izuna: stop Tobi!, he is my friend Zetsu
    Tobi: ?!
    Zetsu: Nice to see you doing well ,boy.
    Tobi: oh, thanks.
    Izuna: so what did you find Zetsu, something interesting?
    Zetsu: yes, really interesting
    Tobi: *This plant is weird, besides half is blacka and other is white, strange*
    Izuna: come with me, Zetsu. <turns to Tobi> please wait a moment for me there.
    somewhere else
    Izuna: So?
    Zetsu: Kushina Uzumaki, current Jinchurki of Kyuubi will breed a child soon.
    Izuna: Great!, finally I can retrieve Kyuubi...
    Zetsu: I will go and find more information, about location, time and more.
    Izuna: Ok, you can go Zetsu
    The scene shows Tobi being hidden behind door little open.
    Tobi: *My so called sensei wife will breed child*
    Izuna turns his head to see Tobi: ?!
    Tobi: ?!
    The scene shows Zetsu comming in ground, disappearing.
    Izuna: Tobi, you shouldn't heard it
    Tobi: Why?!
    Izuna: I am going to retrieve Kyuubi, killing you previous sensei wife and I will has to fight with your previous Sensei...
    Tobi: Please let me go, I don't consider Minato Namikaze as my sensei anymore. My only sensei is you, Izuna-sama. I beg you, please let me, I will retrieve Kyuubi for you?!
    Izuna: NO!, are you crazy?! I will go and you will stay there. It is true that you did great progress but you can't fight against Hokage. Do you understand?
    Tobi: th..., ok I understand, but I want my revenge at least to see him dying, please take my Mangenkyou sharingan.
    Izuna: Your Mangenkyou sharingan?!
    Flashback begins
    Izuna: Now time to train Mangenkyou sharingan, but look out every use of MS technique deteriorates user eyesight, finally leading to blindness...
    Tobi: so I will be blind if I overuse this eye.
    Izuna: It could be, but you have Senjuu DNA in himself so it heals your eyes, reverse all bad side effects MS bring. Besides you have Madara and my DNA so you has minimal bad effect form using MS.
    Tobi: Ok, so after you gave your brother your own eyes, he got EMS, yes?!
    Izuna: Yes, so you begin to get acces to my brother and my memory slowly...
    Tobi: Yes, something like that and then he fought with Hashirama to get his DNA, so he could awake Rinnengan...
    Izuna: wow, you are right...
    Tobi: He did all to ressurect you, because you gave him your eyes.
    Izuna: Yes, he revived me with Rinne Tensei, special outer path of RG technique...
    Izuna activates Mangenkyou of Random uchiha eyes: show me your power.
    Tobi activates his Mangenkyou: Yes, master
    Izuna attack Tobi with Taijutsu, then Tobi become intangible schocking Izuna who pass through him.
    Izuna: How?!
    Tobi becoming tangible: Wow, Master, it was as I became ghost...
    Izuna: Excellent ability...
    Suddenly Tobi disappear in swirl
    Izuna: Tobi?!
    In other dimenssion
    Tobi: where am I?
    Tobi: anyone, answer me!
    Tobi: *shit, noone hear me, I have to use my MS again, maybe it will work*
    Tobi activates MS: Please work!
    Suddenly Tobi disappear in swirl from Tobi dimenssion and appear in real World shocking Izuna.
    Izuna: ?!
    Tobi: sorry for worry you, but now I returned <smiles>
    Izuna: *Excellent, he has some powerfull eyes* great, I was little worried but now it is good.
    Flashback ends
    Izuna: Ok, give you Mangenkyou sharingan, it will help me in our revenge for Konoha<smirks>
    Tobi: good luck, master<smiles>
    The scene shows Izuna disappearing in swirl leaving Obito with Zetsu
    Tobi: so, you are Zetsu. How could you be ninja?!
    Zetsu: Yes, I am. I was created by Madara Uchiha, older Izuna brother. He created me from Senjuu DNA.
    Tobi: Wow, he was amazing...
    Zetsu: indeed..., his little brother , Izuna is very powerfull as well although he doesn't have his orginally eyes.
    Tobi: what do you mean?!
    Zetsu: his eyes, Rinnengan were implanted in Nagato Uzumaki child, who now is adult and lead Akatsuki organization as leader for Izuna Uchiha.
    Tobi: I see, so my master is not powerfull now...
    Zetsu: he is still powerfull, you don't need to worry about him.
    Tobi: I know, but...
    Zetsu: Besides he deeply believe in you, Tobi. Thanks to Madara and Izuna DNA flowing in you, you as Izuna and Madara relative could become most powerfull Uchiha, Ninja in this world.
    Tobi: Really then I will never let him down about me.
    Zetsu: good
    Some times passed from Izuna dissapearing and going to Konoha. While Izuna was fighting Tobi and Zetsu was talking.
    After many hours passed from that event.

