Doton: Daichi Dasshu (Earth Release: Ground Dasher)

Rank: S
Type: Attack
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
Description: A fissure opens up under the enemy. Causing them to fall in the user then does a handseal that will sends wave after wave of spikes that puncture enemies.
(Usable 3 Times)
(No Earth Next Turn)
I start off by focusing channeling massive chakra into the ground under you. As I channel the earth chakra. I cause the earth from below you to Open up, Leaving nothing but space under you. Causing you to fall, as you fall I then do 1 simple handseal. Causing Waves Of Earth Spikes to protrude from the walls of the Earth you are falling it. Making you something slight of Chop Stew

Raiton/Fuuton| Mabushii Unari (Lightning/Wind Release| Radiant Howl)

Rank: S
Type: Attack/Defense
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
Description: The User concentrates a large amount of wind and lightning Chakra in his mouth that when releases sends out massive shockwaves of lightning and wind around that can obliterate whatever is in it path. The rippling wind and lightning creates a deafening howl that is able to drown out all sound and causes the and opponent to be deaf for the turn afterwards.
(No Lightning Or Wind Next Turn)
(Usable 2 times)
I start off by channeling Wind Chakra In My mouth, As I Do That, I Quickly Release a violent Wave from my mouth, Infused with Lightning, Making It a Wind/Lightning Combination, This ShockWave Is so Violent, That it can obliterate anything in its path, Also The Noise Of this is unberable, Allowing your opponent to go death If need be


(Tama youshiki maruishi tooriame) Earth Style: Boulder Shower

Chakra Cost:40
Chakra Damage:80
Description: The user picks up a rock then focuses his earth chakra to his hands. once he does that. he then crushes the rock to smiterings then blows it into hundreds of pieces. He then throws the pieces high in the air and does 4 hand seals, ending with the tiger. Once thats done the tiny pieces that are in the air turn into boulder size rocks and come crashing down on the enemy like mini size meteors.
-Notenly can use once
-Note: if not secure you can get hit with the boulder showers
-Note: Can only use A rank earth and below after use
-Note: Anybody in the Hidden Ash Can use this

I think this the one we trade for.. Also ... Any other thing you wish to have in my aresonal... Dont have much.. >__O