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the rinnegan is not simply an evolved form of rinnegan. The sage of six paths was born with it, which means you dont nessasarily need a sharingan. Madara just happen to learn how to evolve his sharingan into a rinnegan. But nagato unlocked his when he was a child (2nd shinobi war) and madara didnt unlock his until shortly before his death (after third shinobi war).
Lmao what Manga are you reading? Chapter 602 pretty slapped us in the face with Madara giving his rinnegans to Nagato. Nagato didnt awaken them, his hair was just covering them and when we saw them everyone just thought he awakened them, we know better now well except for you.

To OP well this is all leading to Sasuke awakening the Rinnegan, he has the EMS it wont be too hard for him to go to the next phase.