    Tobi: ?!
    Zetsu: ?!
    The scene shows Izuna appearing from swirl, he is badly injured with hole in his back. Tobi is scarred and schocked while Zetsu come fast to him to heal his body.
    Izuna: argh!!, eh..., ah... I understimated Minato Namikaze...
    Zetsu: master, what did happen. Stay calm I will heal your body...
    Tobi: Master, what did happen?!
    Izuna: I failed..., Jinchurki Uzum...aki Kus...hina died and Fou...rth Ho...kage probably sacrifi...ced his life for Kon...oha damn village. Howe...ver he hit me with Rase...ngan and me badly.
    Tobi: *NO, NO!, I will take revenge for my master and definitly destroy this Konoha!*: Master, I will come and destroy this village
    Izuna: NO!, you will come but when time is right
    Pre last scene shows Izuna being healed by Zetsu and give Obito sharingan back.
    Last scene shows shows Mangenkyou sharingan shines on red light with Tobi face

    602 - Master and student. Tobi hate and darkness increase

    What it was really long, I hope you would like it

    Please give me comments
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    Re: My epic 600 prediction PLEASE READ:)

    Quote Originally Posted by KCMNaruto View Post
    so you appreciate my prediction, yes?!

    It took great effort of me, but I messed it a little;/.
    However overall could be good.
    your 600 prediction is entirely based on mine

    i don't mind that you worked on it .. but it took you great effort really?
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    Re: My epic 600 prediction PLEASE READ:)

    Quote Originally Posted by KCMNaruto View Post
    Hmm..., who it could be too easy.
    Obito reason would be:
    - Rin death, Kakashi didn't keep his promise to him
    - Minato Namikaze didn't save Rin as sensei
    - Noone from his team or Konoha didn't go to retrieve his body
    - Kakashi became heroes thanks to Obito sharingan and didn;t keep his promise
    -Obito understands that he was fooled and he can entrust anyone
    -Izuna/ Madara shows him that Obito wishes and dreams were futile and childlish.
    -Izuna/ Madara shows him true that Uchiha was always treated worse than Senjuu clan and in Konoha it is the same
    -Obito understands and connect himself more to Madara and Izuna then Konoha, village which lied to him by all times and now abandoned him.

    And about Madara and Izuna, for me Madara didn't hate Izuna when he talked about him.
    Besides Madara said about Izuna with sadness, I think Itachi lied to Sasuke that Madara took Izuna eyes by force to manipulate Sasuke.

    What Tobi said is true, Izuna gave his eyes willingly to Madara.
    -YES MADARA CREATED ZETSU, because he wanted to see what could happen if Senjuu DNA will be merged with Uchiha DNA.
    - No, Madara and Izuna never were enemies, they are brothers and friends. Izuna gave Madara own eyes for clan, for his brother sake.

    Madara owes Izuna everything, thanks to him he could developed RG from his EMS.
    Thanks to Izuna Madara could stand on top Uchiha clan. If Izuna didn;t give his eyes to Madara , then Madara would be blind and die.
    touching lol.....but tobi told this story to sasuke after the itachi-sasuke fight.....madara went blind and he took izuna's eyes....don't think he gave them willingly still....and i think it would take a lot more than rin dying to turn obito evil...coz in your own prediction you say that kakashi and rin were surrounded by lots of ninjas....and minato wasn't there....he never asked minato to protect're saying things like...if naruto saw sakura get killed in the war then he would go after kakashi .....madara owes everything he's achieved to izuna agreed....but i they weren't enemies...disagreed....its been a trend kishi has set in the manga.....uchiha brothers are never friends....either obito turned out to be some freak experiment of orochimaru or somebody else that led to him growing freakishly fast (justifying konoha attack) or he's being possessed by somebody else with a jutsu similar to oro's.....
    you are making it sound like
    izuna: hey obito..come here
    obito: okay :worshippy:
    izuna: hey obito..go over there
    obito: okay :worshippy:
    sounds a bit submissive...if anything obito was forced or twisted.....if he felt like uchiha clan was being treated badly by konoha why did he assist itachi in killing uchiha?

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    Re: My epic 600 prediction PLEASE READ:)

    Good One. Respect.

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    Re: My epic 600 prediction PLEASE READ:)

    Quote Originally Posted by SashaUchiha View Post
    Like parts of it...

    If you just replace-all "Izuna" with "Madara" that makes it all the more believable and probable...

    I know Izuna has a role going forward but not such a major one...
    ^ this. it would be more legit

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    Re: My epic 600 prediction PLEASE READ:)

    still doesnt sense.. I like the way u have explained, like Obito wasn aged enough to fight minato that time so izuna was the one. But we still believe Tobi is one person all the time. U could even recognize the voice actor.

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    Re: My epic 600 prediction PLEASE READ:)

    Tobi Uchiha

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