Hmm .... mm . . . .

The only thing from that wall of text that wasnt crap was the facts that 'Hinata is not shinobi material' as her personality is more for a social worker or a nurse but did u remember that as she was born the heiress of her clan she didnt get to choose her way of life and was continuously reminded that she was a failure?

U say Hinata confessed that she was selfish? Quite right: her act of selfishness was to disobey order and try to rescue the person she loved. But u think that was 'needless' but care to explain how else would have been Naruto rescued in anyway?
Also u seemed to have forgotten that Sai had to scold Sakura in the tent and tell her that she was being selfish by using Naruto to get Sasuke back.(At least Hinata is sensitive and has humility to admit it)

You also ask she is only fighting for Naruto not her family, yes her top priority is Naruto (well the war was to protect Naruto and Bee anyway) that does not mean she is not fighting for others including a 'family' which treated her as trash. Also the statement 'i want to hold your hands ..... walk beside you' etc means that 'i want to be with you for the rest of your life and support you in whatever u will do'....... Are u so much deluded or do also think Itachi's 'I will love you forever......' signified that he was gay and was into incest.

Also Sakura the great selfless one? Have u forgotten that chapter where Sai practically said to Sakura "You selfish *****, u use Naruto for your own happiness and put his life in risk for a stupid promise when he loves u so much" . . . so now I ask u: Would Sakura had made a false confession and gone after Sasuke if she was not ***** slapped by Sai?

U say Hinata wldnt have loved Naruto id he was 'cool guy' ........ I dont know about u but in Naruto Manga by Kishimoto a loser character named Hinata was inspired by the determination of another then loser character named Naruto which enabled her to face life ....... so basically Hinata's admiration for the village clown evolved to love as she loved Naruto for the person he was not what he seemed. As for Sakura's reason for 'loving' Sasuke initially is unknown to us (unless its the Same reason why scores of other girls like ino was after Sasuke) . . . . not to mention that She broke her friendship with Ino, a girl who practically 'rescued' her for a boy whom she had never spoken to.

As for the war: Hinata was actually fighting in the war the whole day and scouting during the night (even after Neji had burned himself out) . . . . so u might not have noticed but she should have been definitely tierd and actually killed more than one zetsu.

Next time u do a 'comparison' please actually learn the meaning of comparison beforehand.